TJ Maxx Return Policy: Tips and Tricks to Make It Work For You

Updated January 19, 2024 by Kyle James

The TJ Maxx return policy is both loved and hated at the same time. It’s loved because they’ll take back most items even after the return window has closed. It’s hated because they can be a bit stingy on taking back items that have been washed, even when there is nothing malicious going on. Let’s break down their return policy fully, along with some hacks to make it really work for you in the future.

TJ Maxx Return Policy: Tips and Tricks to Make It Work For You

How Many Return Days Does TJ Maxx Give Me?

30 days.

You have 30 days from the date of purchase to bring back any items to a TJ Maxx location for a return or exchange.

After 30 days, returns with a receipt (and often without a receipt too) will be given store credit for the item’s current price.

Is a Receipt Required for a Return?

The TJ Maxx official line is this, “To make your returns quicker and easier please keep your receipt.”

But having a receipt in hand is NOT a requirement for a return. In most cases, they’ll happily give you store credit when you don’t have your receipt.

To make a return happen without a receipt you’ll need to provide a government issued photo ID, name, signature, and address.

They collect this information to track your returns and make sure you don’t abuse their return policy.

While they don’t have an official policy on how many “no-receipt returns” you can make, it’s safe to assume that several a month will get their attention and they could ban you from returning items for a specific amount of time.

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Can I Make Too Many Returns Without a Receipt?


If the TJ Maxx return “system” thinks you’re making too many returns without a receipt, you’ll be given a printout which essentially is a “warning” about making too many of these types of returns.

The printout will also state that your next receipt-less return might not be accepted and you could be banned from making returns without a receipt in the future.

It’s my understanding that the “return ban” could be permanent, although some shoppers seem to think it only lasts a year. (Let me know in the comments if you know)

TIP: The best way to avoid this is to ALWAYS select “Email and Print Receipt” when checking out. That way you’ll have the receipt in your inbox in case you ever need to retrieve it.

Can I Return Something After 30 Days?


If you bought an item over 30 days ago, you can STILL return it for store credit as long as the tags are attached.

You’ll get whatever the current selling price is.

Tip: If you find something in your closet two years after you bought it from TJ Maxx, you can return it but DON’T bring your receipt as you do not want them to know how long ago you bought it. Also, from commenter Nicole, “DO NOT MENTION that it has been years.”

Can I Return Something That I Washed?

This one gets a bit tricky.

Their official policy is NOT to accept returns on items that have been worn or washed.

But if you plead your case, the manager will often agree to the return. This is especially true for items that shrunk badly in the wash or lost most of their color.

You might need to be the squeaky wheel to make this happen.

A word of warning: Know exactly what you’re buying and wash it in accordance to the label instructions so you don’t have to deal with this issue.

How Do I Return an Online Order?

You have 2 options. You can either return items in-store or via UPS.

  • In-Store Returns: Completely free to return online orders in-store with 40 days. Just bring items back to your local TJ Maxx with your receipt, packing slip, or shipping confirmation email.
  • Return via Mail: This is gonna cost you a $11.99 shipping and handling fee. Be sure the item gets back to TJ Maxx via UPS before 40 days. Otherwise you’ll have to settle for merchandise credit. Your original package comes with a return shipping label.
  • Note: An exact exchange is NOT available when returning online orders via the mail. This is due to an ever-changing online inventory.

If you have a TJ Maxx in your area, you’re obviously much better off returning items in-store to avoid the return shipping fee.

The only way they’ll waive the $11.99 fee is if the item is defective.

Any Items Not Eligible for a Return?

Yes, glad you asked.

  • Gift Cards: You can’t return them for cash, nice try though.
  • In-Store Purchases Can’t be Returned Online: Only online purchases can be returned via the mail.
  • Items over $1,000 Can’t Be Returned In-Store
  • Handbags priced over $499.99 Can’t Be Returned In-Store

I’ll add new items that are non-returnable as I discover them.

What About Returning Items with a Gift Receipt?

When returning items with a gift receipt, be aware that you’ll only get store credit or an exact exchange.

You won’t be given cash.

Do this after 30 days of purchase and you’ll be stuck with the current price of the item. Hopefully it won’t be on clearance as you’ll be stuck with the clearance price.

What is TJ Maxx’s Holiday Return Policy?

TJ Maxx has a very helpful holiday season extended return policy.

All purchases made between October 8th – December 24th can be returned through January 25th.

Their normal return policy applies to all purchases made on or after 12/26.

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Can I Get a Cash Refund If I Used a Debit Card?

If you still have the receipt and you’re still within the return window, YES you can get cash back.

What Happens If I Return Items Bought with a TJX Rewards Credit Card?

Many shoppers are curious about this.

So I pulled out my magnifying glass and found the boiler plate on the TJX site and discovered that “Points will be deducted for any returns or credits made on your account.”

In short, they will take back the points you earned when you make a return.

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Can I Return Opened Food Items?

No, you’re stuck with food items once you open them.

The only caveat to this is if the food is unsafe to eat through no fault of your own, in which case you have a good chance for a refund.

Can You Return TJ Maxx Items to Marshalls?


Even though both are owned by the same company, you can’t mix returns between the two.

TJ Maxx Return Policy Hacks:

1. Keep Tags on Items

Don’t take the tag off the item until you’re absolutely sure you want to keep it.

This is because many stores will give you the price on the tag when making a return, no matter how long ago you made the purchase.

2. Swimwear & Lingerie Returns

The price tag must be “properly attached” to all swimwear and lingerie if you want to return it.

Not exactly sure what “properly attached” means. In any case, this is a health issue and this policy attempts to keep worn items off the rack.

3. Jewelry Returns

You’ll need to return jewelry items directly to the TJ Maxx jewelry counter. Because of this, you must return jewelry ONLY to a location that actually carries jewelry.

4. Purchases Made with a Gift Card

When returning these purchases you’ll have to settle for store credit which can be used for both online and in-store purchases.

5. Purchases Made using PayPal

When using PayPal for an online order, you’ll be refunded via PayPal on a return, but you’ll have to pay $10 to mail the package back.

For an in-store return, you’ll be forced to accept merchandise credit.

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BONUS Tip: PayPal Warning On Online Purchases

As mentioned above, be careful using PayPal for online TJ Maxx purchases.

When trying to make a return in-store, you’ll be STUCK with merchandise credit.

If you want to get the money refunded to your PayPal account, you’ll have to pay $10 to mail the package back to them.

Thanks to commenter Bee for this great tip.

Ask the Reader: What’s been your experience with the TJ Maxx return policy? Good, bad, or ugly, let me know in the comments.

By Kyle James


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Tara Prather

Hi! Not sure if you still check these comments but I figured it was worth a shot. I recently (a week ago) did an in-store purchase of a dog bed for my friends puppy. Unfortunately because he’s a black lab and has a lot of puppy energy -he pretty much destroyed it. I would like to exchange the bed for a new one and I am going to get a rough dog bed cover as well this time.
Would I be able to return or exchange the ruined dog bed? I still have my receipt, as well as the credit card used to make my purchase.

Last edited 2 years ago by Tara Prather
The dog

The dog destroyed the bed and you want to return it doesn’t work that way


What planet are you on ? Thats like saying I bought a pack of underwear and I soiled them. Can I return them for new ones?

Kris B

I purchased a fake plant maybe a year ago and had it boxed up and put in storage. The tag is still attached and looks brand new. Do you know if they will still return it for store credit?



They would but give you the CURRENT PRICE of the item at the time that you return it. So.. That being said? If it’s no longer in their inventory & it is only “worth” 50 CENTS? THAT is the store credit that you will get for the plant. It is the same exact policy as a no receipt return. You will receive a store credit for the last selling price of the item.

My old career of 15 yrs was assistant buyer and VARIOUS management positions in retail. ALMOST ALL retailers have the same policy until you go over to the luxury end- which- becomes WAAAAY LESS lenient.

Hope this helps!


Lol no, they have a 30-day return window.


Yes. You will get store credit only.


I get lots of clothes as gifts for my kids and end up returning some of them without receipts for store credit. Finally got flagged. Is this a permanent return “ban” or can I try again in a few months?


Me too. Did you get an answer?

Tom Cunha

I tried to return a 3 level dessert display with a receipt that my wife purchased 4 years ago. She got sick 2 years ago and it has sat in a bag for the 4 years with the tag still on it. Shouldn’t they have given me a store credit?


Yes- but MINUS the receipt. The point is that you do NOT want them to know how long it was that you purchased the item. After 30 days? It is done. The merchandise is yours. UNLESS- you have no receipt with the tags attatched! At THAT point? They WILL take it back. Give you whatever the current selling price is- and as a store credit only. Just expect that it will be pennies on the dollar that you originally purchased it for-ALSO- DO NOT MENTION that it has been years.

I hope your wife is better!!!


yea, I have returned clothes with tags on that sat in the closet and never got worn for a few years. I think on one return the associate did notice the time frame and just made a joke and still returned it for store credit.

The only things I have had issues with returning is; seasonal items (even brand new with tag on), and copper pots that were unused but had a patina from touching them (they claimed they were used even though the inside was unused and the price tag was on the bottom of the pan and would have been destroyed if used).

Delores Brown

I purchased a suitcase ,march 19.2022.
Was going on vacation july 10, 2022. Notice that there a damage. I have the receipt, what is the policy on returning it.thank you.

Mary McKenzie

I have a handbag that still has the tag on from 2015 since I got realized it was damaged but was tucked away in my closet can I get a credit

Sylvia Winchester

I bought a large purchase for pants on one week and a few days later the pants got marked down. Can I return the pants and rebuy at the mark down price.


Yes! Almost all stores will give you the adjustment on the price. But few stores let customers know this…


Can I return misc house items if it’s been 9-12 months, I do have the receipt and the tags are on the unused items as well ? I don’t care if they just give me a store credit, I just want to make sure they’ll still take the stuff back after this time period.


I suggest not using paypal to pay for online tj maxx purchases since you’ll be forced to get a merch credit if returned in store. to get it credited how you paid, you have to spend $10 to mail the pkg back. they don’t tell you this upfront so beware. I learned the hard way after purchasing $300 boots that were too large. never shopping online at tj maxx again until they’re transparent about their policy and or modernize their system.


This is good to know. Thank you! I’m sorry that happened to you though. 🙁


I have just tried to return to the store something I bought in TJMaxx online with PayPal. They didn’t offer me store credit, they just told me to mail it to the sender.


I bought a dainty gold necklace online, it broke the first time I tried to wear it, will they accept the return?

Pee mura

I bought a pair of pants online awhile ago, never worn, with tags. It was an online purchase. I have the bag it came in, but cannot find the receipt! Is there a way to find out the price from just the numbers on the tag?


What happens if you return an item you used a certificate to purchase? Do you lose that certificate?


Any update on this?


I took the tag off an item I purchased at TJ Maxx. I have the receipt. Am I still allowed to return it?

Last edited 4 months ago by Rachel

Hi. I just tried returning a bamboo drawer organizer I bought 1 year and a month ago. It still had the wrap around it, so obviously it was unused. They would not return it because they said it had been over a year. They could tell from looking at the price tag. I knew I wouldn’t get my money back but I was expecting a store credit. What is your suggestion for dealing with this hurdle? Thanks.


Try a different store. Some store managers are more willing than others to take back items after a long time.

However if it has been over a year they might not be able scan the price tag in order to complete the return- this happened to me with a handbag that I had in the closet for over a year with the tags on it and the receipt tucked inside.

The first store turned me away when I tried to return but at the second store the manager ended up making a new, updated price tag and gave me a full refund in store credit.

Ilknur K.

Hi I bought a crosley record player and I found out later, that it’s not good quality and destroys vinyls, I want to return it and I remember how much I bought it for, the price tag is in tact and unopened, and I have proof of the purchase but I don’t have the receipt, so I understand that I’ll get merchandise credit. However I want to get the cash back so do you think if I buy something with the merchandise credit and return it with a receipt I can get it back in cash?

1 3 4 5