All the Stores That Let You Return Used Items for a Full Refund (No Questions Asked)

Updated June 20, 2024 by Kyle James

Have you ever bought something, got it home and torn it open, only to realize it sucks, or doesn’t fit, or just isn’t what you thought it was? Then realize that since you opened it, you can’t return it and are stuck with it for eternity. Or maybe you wear a pair of shoes for a couple weeks and they keep giving you painful blisters? Some stores have awesome return policies in place that allow you to actually return used or opened items with NO questions asked (just don’t abuse them or you can bet they’ll go away forever). Below are all of the stores that fit this category.

Stores That Let You Return Used Items for a Full Refund


The return policy at Anthropologie is pretty awesome:

  • If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, for ANY reason, they’ll take care of you with a full refund or exchange.
  • You can even get a refund on worn merchandise purchased over a year ago, with or without a receipt.

If you don’t have a receipt, they’ll give you the current selling price of the item.

Apple Store

If you bought an item directly from an Apple Store you can return used items. Here are the details:

  • You have exactly 14 days to return items, opened or unopened.
  • You can use this policy to basically “test drive” items to see if you like them.

Items not available for return include: Opened software, Electronic Software Downloads, Apple Store Gift Cards,  Developer products (membership, technical support incidents, WWDC tickets), and Apple Print Products.

See Also: Apple Return Policy: 7 Reasons Why It’s Great & 5 Reasons Why It Kinda Sucks


Athleta sells popular workout/yoga clothing and shoes for women and has a fantastic return policy.

  • Unlike parent companies Old Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic, you can return worn clothing to Athleta for ANY reason.

They allow 60 days for you to return or exchange items.

Bath & Body Works

Here are the details of the “100% Guarantee” at Bath & Body Works:

  • From their website, “If at any time you’re not completely satisfied with the quality of our products, you may return them to any of our Bath & Body Works stores.”
  • If you don’t have your receipt they’ll still take back the item but give you the lowest selling price on record.

If they think you may be abusing their return policy, they reserve the right to scan your driver’s license to keep you from abusing their policy in the future.

Bed Bath & Beyond

The Bed Bath & Beyond return policy got revamped on April 20th, 2015, but it still rocks.

  • If you have your receipt, you can return all items, used or otherwise, for a full refund at ANY time after purchase.
  • If you don’t have your receipt, they will attempt to find your order in their system. If they can’t locate it, you can still return the item MINUS 20% of the current selling price.

If you’re returning via a gift receipt, you can also got a full refund or exchange.

Body Shop

The Body Shop has a very liberal return policy as well. Here’s what you need to know:

  • If you have your receipt, you can return items, new or used, for a full refund.
  • There is NO time-limit, so be sure to hang on to those receipts.

With no receipt in hand, the best they can do is a store credit at the lowest selling price in the past 30 days.


The Costco return policy is legendary. Here’s the skinny:

  • You can return items to the warehouse, no matter the shape or condition, if not completely satisfied.
  • The only products that have a time restraint on them are electronics at 90 days from date of purchase. The following is considered an electronics item: Televisions and Projectors, Computers, Touchscreen Tablets, Cameras, Camcorders, MP3 players and Cellular Phones.
  • Also, all diamonds at 1.00 ct or larger require original paperwork for return.

Other than diamonds, a receipt is not required as Costco can look up your order details in their system.

CVS Pharmacy

While CVS will not take back most used items, they do make one big exception

  • Beauty products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If not happy, for whatever reason, just bring it back opened or unopened for a full refund.

There’s no time limit on returns but you must have your original receipt.

Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer has an Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee on all their products. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Eddie stands behind their clothing, “If anything you buy falls short of our standards, you’re invited to return it at any time.”
  • When returning items with a receipt, you’re eligible for a full refund or exchange.

When returning items without a receipt, you can get a store credit or exchange.


The folks at Kohl’s have a killer “No Questions Asked – Hassle-Free” guarantee. Here’s how it works:

  • Kohl’s will take back all items, new or used, at any time if you’re not satisfied with your purchase. No questions asked.
  • There is NO time restriction on ALL returns and no receipt needed if your purchase is on your Kohl’s card within the past 12 months.

If you made your purchase with something other than a Kohl’s card, you can still return items without a receipt but you’ll have to settle for store credit or an even exchange.

Lands’ End

The Lands’ End return policy is titled Guaranteed. Period. and is very similar to the policy at Eddie Bauer.

  • Lands’ End will take back any item, at any time, for any reason. No questions asked.
  • If you wear something for a couple weeks, or months, or years, and decide it just isn’t for you, they’ll take it back for a full refund or exchange.
  • If you return an item where the record of purchase dates back 9 months or greater, they’ll issue a refund in the form of a refund check.

If you return an item with NO record of purchase, they’ll issue a refund for the item’s lowest sale price in the form of a Lands’ End gift card.


L.L.Bean also has a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy that’s worth knowing about.

  • They’ll take back both new and heavily used items if they fail or you’re not happy for any reason.
  • No receipt? No problem. If a receipt can’t be located, they’ll “give you an L.L.Bean Gift Card for the current selling price of the item, or replace your item.”

If the original item is no longer available, they’ll probably call or email you “to help determine an alternative that works for you.” Pretty amazing policy.


It’s long been known to loyal Nordstrom shoppers that they have one of the best return policies going.

  • They’ll take back pretty much anything, at any time, with or without a receipt.

They strive to work fairly with you to make sure you’re happy with your purchase and they ask that you treat them fairly as well, and don’t abuse the policy.


Here are the details of the awesome return policy at REI.

  • REI stands behind all of the products they sell with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • If you’re not completely satisfied with any product, for any reason, you can return it for a full refund, or replacement, within 1 year of purchase.

Important note on used products being returned, “Used items must be cleaned for a return or exchange. If you send merchandise that is not cleaned or laundered to the REI Returns Department, it will be returned at your expense.”

Trader Joe’s

It’s a little known fact that Trader Joe’s has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • If you’re not satisfied with any product you buy at Trader Joe’s, you can return it NO questions asked with NO limits.
  • The item could be half eaten or half drank; it doesn’t matter.

They stand behind everything they sell.

Whole Foods Market

If you shop at Whole Foods, are you aware of their killer return policy? Here’s how it works:

  • Whole Foods guarantees every product they sell and allows you to bring back items opened, or unopened, for ANY reason.

For them to take items back, you must have your original receipt.


The service center at Zappos is legendary and will often bend over backwards to make the customer happy.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The Zappos website states that all items must be returned in their “original condition” within 365 days of purchase.
  • But…I found this website which talks about a blogger who bought an expensive pair of running shoes from Zappos, jogged in them for over 400 miles but kept getting blisters.
  • He thought he was screwed as he didn’t have any of the original packaging. But he decided to call them anyways and not only did they replace his shoes with a new size, but they gave him a $35 credit as the shoes had dropped in price. So awesome Zappos.

Your best bet when it comes to returning used shoes, clothing, and handbags, is to call them at 1 (800) 927-7671 and explain your situation.

Happy returns.

By Kyle James

Photo by TopRank Marketing.


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I was just at a Crocs store yesterday. The sales lady told me that my daughter could try out her shoes for awhile and if she decides she doesn’t like them, I could return them for a full refund with my receipt.


Who pays the return shipping costs?
Athleta does! Yay Athleta


Ulta has a good return policy. You can return anything used and/or opened.


I’d have to disagree 110%! My daughter tried to return presents that my ex had bought her for Christmas. They were new. They told her to sell them and wouldn’t allow her to return them. She wasn’t expecting the cash but didn’t want the presents because she had most of them already and didn’t like two of the presents. They LOST my business!! And I shopped there every other day almost!! I might not get as good of sales at Sephora but they even offered to take the presents back from Ulta. Which I didn’t do because it wasn’t from their store. Ultra is downright RUDE!!


Just FYI Target has partnered with Ulta & they have a great return policy. Surprised they’re not on this list. You get 90 days or 120 days if you used red card, you can use any items & they give you full refund. They also pay return shipping!

Got the yadda

That’s not true you can go to only a few stores to return stuff


Can I return a item that rang up “as is “

Patty Labelle

Add Sephora to this list!


At cvs you actually do not need your original receipt but if you do not have said receipt they will give you store credit (on a little cvs money card) instead of cash


I buy ALL my athletic shoes on because they will let you return them even if worn. In fact, they encourage it. And their prices are competitive as well.

Kyle M

Best Buy takes returns on all items open or not, within 15 days for everyone, 30 for elite members (1500 spent in a year) 45 days for elite plus (3000 spent in a year). Only reason you wouldn’t get a full return is on Cell Phones and they require a small restocking fee on those. Everything else is refunded in full.


That’s kind of terrible. I don’t buy at Best Buy unless no one else sells item. 15 days? Nahhhh!


Ralph Lauren will also let you return item beyond their stated time periods. I used to work in customer service, they want every customer to have a legendary experience. Shop after Christmas and again in the Spring for huge markdowns.👌

Kate Williamson

Aldi will take anything back, give you a refund and replace it. No receipt needed. Sprouts also has “try it, like it, or bring it back” type of policy.


Lands’ End refused to accommodate a purchase I made. It was a mens dress shirt, that had literally opened all the way down the seam. I didn’t have a receipt. Who remembers where the receipt is, from 2 years ago? The CS rep said she couldn’t find a sales record for the purchase on the LE database. And, since they sell the product at Sears, nationwide, it is “possible” that it was a Sears purchase. (I have never shopped in Sears) To which I replied, “so what? It’s still a Lands End shirt with Lands End labels.” She told me I had to return it to Sears, in order to get my “credit”, which at that point would be the lowest sales price that Sears sold for in the last 1-2 years. I will no longer purchase anything from Lands End.


sad to say, CVS does not allow returns of items i purchased, even after asking the clerk, and with a reicipt ! i was reported to a company they hire to monitor all customer returns. with our without a recipt. i went to return unused items i purchase with the reciept because i bought the wrong items. all brand new, the register printed out a warning to me personally that i could not return any items. if i had an issue with this, i had to contact the reporting agency for a full personal tracking report ! i did so, showed that i made 5 returns, over a 1 year period. and that i was not allowed to shop or return any itmes again to CVS for 45 days. i was literally shocked ! beware, this was a sad blow, as i have shopped at CVS for over 10 yrs. now, i am banned for making 5 returns?? wow..sad.


You can’t return to athleta over 60 days now. Time to update that 🥲