DoorDash Package Pickup Service….Is It Worth the Hassle

Updated March 15, 2024 by Kyle James
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DoorDash is a popular food delivery service known for providing customers with their favorite food and grocery items delivered straight to their door. However, something new is happening at DoorDash to provide EVEN more convenience for customers, especially when dealing with online returns. DoorDash, as of 2023, offers package pickup options to help customers gain back more time in their day. If you’re interested in learning more about DoorDash’s latest package pickup feature, keep reading.

Door Dash Package Return Service....Is It Worth the Hassle

What’s the History of the DoorDash Return Service?

As of January 4, 2023, DoorDash is offering a new package pickup service.

DoorDash customers can now request a Dasher to pick up their prepaid packages and then drop them off at a nearby carrier (any UPS, FedEx, or USPS store).

This new feature allows DoorDash customers to easily return their packages without having to step outside their homes.

How Does It Work? Costs?

Standard DoorDash users pay a flat fee of $5, and DashPass members pay just $3 to take advantage of this new Package Pickup feature.

Here’s how the Package Pickup works on DoorDash:

1. Select the Packages hub on the top of the DoorDash homepage and then select the delivery carrier (UPS, USPS, or FedEx) you’re using to ship your package.

2. Then, prepare your package(s) for shipping. You can ship off a total of 5 packages to send off. Be sure to attach your prepaid shipping label. If you are shipping with a QR code, you can send the QR code to the Dasher via the app.

3. Once all your packages have been fully packaged, request your package pickup and a Dasher will be assigned to your order and pick up your packages.

4. After your Dasher has dropped off your packages, you should receive a confirmation photo that your packages have been successfully dropped off at the provided carrier location.

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Is There a Minimum or Maximum Number of Returns They’ll Pick Up?

Yes, a Dasher can pickup anywhere from 1 to 5 return boxes.

If you have more than 5 separate boxes you need to return, consider requesting multiple Dashers to return all your boxes using DoorDash’s Package Pickup feature.

Does a Dasher Pick Up Your Return Or a Courier?

A “Dasher” will pick up your packages and deliver them to the shipping carrier you selected on the DoorDash app.

The courier does not pick up and return your packages– just Dashers through the DoorDash app.

Most Dashers will take them to a UPS Store or USPS drop-off “access point” or drop box.

Will The Service Work for Rural Addresses?

Technically, yes, the DoorDash Package Pickup features should work virtually anywhere, including rural addresses.

However, keep in mind that if you live in a rural area, there are likely FEWER Dashers available to pick up and return your boxes.

Therefore, while the Package Pickup feature will work in rural areas, you may have a more difficult time (have to wait longer) to have your packages picked up and returned.

Does It Work on Amazon Returns?


Since Amazon uses UPS for all its returns, you absolutely can use the DoorDash service to pickup up your returns.

I’m ALL over this right after Christmas when I typically have a ton of Amazon packages to get back to Mr. Bezos.

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So….Is This Service Worth The Hassle?


If you’re using the pickup service for just 1 package, not worth the $5 in most cases.

But if it’s after Christmas and you’re super busy, and you need to get some Amazon returns in the mail, it’s worth it, at least for my busy family.

Have Other Delivery Services Tried This?

Yes, DoorDash is not the first delivery service to offer package pickup services.

Uber offers Uber Connect which is a same-day delivery service where customers can return packages through the Uber app without having to leave their homes.

Shyp is another delivery service that sends a delivery person straight to your home to pick up and return your packages for you.

While each delivery service has slight variations from service to service, in general, all the delivery services work the same by

1. you request a package pickup order via the app

2. your packages are picked up by a Dasher (or whatever service you use) that are then returned to the selected carrier.

Ask the Reader: Have you used this DoorDash package pickup service? What was your experience and would you recommend it to others?

By Kyle James


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