Dollar General Return Policy: Time to Muddle Through the Confusion

Updated November 30, 2023 by Kyle James

The return policy at Dollar General is REALLY confusing. Their website says one thing and their employees say something else. So after some digging, and a bunch of phone calls, I figured out what the real scoop is at DG. Hopefully this article will make your next Dollar General return a piece of cake. Here’s what you need to know…

Dollar General Return Policy: Time to Muddle Through the Confusion

How Many Return Days Does Dollar General Allow?

90 Days.

Dollar General gives shoppers 90 days to return items if they are not happy with it for any reason.

I called several Dollar General stores to verify this as I was VERY confused since the DG website says 30 days for “online returns” and I couldn’t find their “in-store policy” ANYWHERE.

Really confusing but I got to the bottom of it.

Several of the employees I talked to even said they take stuff back all the time that is over 90 days as long they can resell it. Good to know.

Do I Need My Receipt?

Yes, in order to get a full refund to your original form of payment you’ll want to hold on to that receipt.

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What If I Lost My Receipt?

All hope is NOT lost.

You can still do an exchange for an item of equal or lesser value OR get store credit.

But you cannot get cash back without a receipt.

Any Exceptions to the 90 Days?

I called Dollar General to find out as I couldn’t find any information online.

Here are the return policy exceptions that I know about so far…

– Seasonal Merchandise – This stuff can only be exchanged for identical items. Think things like Christmas decor, Halloween stuff, and Easter goodies.

– Opened Electronics – Things like opened CDs, DVDs, and software can also only be exchanged for identical items.

Can I Return Items That Go On Clearance?

If you buy something that later goes on clearance, you’re entitled to a FULL refund if you return it.

If you have your receipt, and are within 90 days of purchase, you should be given the price that you paid.

A commenter said that was not the case for them, but store manager Kim left a comment saying that was COMPLETELY wrong.

She went on to say that if this happens to you, you should call Dollar General and speak with a district manager and they’ll correct it for you and get you your money.

Can I Return Opened Products?

While they recommend items come back in the original box “whenever possible” it doesn’t seem to be a deal breaker.

But items MUST be returned in good working condition along with all paperwork, accessories, and parts to get a full refund.

What About Returning Items Bought Online?

First of all, items bought on the Dollar General website CANNOT be returned in-store.

Likewise, items bought in-store CANNOT be returned online.

When making an online return locate your original packing slip as you’ll need it.

Specifically, the return form is located at the bottom of your packing slip and needs to be filled out and must accompany your return.

You’re on the hook for any return shipping charges unless the reason for the return is the fault of Dollar General.

If it is Dollar General’s fault, call them at 1-(877) 463-1553 and work it out with them directly.

Also, be aware that it could take up to 30 days of them receiving the product before you see a refund on your credit or debit card.

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What About Returning Alcohol?

YES, you can return unopened alcoholic beverages to Dollar General, but ONLY to the location where they were purchased.

You must also have your receipt in-hand and you cannot do an exchange, only a refund.

What About Returning Cigarettes?

Dollar General does NOT accept returns on ANY tobacco products including cigarettes and chewing tobacco.

What Happens If I Try To Return Something Past 90 Days?

Your best bet is to make a “no-receipt” return and get store credit or an even exchange for your item.

Ask the Reader: What’s been your experience with the return policy at Dollar General?

By Kyle James

Photo credit to JJBers.


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I am having an issue with DG. I am not one to complain, and I am always polite and patient. I’ve worked with public and understand how vile customers can be. Anytime something happens I usually chalk it up to a loss on my end, because my anxiety runs wild at the thought of trying to dispute an issue. I bought some items 2 days ago. I decided I did not have the extra money to spend. I went back the next day with my receipt and items I need to return which still have the stickers on them. I was told that the items went on clearance on the same day I was trying to return them. They said they could not give me a refund for what I had paid for the items. Basically they told me I can either take half of the money back or keep the items. I feel like that’s not receipt has the price that I paid for the items on it.


I feel like that is theft on their end, essentially. I would call corporate.


I am a store manager for DG and I can tell you that what they said was completely wrong. You had a receipt so they should have given you full price of what you paid. The person you spoke with most of either been still training and didn’t know or just overall misinformed next time something like that happens you should call Dollar General and have the district manager call you back he or she will fix the problem right away for you


Is there a lot of paperwork to complete when customers have returns? Just curious considering I’ve had a few different issues with my DG over trying to return things. First issue I had was an employee telling me that she was told by the manager to no longer accept ANY returns from ME period!? Note, I’d purchased the items within the previous 30 days & had my receipt and still was told no!?! No explanation, just no! I was so mad!! They’d just issued a full cash refund the previous week for a couple bday gifts my son received without having any receipts! I mean I was just going to exchange them for something else but the cashier asked if we wanted cash back so why not? Well I was not happy at all so I called the corporate office and she informed me that I could return something everyday if I wanted to, just as long as I had the original receipt! They also said I should’ve only received store credit for the amount of the exchange, which that I had already figured. Okay so since then I’ve had a few more returns without any kind of problem. Now I did always have my receipt’s for everything but I do know some of them were 30 days after the purchase date but it obviously didn’t matter since they issued a full refund every time on each return. Well now earlier tonight I tried returning something from April 15 but was told nothing past 30 days of purchase can be returned at all anymore!? Even with the original receipt!! Said they can’t even issue store credit!? What is the deal with this place!? Can someone please inform me whether or not that’s even true!? I’ve never heard of any refund policy like that anywhere else? I love DG products but I’ve almost had my fill of that place!! So aggravating!!

Rita Mills

I understand the concept of what they are saying. I have had the same thing happen to me at other retail stores. Maybe they could offer you an exchange for merchandise for the amount that you spent? I know it stinks but there may not be anything you can do about it. You can try calling corporate but I would speak with the store manager first to see if they are willing to try to resolve the issue. Good luck.


Not true they must refund amount on dam reciepts. Always


I also tried returning Christmas lights that did not work. At first the manager tried telling me they only cost $6 and I bought two. My response was your right I did buy two, if you look at the receipt it clearly shows I bought two for $12 each. Her response umm no you paid $6 each, 6+6=12. I was like yep and 12+12=24, look to the right of the [email protected] and you will see I paid $24 for the two. I was told by the manager that I it is now on clearance and that is all she can return it for. This manager(Theresa) was very rude, when I told her that was not the policy when I worked for Dollar General she said the key word is worked. In the end I asked for corporates number and she told me she couldn’t give that out. So I stood right in the store and looked up the number and called. From what the gal I talked to there said I should have gotten refunded for the amount on the reciept

Camilla Runyan

I am ALWAYS having problems with Dollar General overcharging me!!

I’m also not one to complain, have also worked with the public so I’m ALWAYS polite, and EVEN NOW I keep winding up taking the loss myself (even though I’m on a VERY limited income), because even if I argue about it they say there’s nothing they can do, and also due to the fact that I live in a small town, have no drivers license myself, and there are only a couple of stores to shop at.

I’ve taken in receipts, within a couple days of purchases, along with sale ads, showing that I did not get sale price (have paid DOUBLE the price before because I didn’t know it was on sale)

Not only did I NOT get ANY refunds, but then their “store coupons” didn’t work, and they didn’t enter the sale prices on new purchases (even though I was showing them the ad and sale price AS everything was being rang up) so I got overcharged AGAIN!!!

I am overcharged almost EVERY SINGLE time I shop there, but unfortunately that is about the only store I can ever make it to. :'(

I’ve been told that there is a lawsuit against DG over this issue and I would REALLY APPRECIATE any information anyone might have about who to contact regarding it.


Missouri Attorney General is suing DG for just that reason.
Overcharging price different on shelf
Corporate inputs the sale prices
You have to watch every transaction
File a claim by going online
Talk to corporate

Last edited 4 months ago by Cheryl

Do an update on returns for COVID. My husband recently bought the wrong $8 pillow and they refuse refund because of COVID. But I’m in Pa and here there are over 1m ppl with the vaccine and gov wolf still allows gatherings and open dining.. returning a pillow isn’t tht deep.. I’m upset because I have no use for this pillow and that $8 they refuse to give back just seems difficult and selfish on their end.. plus if it was a normal time they would’ve thrown away majority of the returns anyway!

Rita Mills

I have learned it depends on the employee on duty when you try to return something. I have actually had to call corporate on two occasions because an employee in a store would not allow me to return an item. Because I refused to accept what I was told, I did end up getting my refunds. That being said, you shouldn’t have to fight in order to get a store to honor their policy.


You are so right, at Dollar General we are all constantly told by corporate that customer service comes first and to do whatever you need to do to make the customer happy. There is no reason for anyone at Dollar General to argue with a customer when it comes to a refund unless it is alcohol or tobacco depending on state laws


Correct if they sale 8z they must absolutely return it with reciepts. For sure.

Lesli Homrighausen

Everywhere I look,(including Dollar General’s website) says their return policy is not 90 days, but 30 days..although, I’m almost positive when I asked in person a while back, I was told 90 days. I guess , ‘Your mileage may vary.’.


90 days correct it tells that at the starting of this particular.. app

Erica D Severin

I think as long as u have ur reciept t on the items I want to return it should be the customers decision on if they want it in a gift card cash or back on their card if I can’t return items I bought and I have my receipt and don’t have the option to get cash back if I choose then I probably won’t be a customer at DG any longer cause I have bought things then I no longer had the card for whatever reason and then I get stuck with a gift card when I needed my money back for a situation i was going through they are not about the customer

Linda denmark

They tell me they can’t take anything back without a receipt. My grandson got something for his birthday and can’t use it. Someone else got it for him Dollar general is getting Where’s it is awful.


The website clearly says you CAN return without a receipt, but will get store credit. This is fine with me, however, I have been told by some stores that the new system will not let them do returns without a receipt anymore. I personally contacted corporate, but no one got back in touch.

I think something is wrong with the system, the screen (the one the customer can see), shows it is approved, then changes to “please wait, processing”, and then goes to “cannot process request” (all may not be exact wording), and then it just keeps looping between those 3 things.

And of course, the cashier can not return then. Another employee said the “store credit” cards do not work and they have to use an actual “gift card” instead.

All I know is corporate needs to fix whatever the issue is and be sure ALL stores and employees know what to do.

And clarify to customers, can you return without a receipt still with the new system? If not, I will quit shopping there, as I am bad with receipts and I know of no other store where you cannot return without a receipt.


I tried to return a $5 item without a receipt, for store credit today and the manager refused. I explained that I looked up their return policy online before I came in and it states that you CAN return without a receipt, for store credit or other merchandise of equal value . She said, no, DG didn’t put that up on their website, someone hacks in and puts it up. HOGWASH. She would not make any exceptions.

Tene cloud

I returned multiple items 3 different times and never RECIEVED any refund this was 3 weeks ago now are they going to give me back my money

Jayo MF

Same here! Yesterday I returned some hair clippers that were already open. Should’ve paid more attention I know but it was one of them days….anyways when I check card online it says there was a $14 refund to my card but it never showed up in my account. I’m pretty pissed! I shop at DG every single day! I have honestly never had to return an item there before. But if something screwy went on with my little ass $14 and some change I bet you I’ll go get my $14 and some change worth of stuff. I’m in a bind right now and that $14 is my gas money to get to work. Now I’m about to walk to DG and whoever is in there this morning I’m sorry but… about to have a bad morning. I wouldn’t trip if it didn’t say it was refunded already ya know. Or if the damn money went were it was supposed to go. Somebody please give some insight on this BS before I do something stupid. Appreciate it thanks 🙏 o

Brittany D.

I know this was wrote nearly a year ago.. But I work at DG and shop there daily as well, and sometimes I do return something if I absolutely have to bc it’s broken/don’t work/wrong color or brand. Etc..

But I usually get cash back and not have it back onto my card (if you purchase with a card you can return and get cash back as option instead of having it put back onto the card.. Customers choice) I choose to get cash back as my option even when I purchased with a card bc it can take up to 3 days for it to actually go back onto your card.. you get notified that it’s refunded to your bank but it’s pending.. That’s the only reason I choose to get cash back when I return.

I learned that my first day working by having a dead phone and didn’t have my charger so I bought one which I thought was 6 dollars but obviously a coworker had it in the wrong spot and I paid 14 dollars for.. I went on to plug my phone up and it was super slow.. so I was thinking no way this thing barely works and I have a super fast charger at home so I returned it 5 mins later and it was put onto my card.

I got the notification that I had a refund but it didn’t actually hit my account til 2 or 3 days later..

Hope it was the same thing that happened with you and that you did get your refund..

But hope this helps anyone else that’s wondering!!

Lucreta Wilburn

I bought cough medicine and Advil because I had digital coupons. I went to a store I’m not fond of due to my sister sending for some items and that Dollar General is closest to her.

Anyway the items rang up more than label on shelf plus my digital coupons did not go through at the self check out I used. I attempted to return those items the next day and was told if you use self check out you have to return to store that also has self check out..OK.

While I waited for 20 minutes for the new key holder to attempt my refund she called for assistance regarding a food item I was also returning because it was labeled Buy 1 Get 1 50% off which is only reason for second box. I paid full price.

Anyway, she then tells me that medicine can NOT be returned…. I didn’t open box and I had receipt from day before. So I left with same items and No satisfaction at all.

I worked retail for many years and remember the number one rule is the customer is always right and I thought Dollar General’s motto was Customer Satisfaction ?!? I’m waiting to hear back regarding the no return of medicine as well as the price on shelf label is price customer pays. Perhaps things have changed that badly in last few years, I hope not.


If dollar general says that they can’t scan the receipt code, can they do a Manual return….they said they couldn’t.

Brittany D.

They can override the barcode and do the return but will have to let you get stuff within the store that comes to the equal price or over bc the system will not let us give cash back without a receipt barcode scanned.. I had someone get so upset about that but my register will not open up to allow me to give cash back to someone if I don’t scan the receipt.

If your returned item is 26.38 then you will go through the store find what you’d want and as long as it is 26.38 or over then your good.. if what you get in the store only comes to 26.28 then you have to get another item bc we can’t even give the .10 cents back.. If what you get in store comes to 26.48 then you owe the difference of the .10 cents… if what you get comes to 28.38 then of course you owe the difference of 2 dollars.. I’m sure you get what I’m saying.

Hope this is able to help someone with the same question..


Thanks for the info. Tonight I took an item to return and the very rude girl said I only have 14 days to return anything. What a lie!! This was at the Pittsburg Tx store.

Loki s

Item was a gift not sure if I can get store credit for a return


So I have been told at 2 separate dollar generals now ( at different times ) that I had to take a return back to the store I purchased from they could only return items I bought at that store!! I even had a debit card with my name on it that was on the receipt to prove it was mine in case that was the issue I was still told. I’m sorry I can’t do it. You have to go back to that store!! Well here’s the issue with that. I do a lot of work out of town so sometimes I stop on my way here and or Weiland over somewhere working and buy stuff and they need to return it because I ever spent or there’s an issue with it and we’re not talking about another state. We’re just talking about a different county!! But I shop at dollar general daily sometimes multiple times in a day I dislike Walmart and avoid at all cost but I’m so ready to go back to Walmart because dollar general is getting just as bad with there wish washy ness on returns etc…. Can anyone tell me if they’ve had this experience I’ve been on hold with corporate for hours on end and got nobody yet!!

Boss Lady

I had that same thing happen to me yesterday… so today i called Corp and explained the situation. As well as let the individual over the phone at corp know it would take me two hours (1 way) if i had to go to the store where i purchased the items. He said, “ Its fine then to return to ANY store nearest to me” if i have any issues, he said to NOT leave the store and call corp back and ask to have the conversation escalated to the GM.
At which time either the worker inside the store where I’m at, will straighten up and do their job (help get my items returned and give me my money back) or they’ll be ordered to help me , Same outcome by the GM /Member of the GM Team.
Either way, seems like we just gotta insist on not being pushed Around. Good luck 1 (877) 463-1553 Corporate

Brittany D.

I work at DG and this is absolutely NOT true.. I don’t know why they would even say that.. I do returns every day with customers saying they got it from another store..
I have been called up by my cashiers telling me someone was wanting to do a return but they didn’t get it from our store it was purchased from another one and when I begin to do the return they will be like umm I’m not sure we can do that they didn’t get it from here.. (I’m just like well no we can’t do that but I can and since your only cashier you don’t worry about returns or how I’m doing them..) Alot of cashiers will tell you that we can’t do a return with items from different stores, or that we can’t do returns without receipts.. We can do many things and our job is to keep our customers happy and satisfied.. Customer satisfaction is absolutely #1!!!
When you go into DG to do a return just make sure you go to register and ask for the manager on duty bc the cashier just says what they want to say and also they don’t know all the things we can or can’t do.. So it’s best to just ask for the manager and when the manager comes up you ask them about what it is you need..
If you have issues with the kryholder/shift manager then mention customer satisfaction a couple times and that the customer is always right and that our job is to make sure our customers is always happy.. if they still don’t then tell them you’d like them to get the store manager, thats if it’s between morning to 2 or 3pm but if its after 2 or 3pm tell them you want them to CALL the store manager.. The store manager will always make sure you leave that store pleased and happy..

DG managers like the store manager and assitant managers do hate to do returns on alot of things that can’t just be put back on the shelf and resold such as an opened phone, opened makeup that’s the wrong shade or you just didn’t like, things that come in packages but now the package is mangled and whatnot.. Bc we have to do damages on those items instead of putting back on shelf for resell.. And the more damages a store has the worse it looks on the store bc that’s kept track of into our system that goes straight to district.. all of our out of dates on food has to be damaged, packages found empty that was stolen goes to damages, things broken in store goes to damages, things us employees may accidentally break while moving stuff around while stocking & recovering goes to damages, things we get straight off the truck that was damaged goes to damages.. so with all those things happening we are already racking up the damaged count, so when customers come in with stuff to return and it have to go to damaged they do get a bit sour.. But at the same time it’s not gonna completely hurt anything..
Anyways hope this helps someone else who may be wondering the same thing..


Can something bought online be returned to the store. Say a case of glass vases. The color really can’t be determined until I see it. Our local store didn’t have the item for me to look at and check color.


I bought a Swiffer wet jet thinking I would get $10 off of it. But it did not come off when I asked the manager she said the $9 that came off my cereal actually was my Swiffer WetJet and she adjusted the wet jet by a dollar so instead of being $25 was $24.

But that was not right because the cereal had $3 a piece taken off each one of them it was a glitch in the system. I tried to take it back to a different store on Saturday.

I had bought it on Tuesday. When the cashier rang it up to do the refund it said cannot be returned. So he called the manager over for that store and he said because she price adjusted it I can’t bring it back.

So now what am I to do I don’t want to Swiffer wet yet I can’t take it back because of what she did she was a very hateful woman.

Even the manager the other store I went to said he knows her and no she’s hateful. So now I’m stuck with a Swiffer wet jet I can’t even do anything with and it really makes me mad.

I can’t find this issue nowhere in their return policy. Has anybody else had this experience?