What Is a UPS Access Point and Reasons Why You Should Care

Updated December 18, 2023 by Kyle James
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UPS Access Points are a convenient, safe way to pick up and drop off your UPS packages. Stop driving out of your way to return your UPS package to a UPS Store that seems few and far between in your town. And, don’t risk delivering your expensive UPS package to your apartment complex, just to have the building’s notorious package thief swipe it up before you have a chance to pick it up yourself. Find out more about UPS Access Point locations below.

What Is a UPS Access Point and Reasons Why You Should Care

So…What’s a UPS Access Point?

A UPS Access Point is a location that offers individuals the ability to drop off OR receive UPS packages.

For instance, some CVS Pharmacy locations are UPS Access Point locations and thus offer customers the chance to drop off or pick up their UPS packages.

This is great for both UPS and the partnering business for the following two reasons:

1. Bring more foot traffic and potential customers into the business.

2. Help UPS have more convenient locations for customers to use their services.

Besides CVS, other UPS Access Points include the following stores:

– Michaels – Starting back in 2019, over 1,100 Michaels stores became UPS Access Points. This also allowed all UPS My Choice members to set their delivery preference to their local Michaels store and packages will automatically be rerouted to Michaels.

– MailBiz – This is a store in my town that deals with packing, shipping, and mailing. They are also a notary public and sell Verizon products. Most towns have at least one store like this and they are almost always a UPS Access Point as well.

– CarQuestMany CarQuest auto parts stores also accept UPS packages.

– Cell Phone Stores – Many independently owned cell phone stores often serve as a UPS Access Point as well.

How Do Access Points Work?

If the closest UPS Store is far away, you may decide to pick up your UPS package instead at a UPS Access point location to save you time.

To do so, when you place your order, you can select what UPS Access Point location you’d want to pick up your order.

Then, once your order is shipped to the UPS Access Point location you selected, you’ll receive a notification once your order has arrived at the UPS Access Point location.

From there, you can go pick up the order. Be sure to provide proof of identity (i.e. driver’s license).

For UPS Access Point lockers, use the kiosk’s touchscreen to search for your package by typing in your tracking number.

You have 5 business days to collect your package once delivered to the Access Point location before it is returned back to the merchant.

For returning items with UPS Access Point, simply drop off the item, ensuring that the UPS prepaid label is secured onto the package.

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Why Would Someone Use an Access Point?

Convenience is the main reason someone would use a UPS Access Point.

If the nearest UPS location is far away from you, this could make picking up and returning via a UPS store a hassle.

Security is another reason someone would use a UPS Access Point location.

You can deliver UPS packages to your home address; however, if you live in an apartment building or neighborhood with a history of packages being stolen, it’s safer to securely ship your package to an Access Point location to pick up yourself.

This is especially true if you are shipping an expensive item to your home.

Are They Free to Use?


UPS Access Point locations are completely free.

There’s no additional charge to you if you use an Access Point location or go to a UPS store.

How Do I Find One Near Me?

To find an Access Point location near you, simply navigate UPS locations to find a location nearest you.

When dropping off a package, you can also use this user-friendly location search on UPS’s website to find an Access Point location nearest you.

Plus, when you are shipping a package to you, normally when checking out to purchase the order, the nearest UPS locations, including Access Point locations, will appear so you can find the closest one to where you want your package delivered.

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Can I Mail Stuff From One?


You can drop off and mail UPS packages at any Access Point location.

Can I Return Items From an Access Point?


You can drop off and return items via a UPS Access Point.

Just be sure you’ve attached a prepaid shipping label when making the return.

Any Shipping Discounts for Using an Access Point?


There is the potential to save on shipping rates when you ship your package to an Access Point location.

What Do I Have to Show to Use One?

To use an Access Point location, you’ll need to show proof of identity such as your driver’s license or another valid form of photo ID.

To pick up your package, you’ll need to have the package details to successfully retrieve your package.

You can search for your package with the following details:

– The tracking number of the order.

–  UPS InfoNotice that was left by the delivery driver.

UPS MY Choice delivery notification in tracking information.

Ask the Reader: Do you regularly use a UPS Access Point? Do you use it out of convenience or does it save you money?

By Kyle James

Photo credit to Mike Mozart.


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