The H&M Return Policy (Finally…Here’s Exactly How It Works)

Updated May 13, 2024 by Kyle James

The H&M return policy looks fairly straight forward at first glance but when you start to delve into exactly how it works it becomes a little more complicated. Things like an extended return window for online purchases, exactly which items can’t be returned, who pays the return shipping costs, and the gray area surrounding the return of worn items makes their return policy worth a deeper dive. I hope the following information makes your next return at H&M much less complicated.

H&M Return Policy: We Cut Through the Confusion and Set the Record Straight

1. How Long Do I Have to Return Something to H&M?

30 days.

H&M gives you exactly 30 days from the date of purchase to return an item.

2. Can I Return Something Without a Receipt?


While you can return an item without a receipt, keep in mind that you’ll have to settle for the current selling price (or the lowest price in the past 60 days) in the form of store credit.

Also, they told me the item doesn’t need the tag attached but must be unworn (at least for an extended period of time) and unwashed.

For online purchases you can use either your invoice slip or email confirmation as your proof of purchase.

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3. How Many Non-Receipt Returns Can I Make?

H&M will track your non-receipt returns by asking for a valid photo ID whenever you do it.

Make too many “non-receipt” returns and they reserve the right to refuse your return.

I’m not sure what they consider too many, let me know in the comments if you can shed some light on this.

4. What Items Can’t Be Returned?

Items marked as FINAL SALE cannot be returned in-store OR online.

The clothing items that fall into the final sale category include the following:

  • Undergarments – FYI: If boxers or underwear come in a 3-pack, H&M considers them “opened” as soon as you open the packaging, even if you never take them out or try them on.
  • Swimwear if the “hygienic seal” has been broken.

While you can’t return these items, the good news is that these final sale items CAN be exchanged in-store ONLY.

Also, upon further research, you can’t return gift cards which is fairly obvious but worth mentioning.

5. What’ll Happen If I Try To Return Worn Items?

While their official policy is to NOT take back worn or washed items I’ve read online that some shoppers are able to return worn items no problem.

It’s save to assume that it’ll come down to the manager’s discretion and you’ll have better success if the “worn” return is due to a manufacturer’s defect.

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6. Can I Return Items Missing the Tag to H&M?

Yes, if the item is unworn and unwashed you can return it without the tag.

If you try to return something without a tag, but appears worn, you’ll probably be out-of-luck depending on the manager on shift.

Also, it’s worth noting that they WILL take back an item with the tag still attached but the barcode section of the tag removed.

7. Can I Return Online Purchases In-Store?

Yes, absolutely.

Just bring back your online purchase to any H&M location within 30 days for a refund or exchange.

UPDATE 8/10/21: This has been changed temporarily to 45 days for online purchases due to “extended shipping timeframes”.

8. Will I Have to Pay a Return Shipping Fee?


When making an online return you will be hit with a $5.99 return shipping fee when you use the pre-paid USPS shipping label that comes with your online order.

But if you’re a H&M Loyalty Member they will waive the $5.95 fee after you hit the 500 point level at which point you become a Plus member and get the free return shipping.


I’m not a huge proponent of store rewards programs because many stores mine and sell your data, but if you shop frequently at H&M, their program has some nice perks. It’s free to join and you earn 1 point for every dollar spent annually and get a 10% discount on your first purchase.

9. Does the H&M Return Policy Change Depending on the Country?


Their return policy is 30 days worldwide.

10. What’s the Deal with Returning H&M Home Items?

H&M Home items that are bought online CANNOT be returned in-store.

They must be returned via the mail and a refund will be issued within 14 days to the original form of payment.

Follow the return instruction on the invoice that came with your item, or call H&M at (855) 466-7467 to start the process.

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11. What About Returning Items Bought Using Klarna?

Klarna is H&M’s Pay Later option that has become popular in recent years.

If you make a purchase using Klarna the return process is a little more complicated.

First go to your Account Page and report the return.

Next, your invoice from Klarna will be put on hold until your return finalizes, they’ll then contact you directly with updates on your return.

12. Can Anyone Make the Return For You In-Store?


Since H&M asks for your original credit card at the time of your return, only you can make the return. (Thanks to Ann in the comments for letting me know about this)

Otherwise you’ll have to settle for an exchange only as they will NOT give you a refund.

Ask the Reader: Have you had any bad experiences with the H&M return policy? Let me know in the comments below.

By Kyle James

Photo Credit to Mike Mozart.


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Ann Sherman

You do not mention that you must present the original credit card or form of payment! No one but you can return. If you don’t you can exchange only. No refunds!!

Merrill Stauber

can you exchange non sale items after 30 days?

B. Alkareem

I purchased a gift for my friend at one of your stores. However, she decided that she did not want the pants. Several days ago, I had on a pair of the same pants and she said that she liked them and wanted a pair. After I purchased a pair for her, she decided that she did not want them. I took them back to the store with all the tags and receipt they would not exchange of return the money.

They said that they policy had changed. Because I paid with my gift card they were unable to help. It’s amazing because I have been shopping at H&M for years matter of fact every since they arrived in SF on Post street. I shop at these several times a month I am an Artist and perform around the Bay so the clothes are just perfect for me.

I realized that your store has changed but racism should not be a part of your store policy. I know that I was discriminated against because I tested them and seen something different. By the way the store was in Gilroy @ the Premium Outlet. I know that I was discriminated against because of my experiences in law.


Can I return faulty item bought in UK to store in Republic of Ireland