Bed Bath & Beyond Return Policy: How Does It Work With ALL Stores Closing

Updated September 19, 2023 by Kyle

Bed Bath & Beyond announced recently that ALL stores will be closed by June 30th, 2023. So I thought it was time to break it all down for you. Here is exactly how the BB&B return policy now works. Hope this helps and answers all your questions.

Bed Bath & Beyond Return Policy: Here's The Real Scoop

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Update:

Anything bought BEFORE April 26th, 2023: You have until May 24th to return or exchange items like usual.

Anything bought AFTER April 26th, 2023: FINAL SALE – no refunds, returns, or exchanges.

How Many Return Days With a Receipt?

The Bed Bath and Beyond return policy gives you 90 return days to return items from date of purchase.

It should be noted that this does require a receipt. Which leads us to our next question.

Are There Exceptions to the 90 Days?

Yes, there are a few major exceptions you should be aware of.

– Tech & Smart Home Items: 30 days.

– Seasonal Items: 30 days. Includes patio furniture, grills, and holiday décor.

– Electric & Battery Operated Items: 60 days.

– Small Kitchen Appliances: 60 days.

– Robotic Vacuums: 60 days.

– Opened Air Mattresses: 60 days.

– Smart Home Items: 30 days.

– Car Seats & Strollers: Both new and unused have a 180 return days.

Is Anything Non-Refundable?

Yes, there are quite a few items that cannot be return to BB&B. Here they are:

– Gift Cards: Completely non-refundable.

– Shipping, Delivery Charges: No refund on these, sorry.

– Assembly Charges: If you pay someone from Bed Bath and Beyond to build something, you can’t get your money back if you decide to return the item.

– Monogrammed, Personalized, Custom-Made Items: Non-refundable.

– As-Is Items: Non-refundable.

– VEBO experiences: Non-refundable.

– Beyond Deals: Non-refundable.

– Special Order Items: Non-refundable.

– Baby Clothing and Destination Maternity Items: These can only be returned with the original tags still attached and your receipt.

– Breast Pumps: Can only be returned unopened and with your receipt.

What If I Lost My Receipt?

If you lose your receipt, your return window is still 90 days.

But….they’ve gotten stricter on this over the years and now typically require the item to be in NEW condition while some discretion is left to the store manager.

Bed Bath & Beyond will use one of the following methods to try and find your purchase history:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Store or merchandise credit number
  • Gift card number
  • Checking account number

If they CAN’T find any evidence of your purchase, they’ll let you complete an exchange (or get store credit) minus 20% of the current price.

If you prefer cash back, you’ll have to complete a “corporate refund request”, just tell the employee and they’ll help you out.

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Do Items Have To Be In Original Packaging?

No, absolutely not.

Just bring the item back in, apparently in whatever condition, and they’ll refund 100% of your money if you still have your receipt.

Bed Bath & Beyond can do this because they have a strong relationship with their suppliers, many of whom will refurbish returned items and resell them at a discount.

Can I Return Items to Any Bed Bath and Beyond Location?

Yes, just bring back your items to any BB&B location and get your return processed.

What About Returning Online Purchases?

The easiest way is to bring it back to your local BB&B store for a refund.

If that is not possible, you’ll find that when you order something from the Bed Bath & Beyond website it’ll come with a FedEx return postage label included.

On the return label you’ll need to circle the item you’re returning, the reason why, and add your phone number.

Just pack up the items in the original package, include the bottom portion of your invoice, stick the FedEx label on it, and drop it off at a FedEx pickup location.

You’re done, now go enjoy a cold pop.

What’s the Scoop on “Truck Delivery” Returns?

When getting a truck delivery from Bed Bath & Beyond I have some tips for success.

When the item(s) gets delivered, be sure to open the box and inspect the item for damage before the driver leaves.

If you see any damage, decline the delivery and write “Package Damage” on the delivery form. Then call BB&B at 1-844-4BBBHOME to report the damage.

If the damage is minimal, you can accept the return then call the above number and they’ll send out a replacement part or product.

Call within 48 hours for best results.

Can I Return a Mattress?

No, not exactly.

But if you’re having a tough time adjusting to your new mattress, they give you 120 days from delivery date to do a 1-Time mattress exchange.

After that you’re stuck with it, so choose wisely.

It should also noted that you’re on-the-hook for all shipping charges.

Call Bed Bath & Beyond at 1-844-4BBBHOME to schedule your mattress exchange.

Can I Get a Price Adjustment?


If an item goes on sale within 14 days of purchase you can bring your receipt in and get a price adjustment.

Also, according to Stacy, an 11 year employee, you can get a coupon adjustment as well. Just bring in your receipt and a BB&B coupon and you can get money back for the value of the coupon.

Ask the Reader: What’s been your experience with the Bed Bath & Beyond return policy? Have you ever had a problem returning an item?

By Kyle James


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*Latest Return Policy*
180 days: Unused car seats/strollers.
90 days: With receipt. Unused: clothing, breast pumps, activity swings/mats/walkers.
60 days: Electrics. Opened air mattresses, exchange only.
30 days: Smart Home Tech, seasonal (patio, grill, summer, holiday).
0 days: As-Is, Beyond, VEBO, monogramed/personalized, gift cards, shipping, delivery, gift wrap, assembly.

*ID Required: According to a recently implemented third-party refund verification system which tracks name, address, phone, email, and credit cards, even with receipted returns, ID may be required if the system detects an unspecified threshold of returns/refunds has been met. We are investigating now if that third-party system is The Retail Equation (TRE).

*Chat Support is gone.
Phone Customer Service is routed to third-party outside the U.S.
Corporate Manager assistance requires your contact information as only option is to leave message.

BBB is no longer great and superior which brought in happy, loyal customers who chose them over other retailers.

Every aspect of their service has been downgraded. The gradual removal of long-standing customer benefits is hard, but they are not apt to offer them, again.
(I personally know someone who is part of BBB management.)

ina garten davida

I was totally refused a refund for an unopened purchase. I believe they emailed my receipt to an old account, and just my luck I’d gotten a new debit card recently so they couldn’t look it up. I would have taken the option of paying the restocking fee, but the guy said flat out no refund. So I will not be shopping at BBB as my first choice anymore


I don’t have anything to add, just wanted to say how much I love your name!


As a BBB employee, if the item was high price, we can’t do any returns without proof of purchase as we have had people steal product then come back trying to get the refund, even with the 20% deduction. We have been told that we are not to take any of the high price returns without a reciept or means of look up.

Crystal Rodriguez

just encountered dang thing but had my receipt


*Update: My associate recently elaborated that the sweeping changes which became unfriendly for customers was due to a new CEO who made money the bottom line at the cost of potentially losing customers.


BBB is named in a class action lawsuit of retailers who use the service of The Retail Equation (TRE). Valid returns with receipt are being denied due to TRE’s algorithm of customers’ shopping and return behavior. They claim 99% of returns are approved but their justification for denying returns is to protect retailers who lose billions annually due to suspected returns fraud.
If 1% of returns amounts to billions of dollars annually, imagine their billions in profits based on the 99% of customers who aren’t committing fraud.
The lawsuit alleges customers with legitimate proofs of purchase are being denied returns simply based on shopping habits and buyer’s remorse while TRE groups them into the fraud and abuse categories incorrectly.
BBB used to be my first stop for shopping before going elsewhere. It is now my last stop.

Ellen Post

How long does it take for the refund to appear back in your account?

Mark Milker

What if you want to return an item you bought before they changed their policy, and you have a receipt?


That is a very good question and it seems like that would be a reasonable request to make with the store manager. At times, when the store manager is unyielding, the District Manager is accommodating.


Can I return a dirty used repackaged bedspread? I purchased it as an As-Is purchase.

catherine WoodBrooks

I am absolutely FURIOUS with Bed Bath and Beyond. I bought a house recently and was thrilled to have quick access to BBB. I even joined the BBB club (for a reasonable fee of $30.00) so that I would receive an automatic $20% off. Well, as is often the case with furnishing a new home, I made several purchases, changed my mind, and returned them with the receipt throughout the course of the last month. Of course I kept many of the purchases I made. When I made a return yesterday, I received a note that said I had been “flagged” by “Retail Equation (which is a company that BBB has contracted with) and I may not be able to make any more returns. When I called the 800 number, I was told by the Retail Equation person that if I tried to make another return I may be denied which would automatically deny any returns for 6 months. I was made to feel like a criminal. Of course I would love to send a letter of complaint to the management of BBB or talk to an executive in charge, but I have not had any luck thus far. I am not giving up on this fight against the corporate machine. By the way, their return policy says nothing about limiting returns. So, consumer beware!


I had a similar experience, I joined BBB MEMBERSHIP would drive an hour away from our vacation home to buy stuff , rather pay more because I thought BBB returns will be friendly. Yesterday I had gone to return 4 items but could only return 1 because all had expired their return date limitation : seasonal is 30 days ; electronic 60 days and I was late here by one week. I never had such a bad experience in any store ever , I came out sweating becausethey had to see every receipt possible. I will not renew my membership because this store is suppose to be a women’s friend in running the busy life style. Also they introduced the new most strictest return policy in the market on August/ 31st/2020 , can you believe the management is so cold hearted they did it during the Covid.i am disgusted and so angry at myself for giving them so many purchases.


Wow. Sounds like you have some really strong ideals, and a lot of extra time on your hands. Did I say you had really strong ideals, because I meant to say that you sound like you have zero common sense. I hope that your time spent trying to get around the ​return policy is filled with hope and kindness


Was in bbb yesterday item
Wanted to purchase said 12.99 it rang up
As 29.99 and I asked for it to be removed I was still charged 44.18 I purchased another item was given credit receipt for 33.18 which had not cleared my bank what’s up with that the original purchase price for 44.18 has cleared

Connie Thompson

I went into a registry last night that had the same name as my niece where it showed that you could contribute to a large gift. I did, and then I found out it is the wrong girl. I am trying to get that cancelled but cant figure out how because there will be nothing for me to return as I only contributed money towards the gift.



Lorraine Poitrinal

How long does it take for a store returned item refund to show up in my account


Thanks for your posts, all y’all! I was going to buy a foldable bike from BBBy but after hearing about the recent change in return policy, I’m sticking with Costco even though it’s a bit more expensive. $20 difference for peace of mind? Yes! Again, thank you for posting your experiences!

Barbara Lee Muggley

I purchased a Nespresso machine before Christmas, in Dallas. The machine is faulty..leaking. It was returned WITH A GIFT RECEIPT. The gift receipt was not honored..only store credit was received. I specifically asked, at the time of purchase, and was told with the gift receipt it could be returned. What good is a gift receipt???

Sheila Perman

Absolutely will not take shower head purchased on line from them but sold and fulfilled by 232 Inc. now there is no company or anyway I can tell to reach out to them. Even though not expensive item it’s truly a principle that I am learning. Manager of store involved, a never used, prefect packaging condition item store refused to take back. Have on line receiving. Poor policy

Sheila Perman


Teresa McGervey

I ordered a 4 shelf wire rack online through Bed Bath Beyond. When I got it, it was in such bad shape, I cannot put it together and they will not take it back. Caveat emptor!


BBB may seem to be the same quality store — WARNING — do not purchase furniture! Daughter ordered couch, the WRONG couch arrived, that was weeks ago, every day she calls and they are ignoring the problem, refusing to issue a shipping recall or REFUND her purchase. Today they want HER to pay $200 to ship it back to them — When they sent the wrong couch. This is horrible sales practice. Your CS agent may be nice, but they are trained to be reasonable, with unreasonable policies when it’s the company’s fault. AGAIN, order from anyone else but BBB.