Dillard’s Return Policy: It’s NOT Great…Here’s Everything You NEED to Know

Updated January 19, 2024 by Kyle James

Dillard’s is considered a top fashion retailer that provides a wide variety of products. However, whether you’re second-guessing your in-store purchase or don’t like how your online order looks in person, you can still return these items by following Dillard’s return policy, but be warned, it’s pretty darn strict. Discover the exact return requirements, some of which are VERY crappy, and many of which are not to be found on the Dillard’s website.

Dillard’s Return Policy: Everything You NEED to Know

How Many Return Days Does Dillard’s Allow?

30 days.

You only have 30 days from when you purchased the item at Dillard’s to return for a full refund.

30 days is NOT a lot of time compared to the competition, who typically offer between 60 – 120 days to make a return.

Any Items That I Can’t Return?


Some items are absolutely non-refundable or returnable at Dillard’s and makes their return polices one of the worst in the retail clothing space.

This includes the following:

– Clearance Items: You CANNOT return anything marked down 65% or more.

So be VERY careful buying clearance items, especially from their website, as you CAN’T return stuff if you get it delivered and don’t like it.

Also, if the clearance item has a defect or flaw, you’ll have to try and get an exchange or refund from the manufacturer which becomes a major pain in the butt.

UPDATE: From a commenter, apparently some stuff in-store that is marked down 65% off comes with a terrible 3-day return policy.

They said there’s suppose to be a sign telling shoppers about the 3-day return window and it will also say on your receipt.

But in their case, they NEVER saw a sign indicating the 3-day return policy and they had to escalate the issue to a manager to finally get their money back.

Thanks to the commenter for letting us all know about this issue, an issue that is NOT posted anywhere on the Dillard’s website.

– Items on Sale: Anything that has an additional discount on top of the sale price, is NOT returnable. (i.e. if the item was marked down at 10%, and there’s a limited-time additional 30% off sale)

– Personalized Items: Anything that has your initials added to it or has any writing, embroidery, or engraving on it.

You also cannot return any items that are not in the same condition as when you bought the item (i.e. the item cannot be worn, laundered, damaged, etc.).

Items must be returned in their original, unused condition, with their original tags still attached.

However, if there was a defect caused by the manufacturer, then you CAN still return the item.

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Do I Need My Receipt?


You need either your original receipt or the Dillard’s proof of purchase label to be able to make a return.

If you lost your receipt, try contacting Dillard’s directly and they may be able to use your credit card to find your proof of purchase.

Can I Get Store Credit if I Lost My Receipt?


Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear you can receive in-store credit if you want to make a return, but don’t have the receipt.

Like I mentioned above, if you don’t have your receipt, you can try calling Dillard’s customer service to see if they can use your phone number or credit card information to try and look up your order; however, this is not a guarantee.

Can Items Be Worn and Still Be Returned?


Items must be unused and unlaundered to receive a full refund.

Do Tags Have To Be Attached?


The original Dillard’s tags that were attached when you purchased the item must still be attached when making the return.

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Is There a Dillard’s Holiday Return Policy?


Dillard’s doesn’t appear to have any special holiday return policy.

Therefore, be aware that Dillard’s 30-day return time frame still stands, even if you bought items in and around the holiday season.

How Do I Make an Online Returns?

If you don’t want to return your items in-store, you can still make returns online.

Follow these simple steps to return your Dillard’s order online:

1. Go to Dillard’s Returns page and select whether you want to “Print a Return Label” (only for purchases made online) or “In-Store Purchase Return Label” (only for in-store purchases).

2. Fill out the provided fields. If you are returning an online purchase, you’ll need your order number and phone number. For items bought in-store, you’ll need your original receipt.

3. Print out the return label.

4. Package all your return items in a box, seal them, and attach the return label.

5. Drop off your package at a nearby post office.

Because it will take some time for Dillard’s to process your return request, expect to receive your refund within about a week after you shipped your return package.

Is There a Return Shipping Fee?


There is a return shipping fee of $9.95 to ship back the Dillard’s items you’d like to return.

This shipping fee is for the return shipping label, so if you’re looking to get back your full refund value, consider making your returns in-store if you have a Dillard’s nearby.

$9.95 is really steep and the most expensive return shipping fee of any popular clothing store currently online.

How Do I Return a Gift Without a Gift Receipt?

You can return gifts at any Dillard’s store and will receive a gift card for the value of the gift you are returning.

Ask the Reader: Have you ever had any problems returning something to Dillard’s? What was the problem and how was it resolved?

By Kyle James


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Dillards does have a horrible return policy that perfectly matches their better-than-their-shoppers-snobby attitudes. Since when do CASHIERS become upitty & rude because they run a register…bc let’s be honest, that’s all they are professionally. Too bad their clothing is better than most stores these days now that online trumps shops & in-person shopping, if it weren’t….my days with Dillards would be long gone.


I once got a pair of almost $100.00 pair of nice flannel pajamas for Christmas one year and when I washed them the colors bled. I washed them by themselves in warm water just like the directions said. I had the original receipt and all original packaging and they would not return them. I’ll never shop there again. 🙄

R Kester

I bought a Handbag that was on the 40% off rack and was not told it was 65% off which the clerk said was supposed to be disclosed at checkout.

I did not notice the receipt said 3 day only return (and it was 1 week later) when I took back for return and was told that only upon manager approval could I even get store.

Wrong rack with no 65% off and no 3 day return policy signage. After a lot of stress I finally was able to speak to a higher up manager and they refunded my money.

The lower sales clerk at an earlier point said, “Now, do you want the bag, or the store credit?” And I said, “I’d like my money back”.

They work at keeping your money, I’ll say that.

It worked out in the end, but it sure doesn’t make me feel good about Dillards, as it wasn’t an inexpensive bag, and I’m sure they will turn around and sell it to someone else. Gotta watch out for their 65% off stuff as their merch isn’t always where it’s supposed to be (and hence you won’t know cause they don’t always tell you), so either check the tag on your item (found this out after this incident)

If the numbers end in 65 on their most recent markdown then you know there’s only a 3 day return on it, or check your receipt upon purchase, then you’ll know. These stores don’t have the trained help they need, much less people who are good at customer service anymore. Amazon is the best, but I do like to see what I’m buying 👍


I bought a pair of slides and didn’t know they were 65% off, and also had no knowledge of the 3 day return policy. Just went up to cashier to pay, no-one said anything, didn’t see any sign as I wasn’t paying much attention. Slides fell apart after a couple of weeks (worn exclusively indoors). A supposed dept mgr standing behind cashier said she wouldn’t refund as it was past 3 days, and no exceptions. Went to another cashier and asked for another manager, as in THE store manager, guess who pops up again….same woman who wouldn’t refund money. I mean, it’s their call, these were not expensive but they were defective. Dillard’s, as well as any other store, should stand behind their merchandise. Just got ripped off for a few bucks, but I work for my money. Real class……

Dorrie Sardis

I was appalled when my shirt did not fit well and they charge shipping both ways. I spoke to them twice and they were non negotiable. Definitely fine with Dillards.