The Meijer Return Policy: Everything You Need to Know for Success

Updated December 1, 2023 by Kyle James

I’m not gonna lie, the Meijer return policy is pretty darn lenient, especially when it comes to returning consumable goods. But with any policy, there are many in’s and out’s that loyal shoppers need to be aware of before they head to Meijer to make a return. Here’s everything you need to know about their policy, including the items that can’t be returned and the ones that have “exceptions” attached to them. I hope this article helps make your next in-store return a breeze.

Meijer Return Policy: Everything you NEED to Know

How Many Return Days Does Meijer Allow?

Grocery Items: Unlimited days.

General Merchandise: 90 days.

Do I Need My Receipt?

No, not necessarily.

If you made your purchase with a credit card, EBT card, debit card, or personal check they can look up your purchase for 21 days.

Also, if you’re a mPerks account holder Meijer can look up your purchase for a whooping 90 days which is VERY convenient.

This cool feature alone makes it worth it to join the free mPerks club.

What If I Lost my Receipt?

If you lost your receipt, and Meijer can’t locate your purchase in their system, you’re still NOT out of luck.

You’ll need to show a valid ID so they can track your returns but in most cases you can still make the return.

You’ll have to settle for store credit for the lowest selling price of the item in the past 30 days.

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Does Stuff Need To Be Unopened?

No, Meijer allows you to return products that you have opened, and even tested out.

Just make sure you put the item back in the original packaging (as best you can) and include all manuals, parts, and accessories.

Can I Return Food to Meijer?

Yes, absolutely.

Meijer has a “quality guarantee” that states all consumable food items can be returned WITH or WITHOUT a receipt.

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Are There ANY Return Policy Exceptions?

Yes, there are a few items that you CANNOT return and here they are:

– Alcoholic Beverages: “Bottoms up” on anything with alcohol in it because you can’t take it back once purchased.

– Oberweis glass bottle returns: These are currently not returnable but this should change as we work our way through the COVID-19 pandemic.

– Swimsuits, dresses, lingerie, underwear: These must have the original tags on them unless they are defective.

– Tobacco Products: This includes chewing tobacco, cigars, and cigarettes.

– Nicotine Products: If it has nicotine as a listed ingredient you’re stuck with it.

– eCigarettes: Similar to regular cigarettes, you can’t bring these back for a refund or exchange.

– Prescription Drugs: You can only return these if you have authorization from the pharmacist.

– Ammunition: I had no idea Meijer even sold ammunition.

– Prepaid Wireless Phones: Do your research ahead of time to figure out the best phone for your needs, because once you buy it you can’t return it.

– Gift Cards: You can always sell them on or eBay if you don’t want them.

– Opened Collector Cards: Includes baseball, basketball, football, and Pokemon cards.

– Blood Glucose Monitors: This includes blood glucose test strips as well.

And there are some items with RETURN RESTRICTIONS that you should be aware of as well:

– Tents and Airbeds: Can only be returned UNOPENED. If opened, you can only do an exchange if the product is defective.

– Video Games, DVDs, and CDs: If you open it you can’t return it unless it is defective.

– Items that use a Flammable Liquid: You’ll be hit with a restocking fee up to $25.

– Electronics with Data Storage: Once you open it, you can only return the item if it has something wrong with it. This includes things like MP3 players, computers, tablets, memory cards and game systems.

– Books, Photos, and Magazines: You get 30 return days and then a 30 day manufacturer warranty on top of that.

Update on Books: From commenter Leslie, she was unable to return a book within 30 days…has anybody else had a similar problem?

Can I Have My Return Rejected?

If Meijer feels you are taking advantage of their return policy and making too many “no-receipt returns” they reserve the right to refuse your return.

Like any good return policy it will go away, or be updated with more strict guidelines, if too many shoppers take advantage of it.

Can I Get Cash Back on My Return?

Yes and no.

If you made the original purchase with cash you can get cash back as long as you have the receipt and you’re within the return window.

Otherwise you’ll have to settle for store credit.

What Happens If I Pay With a Personal Check?

Your refund will be processed like a debit card transaction and the refunded amount will show up in your bank account within 3-5 business days.

Can I Return Groceries Delivered to My Home?


If you use Meijer’s home grocery delivery service and you want to return something, you can.

But you’ll have to take it back to the store to make it happen, Meijer will not send someone to your home to process the return.

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What About Returning Stuff I Bought with a Coupon?

Not a problem.

Meijer will simply refund you the amount you paid out-of-pocket for the item.

In other words, you won’t get a credit (or cashback) when returning items bought with a coupon.

Can I Return Items Bought with WIC or EBT?

When returning state approved WIC items you can only get an even exchange for an identical item.

You CANNOT get cash back on WIC or EBT purchases, this includes baby formula and fresh fruit and produce.

What About Returning Meijer Branded Items?

If you are not happy with it, they actually encourage you to return it, with or without your receipt.

The only Meijer branded items that can’t be returned are state-approved WIC items.

Can Meijer Provide a Duplicate Receipt If I Need It?


Just visit the Meijer Service Desk at the store where you made the purchase and they can provide you a duplicate receipt within 21 days of the original purchase date.

The only instance where they can’t get you a copy of your receipt is if you made the purchase with cash.

Ask the Reader: What’s your opinion of the Meijer return policy? Did I miss any important information about their policy?

Photo credit to Meijer.


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Shirley Sloop

Will not refund facepoder price. Color was wrong.


Returning prescriptions is actually against the law. It is at the pharmacists discretion, but understand that it will just go into salvage. They may take it back, but more than likely, they will direct you to the drug return box. Money will not be refunded since it can never be re-dispensed. The same goes for prescription glucose supplies. Once you take it, if returned, it is considered salvage or biohazard.

Margaret Orozco

I purchased an air mattress because we just moved here and didn’t have a bed . A bed was donated to us but I lost the receipt so I figured I’d return it and get some kind of in store credit. I read the store policy and said they could do a miejer card. So I figured I could use it to get bedding for my bed. But the lady at the service desk didn’t bother doing anything. She just told me they don’t do returns on air matresses. But in their policy it says they can do returns if box hasn’t been opened. I’ll just stick to Walmart I guess


Beware, you’re not allowed to return books to Meijer. Even though the online policy reads books may be returned in 30 days. Why would anybody buy a book from Myers. I bought as a gift and the person had already read the book I returned it within two days and was denied being able to return it. My suggestions to Miejer is that they post that policy on every aisle where they have the books


So I just tried to return a pair of shoes I bought 4 days ago and was rejected. They weren’t soiled, but the lady insisted they were worn and couldn’t put them back on the shelf. She said this before she even opened the new-looking shoebox. I’ve been scouring the return policy page trying to figure out if she had the authority to do this, because it felt incredibly rude and personal. Can I return them to a different Meijer? I’m sure nobody else would even question it. Maybe she was just having a bad day, but she made the experience truly heinous.


I had purchased 4 packs of Under Armour men boxer for my boyfriend well they were not the right size so we go to Meijer to do a Lil grocery shopping and I tell my boyfriend to return the underwear ( they are unopened and tagged with the sells price) he calls me and says the return Manger was giving him shit because the underwear are $35 ea and that’s to much to be giving in a return so she would only return one pack so he wants me to go and get the underwear return so I go out to the car grab the other 3 packs and go back in .. I get my return stamped at the door and proceed to returns.

I see a old lady I go to the counter and give her my return she tells me these were just denied she needs to call Manger OK please do.. so the Manger who has a bad dye job comes overvand tells me she is not returning these I ask and y idms that she says these are a Hugh theft item I’m like OK so is everything in ur store.. so I paid for these like $150 and now I can’t return them cause ppl steal them .. she’s like I’m can deny a return .. I say yea if ubgot a valet reason.

I said I’ve never even returned and never even had a return here so u have no good reason she I eat and came back and said her boss Michael deacon (maybe not correct but I think it is) said he’s not taking them back.. so now I spend my hard earned money and I’m getting label as a petty theft and I lose out on my $120.. how is that ok.. I want my money back

Dan D

I returned a book purchased at Meijer and received a full refund!