Whole Foods Return Policy: Everything You Gotta Know To Make Returns Easy

Updated January 20, 2024 by Kyle James

The return policy at Whole Foods got a little confusing to me when they were purchased by Amazon a few years ago. All of the sudden Amazon returns entered the picture as did in-home and curbside deliveries that originated via the Amazon app. So I figured it was time to research exactly how the Whole Foods return policy currently works along with some insider tips and tricks for success.

Whole Foods Return Policy: Everything You Gotta Know To Make Returns Easy

How Many Return Days Does Whole Foods Allow?

90 days.

Whole Foods has a standard 90 day return policy on pretty much everything.

Is Whole Foods Return Policy the Same as Amazon’s?

No, Whole Foods has a completely different return policy compared to parent company, Amazon.

The return policy at Amazon is 30 days on most things.

The biggest difference is that food items can’t be returned to Amazon, but they may be eligible for a refund or replacement if Amazon is to blame for the problem.

Any Exceptions to the 90 Days?

The only exception is gift cards as they CANNOT be returned, doesn’t matter when you bought them.

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Do I Need My Receipt?

It’s recommended, but NOT necessary.

They can usually look up your receipt using your credit card or Whole Foods gift card that you made the purchase with.

Whole Foods is committed to your happiness so it doesn’t matter if it’s unopened, half gone, or almost gone, they’ll take it back for whatever reason.

BUT…if they notice you’re abusing this generous policy, they reserve the right to cut you off and limit your returns.

The only exception to this policy is Beauty and Body-Care Products as you MUST have a receipt to return those.

In most cases they’ll refund you via a gift card when you show up sans receipt.

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How Do I Return Amazon Purchases at Whole Foods?

First step is to visit the Amazon Return Center.

Next select the Whole Foods Market where you want to make the return.

This will trigger an email sent to you with a QR code from Amazon that Whole Foods will scan when you drop it off.

That’s it.

Whole Foods will box it up for you, create the label, and send it back to Amazon for you.

Can I Return Opened Items or Food?

Similar to the return policy at Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods lets you return food items for any reason.

Insider Tip: I’ve been told by an employee that will even take food back without a receipt if they still currently sell the item.

He said he’s accepted these type of returns many times.

Can I Return Produce or Fruit?


Whole Foods will happily issue a refund on produce and fresh fruit.

However, I’m not sure exactly how they will handle the return.

Since it’s a perishable product they may advise you to throw it away.

What About Returning Alcohol?

Not all Whole Foods locations allow you to return alcohol, depends on the state.

If you live in area that allows it, you MUST have your receipt showing that you bought the booze at the same store where you’re making the return.

Can I Return Vitamins and Supplements?

Yes, as long as you have the receipt.

Whole Foods can’t resell these and put them back on the shelf, so they’ll usually donate them to a shelter or have them destroyed.

If I Lost My Receipt Can I Find It In My Amazon Account?


If the order was placed through Amazon there will be a copy of your receipt within the Amazon app.

If it was an in-store purchase the store will be able to pull up your receipt history using the payment method that was used.

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Can I Return Curbside Deliveries Placed Thru Amazon?


Items can be refunded and returned through Amazon.

Keep in mind that the return NEEDS to be initiated through Amazon.

Also, all Whole Foods locations have Amazon return hubs in the building to make your returns even easier.

What About At-Home Deliveries?

Yes, you can return at-home deliveries but the return would need to be initiated directly through Amazon.

Contact them and they will have further instructions on exactly how to go about the return.

What If I Used a Manufacturer’s Coupon?

You can make the return like normal and you’ll get back the price you paid PLUS the amount of the coupon.

You’ll get back the amount of the coupon in the form of a gift card or you’ll get cash if under $5.

What If I Used a Whole Foods Coupon?

You’ll get a refund for the purchase price MINUS the value of the coupon.

Ask the Reader: What’s been your experience with the return policy at Whole Foods?

Also, did I miss any tidbits of information that you want share? Let me know in the comments.

By Kyle James

Photo credit to Portal Abras.


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