Walgreens Return Policy: Here’s Exactly How It Works

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The return policy at Walgreens is actually pretty darn lenient in my opinion. While there are quite a few policy exceptions, and a couple return oddities, overall it’s solid. But like any return policy, there are questions that arise that you won’t find answers to on the retailer’s website. Thus the idea for this article was born. Here are the answers to all your burning Walgreens return questions.

Walgreens Return Policy: Here's Exactly How It Works

How Many Return Days Does Walgreens Allow?

30 days.

You can return or exchange items to ANY Walgreens for up to 30 days after purchase.

Bring in your receipt and have the item in the original packaging for a quick & easy return.

What If I Lost My Receipt?

Not all hope is lost.

Without the original receipt you’ll get store credit for the lowest advertised price of the item in the past 60 days.

Be prepared to show a valid photo ID as they use the information to track your returns and can decline your return if they think you’re abusing their policy.

Store credit will be in the form a W Card which is essentially a Walgreens gift card.

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Do Items Need to Be Unopened?


You can return items that have opened, even if you lost the original box or packaging.

Just make sure it’s within 30 days and you have your receipt.

Can I Return Gifts Without a Receipt?

If you were given a gift from Walgreens and the giver didn’t include a receipt you CAN still return it.

Just bring it back in and explain the situation.

You’ll be given store credit via a gift card for the lowest price of the item in the past 60 days.

Are There Any Exceptions to the 30 Days?

Yes, there are several return policy exceptions to be aware of.

– Gift Cards, Pre-Paid Cards, Phone Cards: These cannot be returned or exchanged.

– Pharmacy Items: By law, Walgreens cannot accept returns on prescription drugs UNLESS they made an error. Call them at 1-877-250-5823 and explain the error.

– Contact Lenses: They will accept contact lens returns ONLY if they sent the wrong lenses, the lenses are damaged or defective, or if you ordered an incorrect prescription.

– Birchbox BYOB (Build Your Own Box): These are non-returnable.

– Sexual Wellness Products: These cannot be returned.

– Seasonal Products: While usually non-returnable, it is often left up to the discretion of the store manager.

– Tobacco & Alcohol Products: Varies from store to store but for the most part these products must be UNOPENED and can only be exchanged for like items.

What About Returning Stuff I Bought Online?

You can either return items by mailing them back or taking them to ANY Walgreens location.

The same 30-day policy exists for online purchases as it does for in-store purchases.

To print your return label visit this page and follow the instructions.

The best part is that Walgreens pays the return shipping charges. I verified this with Walgreens personally.

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Can I Return Photos to Walgreens?


Walgreens has a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy so if you’re not happy with your digital photos or photo prints simply bring them back for a FULL refund.

Can I Return Electronics to Walgreens?

According to the Walgreens website, “Returns for electronics are handled at the discretion of the store manager, usually in the form of a Walgreens gift card.”

They must have had some trouble with fraudulent returns when it comes to their very limited supply of electronics products.

Can Walgreens Look Up My Receipt?

They cannot look up your in-store purchases.

But you can look up your online purchase and print out a copy of your receipt.

Just visit your account page at Walgreens.com, hover over Your Account and select Product Orders.

Next, click on the order number of the receipt that you would like to print out.

Ask the Reader: What has been your experience with the Walgreens return policy?

Happy returns.

By Kyle James

Photo credit to Mike Mozart.


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I tried to return items to WALGREENS without receipt cause it was bought for me. It was purchased without using a rewards card. I just wanted a instore credit card. I was told they wouldn’t do it. A Caucasian person came in and return items with no questions or problems!!

Last edited 1 year ago by Kyle

Well I just tried to return an item and the cashier was black and he said NO to this white man. In fact he lied and said no receipt no returns and thats how it’s been as long as he worked there.
It’s not about race Mac in most cases but poor customer service.

Miki Wagley

They made an error on my script of gabapentin, but I’ve taken a few of them then realized they weren’t the right milligram, I called and they said to bring them back…. But if I’ve already taken some, how can they accept them back?

Laura clem

i don’t get a receipt anymore as I accidentally hit some thing , now I want my receipt how do I get it. No one who works at Walgreens know how help me get back my receipt

Melissa Salva-Sauri

You are probably getting them sent to your email. Check your email.


You must change settings in the Walgreens app or I believe Walgreens.com can do it too I think.

Sandra J. Saenz

Are you not receiving a paper receipt after purchase ex. nothing from the cashier after purchase? Or do you mean you don’t see a receipt online in your Walgreens App?


You can ask cashier to update your balance reward card info and select paper receipt option for you.

Irene reynoso

What about, I have the original receipt and Walgreens is requesting phone number to my rewards acct: they refused to give me a refund because I don’t have the number.

Last edited 1 year ago by Irene reynoso

Go to a different Walgreens store I return items with balance rewards when I don’t have the number all the time, sometimes they refuse but usually if it’s cash or if u have the debit card used they won’t, when it is refused I just go to a different store or employee….also anything over $50 requires a managers approval and a manager will want to have the number match


Let me help—if it says at the managers discretion…that means you CANT return it.

Last edited 1 year ago by Charlie
Allan Chen

Do they track your returns if you do return things with receipt? I tend to do it a little too much especially with walgreen but not with other retailers.


They can look up receipt with club reward card. Look up phone # then use debit or credit card to veiw receipt.
Try and get cash cause if they put back on card could take 1 week to show up.

Algernon Boga

I was visiting my elderly father in Tennessee and purchased a bottle of cod liver oil one day prior to my departure and realized he uses castor oil instead. I brought it home with me to my home state and figured since I had the receipt it would not be an issue. I attempted to return it and was told by the clerk that I must return it to the store in which I purchased it from. Is this Walgreens policy?


This isn’t a policy. You can return it at any Walgreens as long as you have a receipt. The only exception is if you lost your receipt and they have to look it up with your card or number it has to be from that store


Walgreens is getting harder to return without receipts because the employees are haters. They hate their job and the customers. Especially the clearance items they put out. I won’t go to 1 Walgreens due to the kid that lies and says they don’t ever return without a receipt. I could’ve pressed the issue but I was in civilian clothing. Next time I’ll wear my work uniform. That should do the trick with showing them the store policy online.
Don’t take no folks!

Last edited 1 year ago by Citizen
Teresa Palmer

I Purchased a gift card to a restaurant from Walgreens while I was standing in line to pay for it the woman behind me told me the store was no longer open in Oklahoma the man had just handed me my receipt at that point I said I don’t want this card I’ll take this one instead and he said sorry no returns and I said I don’t really wanna return it can you just gonna get this one instead of that one it’s no longer in Oklahoma they refused I asked how they could sell a card for a restaurant it wasn’t even in the state they said they were not responsible for the cards and there was nothing they could do I took it to a different Walgreens that manager told me all they had to do was fill out a form to the company and they would reimburse me the manager at the first store refused to do anything!


It’s a whole process with having to call a specific number and having the card deactivated and then calling corporate and getting permission for reimbursement. They can’t do anything in store and all gift cards say on the back that they are not eligible for returns or exchanges.

Cherlene Sanchez

I returned something but i still don’t see the money back on my varo card it’s been 2 days


We bought 2 at home Covid tests from Walgreens last night. They are not opened and we wish to return them with the receipt. We did not realize that an in- store test was not covered by Medicare.
I spoke with a pharmacist this AM. They said that there is a no return policy on these tests. Is this true for all Walgreens stores??


I bought 2 at home covid test I tried to return it the same day at the same Walgreens and a different one and they don’t do any returns but their employees don’t saying anything nor the box or receipt


Since rapid tests are still covered/reimbursed by insurance, Walgreens cannot accept the return. It’s a case of potential “double dipping”, if you will. They only do exchanges if they’re damaged/defective, at managers discretion. They’re not allowed to advertise this policy.


Tried to return 2 jars of Walgreens brand dry laxative that were bought the same day that smelled like glue with my reciept. Was told they need my ID.WTF??? It happened to be expired which caused all sorts of problems. Casheir pushed it thru anyway but really …an ID? I had the reciept. Will think twice again before i spend any more money there anymore. I am getting quiet tired of there tricks with the stupid coupons and mandatory phone numbers. Waaaay too much trouble to buy anything there. Push my buttons any further and I won’t be useing your pharmacy.I got rid onf CVS I will do the same with you.Wallgreens, R U listening?????????????????????????