Does Amazon Deliver on Sunday? (Plus Other Delivery Questions Answered)

Updated January 22, 2024 by Kyle James

Amazon has always delivered to my house on Sunday, so I was amazed when a friend told me he NEVER gets Amazon deliveries on Sunday. It made me wonder why, and so the idea for this article was born. Here’s everything you need to know (and more) about Sunday delivers from the online retail giant. I hope this information answers all of your questions.

Does Amazon Deliver on Sunday? (Plus Other Delivery Questions Answered)

Does Amazon Deliver on Sunday?

Yes…but not everywhere.

I hate the word “but” as it often causes confusion, but in this case, it’s the best word for the situation.

The bottom-line is that Amazon partners with UPS and USPS for “final mile” delivery, so it depends if they support Sunday delivery in your area.

But if you live in an area that has Amazon delivery drivers, which is becoming the norm these days, then they will deliver your Sunday packages to your front door.

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Is There Any Way to Check My Address for Sunday Delivery?

Unfortunately, Amazon does NOT have a public list of addresses that qualify for Sunday delivery.

That would be REALLY handy if they did. 

But as a general rule, they deliver on Sunday to most locations with one major exception:

– Rural Areas: If you live way out in the country, there’s a great chance you WON’T see Sunday Amazon deliveries.

From my introductory paragraph, my friend lives about 8 miles from the nearest post office and I’m sure that’s the reason he doesn’t get Sunday deliveries.

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Is There a Way to Check for Sunday Delivery from the Amazon Website?


When checking-out on the Amazon website, look under the “Choose your Prime delivery option” to see if delivery on Sundays is available.

Hint: You’ll probably need to do this on a Thursday or Friday to have Sunday show as a delivery day option.

Does UPS or USPS do their Sunday Deliveries?


In my town, Amazon deliveries that happen on the “7th day of the week” originally was done by the USPS but has recently been transitioned over to Amazon owned “delivery vans”.

It’s worth nothing that UPS is still contracted to do Sunday deliveries in many larger towns and cities.

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Do You Have to Be an Amazon Prime Member?


All Amazon shoppers qualify for Sunday delivery, it doesn’t matter if you drop the cash on the annual fee for Prime or not.

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What Time Do They Deliver on Sunday?

It totally depends on where you live on the route.

I live early on my mailman’s route, so I tend to get deliveries before noon on Sunday.

Does the USPS Deliver to the Cluster Box or Home Address on Sunday?

I have a cluster box on my street where we get our mail delivered, and that is where the USPS delivers our Amazon packages on a Sunday.

UNLESS the box is too big for a secure “package box” in which case it gets delivered to our front door.

But these days, Amazon delivery drivers have been delivering our Sunday packages and they come straight to our house.

Does Amazon Deliver on Easter Sunday?


Surprisingly, Amazon does deliver on Easter Sunday.

I know this from personal experience from last year as I remember giving our delivery guy a tip for making a delivery on Easter.

Because Easter is not considered a U.S. Federal holiday, they will still deliver.

But if Christmas, New Year’s Day, 4th of July, or Columbus Day fall on a Sunday, you will NOT get your package.

Is 1-Day Delivery Available on Sunday?


If you’re shopping on Amazon on a Saturday, you’ll often see the 1-day delivery option available.

Obviously this is only the case if you live where 1-day shipping is available and if your specific address is contracted for Sunday deliveries.

What About Amazon Delivering on Saturday?

Amazon always delivers on Saturday if you live where you get mail delivery on Saturday.

But if you don’t get Saturday mail delivery, and USPS delivers most of your Amazon packages, you probably won’t get Saturday package delivery.

Also, it’s worth noting that if you already get Amazon deliveries on Sunday, then you’ll definitely also get Saturday deliveries.

Ask the Reader: Do you not get Amazon deliveries on Sunday? Do you think it’s because you live in a rural area? Let me know, I’m very curious.

By Kyle James


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You order from Amazon a couple of times a week and have to fake a sealed box for the picture? That’s some poor planning.


Should use an unmolested box to match the article. Use this picture for your story about returns.


Wow dude, who cares, can I buy some of your free time.


I need to know if USPS delivers to the cluster box or the home address on Sunday.


Wait till Monday. No one needs parcels on Sundays. Smh. Sinners


Amazon NEVER delivers to me on Saturday or Sunday. We get Saturday mail delivered like normal. I have noticed lately that almost all of my packages are delivered by UPS so I’m not understanding what the hold up is. I can understand not delivering on Sunday but not Saturday.