JCPenney Return Policy: Questions Answered So You Can Shop Smart

Updated March 21, 2024 by Kyle James

At first glance the JCPenney return policy looks pretty awesome, but when you start to look a little closer you notice that there are MANY exceptions that shoppers need to be aware of. Not only will I break down these exceptions, but I’ll answer all your burning return policy questions and even give you an insider hack for those who lost their JCPenney receipt. I hope this information helps.

JCPenney Return Policy: Questions Answered So You Can Shop With Ease

How Many Return Days Does JCPenney Offer?

60 days.

JCPenney use to offer NO time limit on returns but recently went to a still fairly generous 60 day policy.

What If I Don’t Have My Receipt?

If you lost your JCPenney receipt, you’re NOT out of luck.

You can still return items but will have to settle for the lowest advertised price in the past 45 days.

You can’t get a cash refund and will instead receive store credit to be used on a future JCP purchase.

Be prepared to show a valid I.D. as they’ll track your return history to avoid any misuse of their fairly generous return policy.

What If I Don’t Have the Original Packaging?

I called JCP and asked.

I used the example of a Keurig coffee maker that I had for a week, decided I didn’t like, BUT threw away the original box.

I was told “YES”, bring it back in and they would let me return it.

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Are There Any Exceptions to This?

Yes, there are quite a few items that have a time limit on returns.

Here are the most notable.

Levi’s – I tried exchanging a pair of Levi jeans, with my receipt, but the tags were removed, and I was stonewalled. No exchange for me. I was told that Levi’s cannot be exchanged or returned at JCP without their original tags still on them.

Fine Jewelry 60 days with a receipt. Also worth noting that watches must be unworn.

Smart Watches/Fitness Trackers – 10 days with a receipt and they must be unworn and you must have a receipt.

Body Jewelry – All sales are final.

Special Occasion Dresses – No time limit but dresses must be unworn with green return tag still on them.

Furniture – You have 30 days to return furniture and you must report damage or defects within 48 hours of delivery. Call them at 1-800-442-7902 to start your return. Also note that you’ll be hit with a 15% restocking fee and $85 pick-up fee.

Electronics – You have 30 days to return electronics and you must report damage or defects within 48 hours of delivery.

Major Appliances – 48 hours from time of delivery and you MUST have your receipt.

Mattresses – They give you 120 days from date of delivery to return your mattress. You’ll be hit with a 15% restocking fee, but your pickup fill will be waived if you select a different mattress. If you don’t select a different mattress you’ll be hit with a 15% restocking fee and a $85 pickup fee. Do NOT bring your mattress back to the store, they will not accept it. Call them at 1-800-442-7902 to start your return.

Custom Blinds & Drapes – Order must be cancelled within 24 hours of initial purchase. There is NO refund available after that since the items are custom made. 

In-Home Window Treatments – You must request a refund within 3 days of original contract date. 

Home Services – Includes things like flooring and counter-tops. You have 3 business days from your order date to request a refund. 

Salon Items – 60 days and you must have a valid receipt. 

Sephora Products60 Days with a receipt, if beyond 60 days you’ll get store credit. If you don’t have your receipt they may be able to “look up” your purchase if you have a Beauty Insider account.

Optical – Custom made eyewear comes with a 24 hour return policy. You can also exchange eyewear within 60 days, if not satisfied, for glasses of equal or lesser value.

Portrait – 60 days with a valid receipt.

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Can Items Be Used or Worn?

The short answer is DEPENDS and often falls on the discretion of the store manager.

If items are gently worn, you stand a good chance of returning the items.

If you buy a blouse, spill wine on it, then try to return it you might have a hard time returning it unless there is something wrong with the blouse that is not your fault.

The same can be said for items missing their original tags and packaging…your mileage will vary.

Can I Return Items to ANY JCP Store?

Yes, you don’t have to return to the store where you made the original purchase.

You can return your items to any JCPenney store in the United States.

Are There Any Items That CAN’T Be Returned?

Yes, there is indeed some stuff you CAN’T return to JCPenney and here they are.

  • Gift Cards
  • Monogrammed Items
  • Personalized Items
  • Altered Items
  • Body Jewelry
  • Perishable Foods

Everything else JCP sells is returnable.

What About Returning a Gift?

You can return items with a gift receipt BUT you can’t get cash for them.

You will have to settle for store credit or an even exchange.

Also, you’ll get the price of the item that’s listed on the actual gift receipt.

If you don’t have the gift receipt you’ll get the lowest listed price within the past 45 days.

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Does JCPenney Have a Holiday Return Policy?


For items bought after October 15th, you can return them with a normal receipt or gift receipt all the way until January 15th.

Can I Return a Swimsuit That’s Been Worn Once?

No, you can only return swimsuits if they are new with the tag still attached.

Can I Return Online Purchases In-Store?

Yes, absolutely.

When you buy anything from the JCPenney website, you can definitely return it to your local brick and mortar location.

This is obviously the quickest and easiest way to make a return.

When Making a Return via the Mail, Who Pays the Shipping?

Unfortunately, you will.

The biggest negative with their return policy is that you’ll be on the hook for the $8 return delivery fee.

If you don’t have a JCP in your area, and you need to return via UPS, you’ll need to use the “Return & Exchange” UPS form that came with your package to process your return.

The $8 is a flat fee and you can return as many items as you want in a single box and only pay the fee once.

JCPenney claims this fee is “significantly discounted” to make us somehow feel better about paying it, but I’ve  talked to many shoppers who tell me it’s made them VERY hesitant to shop their website.

Time will tell, but I think it’s a sign that JCPenney is struggling and may not be around much longer, despite their “Revival Plan”.

Hack Alert: Did You Lose Your JCP Receipt?

Ask an Associate to Look Up Your Purchase.


Apparently, according to the JCP Facebook page, you can ask an associate to use your credit card to look up your previous purchases.

I’m guessing your mileage may vary as some associates might not know how to do this…but it’s worth a shot.

If the associate looks at you kinda funny, ask if a manager can do it for you.

Ask the Reader: Have you made a return recently at JCPenney? Was it an easy process or a total pain in the butt? Let me know!

By Kyle James

Photo credit to Mike Mozart.


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Can I return a Christmas gift that I got on Tuesday 3/14/2023 without a receipt?

Last edited 1 year ago by Robbye
Brenda K Johnson

I’m trying to make a return now, but i can’t find my order!
So, I say it’s a pain in the butt. If I can’t find how to return a shirt I ordered that has a stain on it, I will shop at another place.

Robin Marshall

I bought à dress for 109.00 on 5/12, decided it made me look like I was trying to be 18 again so I went to return it on the the 22. I paid cash and lost the receipt, I was told by 2 cahiers i could not return it , not even for store crédit. That “prom dresses” can not be returned. Reading their return policy on line I should’ve been able to get store crédit for it. The cashiers were rude and obviously doesn’t know their own return policy. Both should be fired.

Sharon Baker

Every store I have ever shopped online has offered a return label and does not make the customer pay for return shipping, which by the way is more than the $8 that they say it is. No more Penney online shopping for me. There was no return fom enclosed with my order.


I’m a supervisor at jcp. Even if you pay cash we can look up your receipt as long as you have a rewards account with us. Just have us put in your phone number or email address at the beginning of each transaction; you’ll earn points, get coupons (that are one of the few that will stack with other coupons) and if you need to return an item but lost the receipt we can still help you out at the full price you paid using the same phone number/email (within 60 days on most items).

Judy Enderle

Ordered jeans on line, don’t fit. No return form in order.can only return by ups or return to a store, store is 80 miles away. Would be easier to return by usps. Not easy for returns at all.


Can i return a pair of pants that are different sizes on the sticker than the pants but are the same pants? I just wanna exchange them for a different size but the sizes are 38×32 on the pants & the tags say 32×30. I have the receipt they were a gift but someone messed up & the wrong tags aren’t the same size as the pants.


Yikes. 60 days is really short. I went in to return a Christmas gift bought in November on January 28, and the store would not give me cash even with receipt. Almost every store extends returns for November through Jan. 31. I will not be shopping there anymore. The industry standard for returns is 90 days. They went from one of the best places to shop to one of the worst.