Victoria’s Secret Return Policy: Time To Clear Up the Muddy Waters

Updated November 22, 2023 by Kyle James

Not gonna lie, there’s a lot going on with the Victoria’s Secret return policy. From things like receipt-less returns, to “franchise store” returns, to returning gifts without a receipt, it’s really confusing trying to keep it all straight. So I set out to try and clear up the muddy waters and make the water purified and even drinkable. I hope I succeeded and you won’t get hit hard by Montezuma’s revenge. Now that I’ve painted that amazing visual, let’s get to the in’s and out’s of their return policy.

Victoria's Secret Return Policy: Time To Clear Up the Muddy Waters

How Many Return Days Does Victoria’s Secret Allow?

30 days.

Victoria’s Secret use to give you a generous 90 days to decide if the clothing or lingerie is right for you, but these days you only get 30 days.

At which point they’ll refund the purchase price (plus tax) to your original form of payment.

What If I Lost My Receipt?

Luckily, you have several options.

First, if you made your purchase in-store with a credit card, they’ll typically be able to lookup your purchase as long as you have your credit card with you.

Otherwise, if you don’t have your credit card, you’ll need to call Victoria’s Secret Store Relations at (855) 866-5810.

The folks at Store Relations should be able to look up your receipt information for you and send you a copy.

If NO record of your purchase can be found, you’ll have to settle for store credit for the lowest historical selling price of the item.

Victoria’s Secret also limits you to $250 worth of “no-receipt returns” within a 90 day period.

They will ask for a valid photo ID at the time of your return in order to keep track of your return history.

Are There Any Exceptions to the 30 Days?

Yes, there are few return policy exceptions at “Vicky Secret” that you need to be aware of…

1. Sewn-In Garment Tag Removed – You CANNOT return these items at any point. Don’t cut out the tag, even if it itches.

2. In-Store Purchases Returned by Mail – You have to return these to the actual store and not via the mail.

3. Items with tags stating “Required for Return” – Once you remove the tag on these items you CANNOT return them.

4. Gift Cards – Can’t return gift cards under any circumstance unless that balance is under $10 in which case you can cash them out with a purchase.

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Can I Make a Return In-Store For an Online Purchase?


In the United States you can make an in-store return on ANY online purchase from the Victoria’s Secret website.

To make the process even easier you can start a live chat session with them and the chat rep will look up your order and set the return in motion and then it will be quickly finalized when you bring the item(s) into a Victoria’s Secret location.

Can I Try Items On At Home Then Return Them?

Yes, even underwear and lingerie can be tried on at home.

Just make sure you DO NOT cut out the sewn in tags as you won’t be able to return them if you do.

Also, make sure you keep the hygiene sticker in-place on undergarments in order to return the item.

What About “Franchise Store” Returns?

If you make a purchase from a franchise store be aware that you can ONLY return items to that exact location.

I’m not sure if you would even know if you were buying from a franchise store so it could be worth asking at the checkout counter.

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How Do I Return a Gift Without a Gift Receipt?

You have 2 options depending on how you want to return it…

Returning the Gift In-Store

They will give you the lowest selling price of the item in the form of a Victoria’s Secret gift card.

Returning the Gift via the Mail

This way is a little trickier.

Start by visiting this page and print out the return form.

Next, fill it out and be sure to check the box “Returning a Gift” and drop it in the mail with your item(s).

You will have to pay the return shipping fees.

They’ll email you a merchandise credit for the lowest selling price of the item once they receive your package.

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Does Victoria’s Secret Limit Your Returns?


In recent years Victoria’s Secret would limit you to 7 returns in a 30-day period but they changed their policy. 

Fortunately this policy no longer exists and you can make as many returns as you’d like.

Who Pays the Return Shipping Fees?

If you’re within 30 days, and have a valid receipt, they will pay the return shipping fees.

Inside the United States, you can print out a FREE shipping label from your online account and return your items at NO cost to you.

Bonus Tip: What If I Just Want a Price Adjustment?

Most shoppers aren’t aware that Victoria’s Secret will give you a price adjustment within 14 days of your purchase date.

If you notice a price-drop, all you have to do is bring back your original receipt and they’ll issue you a credit to your original form of payment.

It’s also worth noting that this is an in-store only policy and you can’t get a price adjustment on online purchases.

Ask the Reader: What’s been your personal experience with the return policy at Victoria’s Secret? Easy? Difficult? Or somewhere in the middle?

By Kyle James

Photo credit to m01229.


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Mrs. Robertson

Thank you for the helpful information. It is greatly appreciated!

Mimi H

This is no longer accurate. As best as I can tell, the return policy changed to 30 days in January 2022.


I just went to VS last night to return an online order – unfortunately – it was over 30 days since I received the order – I DID call VS before going to the store – and they ASSURED me that I was going to get the FULL AMOUNT back – on my VS credit card

well… fast forward to going in the store

the lady scanned the receipt in and went to return the items – and at the end – she said “it will only give you store credit”

I’m sorry – but I DO NOT WANT a $700+ VS store credit

I already have the credit card – and apparently – I am now stuck with over $700 in merchandise I do not want!

don’t be like me…LOL

return your items in the 30 day window!!!

Vee Kim

Is the return limit 7 items or 7 orders? Thanks for the article!