Pro Money-Saving Tips to Save at Ross Dress For Less

Updated March 21, 2024 by Kyle James

Hello, my name is Kyle, I’m a compulsive Ross shopper and it’s been 13 days since I last shopped at Ross. I have no problem admitting it and my wife can definitely vouch for my addiction. I buy pretty much all of my clothing and shoes from Ross. It just makes sense as you’re getting quality name brands with savings in the 40-50% range. But aside from their everyday savings, there exists some highly clever ways to save even more money at Ross, here are my favorite 11 tips and tricks.

Pro Money-Saving Tips to Save at Ross Dress For Less

Shop On a Monday for “First-Dibs” on Markdowns

I’m a HUGE fan of figuring out when my favorite stores do their price markdowns so I can always shop right after (or during) and get first-dibs on the new sale prices.

I have it on good authority (from personal experience) that Ross does the vast majority of their store markdowns on Mondays when the store is not very busy.

So be sure to shop at Ross on a Monday evening and you’ll be the first shopper to check out newly added clearance items and along with the stuff that was marked down even further.

Shop When You’re Not in a Hurry

So here’s the thing with Ross…you GOTTA have time to look for the deals.

The racks of clothing, shoes, and home décor items aren’t exactly well organized, especially in the evenings when stuff has been touched and scattered.

So give yourself plenty of time, when you’re NOT in a hurry, and you’ll easily find the great deals hidden within.

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If You’re 55+ Be Sure to Shop on a Tuesday

Senior day at Ross

Tuesday is “Senior” day at Ross and those 55 or older get a sweet 10% discount on everything in-store.

Ross calls it their “Every Tuesday” club and it’s available nationwide at every Ross location.

You’ll need to sign up in-store and show a valid I.D. with your age displayed on it.

Note: Many Ross stores will give a senior the 10% discount without needing to show any proof, and often without them even asking for the discount.

Every Ross Has Different Inventory Levels

I have 2 Ross locations in my town and when it comes to the amount of inventory each store stocks, one of them is GREAT and the other SUCKS OUT LOUD.

For instance, my “crappy Ross” rarely has Nike shoes in my size, where the “good Ross” always has enough pairs of Nike to make me look like a total pimp. Haha.

So know your local Ross stores as it’s definitely worth a little longer drive to the store where they actually have the brands (and deals) that you’re looking to buy.

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Irregular Items are Your BEST Friend

Look for price tags at Ross that say “Irregular” on it in order to maximize your savings.

Irregular items is stuff that didn’t meet the manufacturer’s “strict” guidelines and was sold to Ross for cheap.

But I’m here to tell ya that you CANNOT tell what is wrong with most “Irregular” items.

But the savings is usually in the 40-70% range depending on the item.

Found a Ross Coupon? It’s Probably a Fake

One thing I know for certain about Ross, they DO NOT have coupons of any kind.

So if you see one on eBay or in your email inbox, especially if it’s for sale, stay away as it’s 100% a SCAM.

While this tip is not a “way to save” I felt it needed to be included so you aren’t scammed as fake Ross coupons are becoming more prominent.

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Get to Know a Ross Employee

I’ve found that Ross employees have a bunch of cool savings hacks up their sleeves and are willing to spill the beans if you chat them up and are cool about it.

From the best day to shop at that particular location, to the brands they sometimes get, to the departments that have particularly good savings….become buddies and talk them up, you won’t regret it.

Buy Discounted Gift Cards for Ross and Save up to 15%

eBay is a great place to buy Ross gift cards for less than face value.

You can easily save 15 – 25% off your next Ross purchase just by keeping an eye out on Ross gift card auctions and pounce when you spot a good deal.

Get a Job at Ross and Save an Extra 20%

If you love Ross, and are also looking for work, consider applying which would get you a sweet 20% employee discount if hired.

Their employee discount even goes up to 40% off every three months.

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Check the Ross Facebook Page for Giveaways

Ross on Facebook

Ross does very little on social media with the exception of their Facebook page.

It’s worth a follow as they keep it updated with new product alerts, $50 Ross gift card giveaways, and other cool freebies.

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Don’t Forget to Sign-Up for Ross Email Alerts

Because Ross doesn’t advertise very much, and rarely has “sales”, it’s imperative to sign-up for their email alerts as it’s the best way to be kept in-the-know of in-store events and new merchandise alerts.

They also share cool Ross shopping tips via email which is kinda cool (and very rare for a retailer).

Bonus Tip: Don’t Be Afraid to Negotiate a Deal

If you find an item at Ross with damaged packaging and a price that doesn’t reflect the damage, don’t be afraid to ask for a deeper discount.

Ross management knows they will have a hard time selling the product and in most cases will gladly sell it to you at a discount to get it out of the store.

Start the negotiating by asking for a 25% discount and be prepared to meet in the middle with a 10-15% discount.

Ask the Reader: What’s your go-to way to save money at Ross? Let me know in the comments, thanks.

By Kyle James


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