Urban Outfitters Return Policy: Read This First To Make Your Return Easy

Updated April 30, 2024 by Kyle James
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Urban Outfitters is known as a popular lifestyle retailer providing customers with an array of trendy products from clothing to furniture. Shopping for clothing, especially online, can be difficult. Fortunately, the Urban Outfitters return policy is fairly reasonable, except for the fairly new policy of making their customers pay $5 for the return shipping charges. Read on to learn EVERYTHING you need to know about their return policy.

Urban Outfitters Return Policy: Read This First To Make Your Return Easy

How Many Return Days Are Allowed?

30 days.

Any return made within 30 days of the delivery date (for online purchases) or when purchased (for in-store purchases) is eligible for a refund.

I like how Urban Outfitters gives you 30 days from the “delivery date” for online purchases.

Other retailers, like GAP, give you 30 days from the “shipment date” which sucks as it often takes 5-7 business days to get the items to your front door.

Are There Any Return Policy Exceptions?


There are certain return exclusions and they include the following items:

– Swimwear and intimates that have been worn. The hygiene strips MUST also be untouched to be able to return.

– Worn shoes cannot be returned.

– Underwear and face masks.

– Gift cards you cannot return / are nonrefundable.

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Do I Need a Receipt to Make a Return?

Yes and no.

If you want a refund back to your original payment method, you’ll need your receipt.

But if you don’t have your receipt, you can STILL get store credit for the current selling price of the item.

According to this Reddit Thread, a former employee said many UO stores will actually take back items for store credit up to a year after your purchase. Even without a receipt.

The clothing must be unworn and have the tag still attached. They can look at the tag and see how old the item is, and if it’s not over a year, they’ll give you store credit which is pretty cool.


A good way to tell if Urban Outfitters might take back an item is to see if it’s still available on their website. If it is, then it’s still officially in the UO system and they’ll usually take it back for merchandise credit. But be aware that you might NOT get much money back for an item if you bought it 9 months ago (for instance) as the current selling price is probably a significantly reduced “clearance price”.

Can I Return Clothes that Have Been Worn?

Yes and no.

For some clothes like a dress or pair of pants, you can return them, technically even if you’ve worn them before.

As long as the original tags are on the merchandise and they are in the same condition as received, you can return these items.

However, if you purchased items like intimates that have a hygiene seal that you’ve taken off and worn, obviously you cannot return those items.

Other products like worn shoes and face masks also cannot be returned for hygiene purposes.

Do I Need to Keep the Tags Attached?


The original tags on the merchandise must be attached in order to make a return at Urban Outfitters.

Can I Return Online Purchases In-Store?


You can return online purchases in-store.

Remember to bring your items and either the packing slip or order confirmation email to show as proof of your purchase.

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Who Pays the Return Shipping for an Online Return?

Unfortunately, you do.

If you opt to return your online order via the mail, you (the customer) are responsible for the shipping costs.

A flat $5 restocking fee will be taken out of your refund when your return is received.

Therefore, to get the most out of your refund, always opt for returning your online orders in-store for free when possible.

Urban Outfitters is just one of many retailers sticking their customer with the return shipping costs, time will tell if it’s a tactic that might come back to bite them.

Is There a Different Policy on Underwear and Swimsuits?


As long as the hygiene strips are attached, you can return a swimsuit (given it’s unworn and in the same condition as originally purchased).

However, you cannot return underwear for basic hygiene purposes.

Do They Offer an Extended Holiday Return Policy?


In 2023, for any purchase made between November 1 – December 24, 2023 you have until February 29th, 2024 to make the return or exchange the item.

After February 29th, you’ll be issued a store credit for the purchase amount, but you must have a valid receipt.

Can I Return Furniture Purchases?


But you CANNOT return furniture in-store at Urban Outfitters.

If you want to return furniture, they ask that you contact them or call them at (800) 732-2306 to set up the return.

Also, it’s worth noting that you’ll typically be hit with a restocking fee when returning these large items.

Does Urban Outfitters Track Returns Without a Receipt?

You can track your online return order status by clicking here and entering your order number and zip code.

However, if you try to return an item you do not have the order number for and/or proof of purchase, you simply cannot make the return.

And, if you try to make the return, it will not be tracked and Urban Outfitters will not be responsible for sending it back (without providing proof of purchase).

Likewise, if you do make frequent returns, either with or without a receipt, Urban Outfitters keeps track of this and can ban you from making returns.

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Can I Be Banned from Making Returns?


If you make too many returns at Urban Outfitters, you can get banned.

Urban Outfitters keeps track of the frequency of your returns, ESPECIALLY those you make without a receipt.

Therefore, if you reach a certain threshold of returns at Urban Outfitters, beware you may get banned from making returns.

Although the frequency is undefined on the limit that will get you banned, so don’t let this stop you from making returns.

Ask the Reader: Have you made a return to Urban Outfitters recently? Was it an easy process or a pain in the butt?

By Kyle James


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