Ross Return Policy: Insider Tips for Successful Returns Every Time

Updated February 16, 2022 by Kyle

The Ross return policy can be a little confusing. Especially if you lost your receipt or you’re outside the return window that Ross gives its shoppers. In this article I’ve attempted to answer all your burning questions and even provide some insider tips that’ll make your next return at Ross a breezy.

Ross Return Policy: Insider Tips for Successful Returns Every Time

How Many Return Days Does Ross Give Me?

30 days.

Ross gives you 30 days from the date of purchase to return items.

Your refund will be processed via your original payment method.

You DO NOT need to return items to the same Ross store where you bought them.

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What Happens After 30 Days?

If you try to return something after 30 days you’re NOT completely out of luck.

You can bring it back, you’ll just have to settle for store credit or an even exchange.

Do I Need My Ross Receipt?

Yes, hold on that receipt.

You can return items without a receipt but you’ll get store credit for the current selling price of the item.

Be prepared to show a valid photo ID when making a “no-receipt return”.

Ross uses a 3rd party refund verification system and tracks your returns by using your ID.

If you abuse the system or make too many return without a receipt, your return WILL be declined.

Can Items Be Worn or Used?


Items returned to Ross must NOT be “used, worn or altered” in any way.

They need to have the original tag attached as well. Items returned without a Ross tag are very hard (if not impossible) for employees to process.

If you removed the tag, bring it back and they can re-attach it for you.

Can I Return Online Purchases In-Store?


The Ross website does NOT sale anything and essentially acts only acts as a Store Locator.

Any Exceptions to their Return Policy?

Yes, there are a few exceptions.

  1. Fine Jewelry: Same 30-day policy but jewelry must have original tags attached and be accompanied by your receipt. Also, you can only return jewelry to a Ross store that has a jewelry department.
  2. Swimwear & Lingerie: Same 30-day policy but bathing suits and lingerie must have original tags attached and be accompanied by your receipt.
  3. Software: If you open software bought at Ross you cannot return it unless it’s defective, in which case you can only exchange it.

I’ll keep this list updated in case new items are added to their exceptions list.

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What About Returning Items Bought With a Check?

If you want a cash refund, you must wait 5 business days for the check to clear.

Can I Return a Ross Gift Card?

No, you cannot a return a gift card for cash.

But if you LOST your gift card (or had it stolen) you can get a new one as long as you still have the original register receipt.

Just bring it into any Ross store and they’ll set you up with a new gift card.

Can I Return Furniture for Store Credit Without a Receipt?

I called Ross customer service to get an answer to this question.

The Ross rep actually called my local store and spoke with the manager as it’s handled on a store-by-store basis.

The manager said that I COULD return the piece of furniture, without a receipt, for store credit.

But…it had to still have original tags on it and show no wear and be resell-able.

It’s also important to note that you’ll be stuck with store credit for the current selling price of the furniture.

How are Debit Card Returns Handled?

When making a return where your original form of payment was a debit card, your return will be added back to your back account via your debit card.

You can also opt for store credit if you’d prefer.

How to Return a Gift Without a Receipt?

If the item still has the price tag attached, you should be able to return the item for store credit.

If there is no tag, and no receipt, you’re stuck with it.

Is There a “Holiday” Return Policy?

After some research, it turns out Ross DOES INDEED have a separate return policy for holiday and Christmas purchases.

Ross gives you until January 31st to return all items purchased between December 1st – 31st.

Can I Make a Return With a Damaged Receipt?

Someone in the comments mentioned that they spilt coffee on their receipt and all it now showed was the date and return date.

They wanted to know if that would be an issue.

So I called Ross and was told that as long as the barcode at the bottom of the receipt was still usable then it wouldn’t be an issue.

Ask the Reader: Do you like the return policy at Ross or do you find it a little bit stingy?

By Kyle James


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I have receipt and tag but receipt is damaged with coffee and only shows purchase date and return date

Dottie Bronson

Will you tell me what the dress looks like if I have the code: 400207915426? WHAT DOES THIS CODE BELONG TO?


Bring it into the store with the items. They might be able to tell you


Hi. Ross does have an extended return policy for holiday purchases. 🙂


Its different every year, check with your local store.

Dottie Bronson

the tags were removed when they took the sensor off, How can I attach the correct tag to the right dress? can I look it up here?


You have to bring the tag into the store with the merchandise. You maybe asked to go to the store you purchased it from. There is a price look up it will give the cashier a description of the item. However it isn’t always clear, so if you notice it happens and your still in the store have the cashier attach it back on.


i have a reciept and tag but the tag got damaged and is not attatched. other than that, everything is in perfect condition. may i still return?

Michelle J

I have a gift I want to return with receipt. It was purchased with a DEBIT CARD meaning there was a pin used but they won’t give me cash back for the return. Also a need of the debit card used for purchase. THEY WERE A GIFT .1.If a pin was used it’s the same as using an atm for money. With a pin. NOT A CHECK. NOT CREDIT AND A RETURN WITH A RECEIPT. store credit is pretty much returns with no receipt


If its a gift receipt you will get store credit. If you no longer have the debit card they can put it another debit card or store credit.


Do you know if we can return makeup? I got it unlocked but turns out It wasn’t the correct color , and I didn’t use it either .


Some stores will let you others wont. Call first


can I return an item without receipt n tag. but has the same another item to match with?

Melissa k Herr

What if you put it in your closet and you forgot about it and then might not sell it now but all the tags are there for you still return it even if it’s old


I have the receipt for Cologne I bought for my husband, (Makes him sneeze) I don’t have the box. Will I be able to return it? I’m also within the 30 days

Debi Peterson

I tried to bring back a purse that my Daughter bought me for my Birthday that still had the tags on,but I did not have the receipt,I was told I could not return the handbag without the receipt.I was not a happy camper at all.


Can I return items at any Ross location. Different from where I purchased it?


I tried to return something today. It was bought near the end of 2020, I have the receipt and item has tags on it. They told me I couldn’t return it because it was bought last year…. I never had problems returning things months and months later. Where does it say I can’t return it after the 30 days (with my receipt)?? Please help

Diana Bolanos

Can I return shoes that were damaged in the first use? I bought them less than 30 days ago and I have the receipt.


I bought some clothes at Ross let’s say today’s is 30 days do I get store credit or should I get my return on my credit card or cash?


I did a return within 30 days. After 5 days I noticed it was not in my banking account then realized I had forgotten I change my debit card at the bank and had a new number from the one on the receipt. They gave me a receipt with the credit to my old card. So what do I do now since that old debit card has been destroyed?