Cat & Jack Return Policy: Is It Really as Great as It Sounds?

Updated January 23, 2024 by Kyle James

Cat & Jack is a Kids’ and Baby apparel and accessories line found exclusively at Target. This kids’ clothing line offers a wide selection of fun, affordable items. Yet, with how fast kids grow, and how quickly they become disinterested in certain clothing, I was curious about Cat & Jack’s return policy. Since Cat & Jack is a line sold exclusively at Target, this blurs the line of whether this clothing line has its own set of return policies, or if it follows Target’s return policy. With a bit of digging, I was able to unveil all the secrets you need to know about their generous return policy.

Cat & Jack Return Policy: Is It Really as Great as It Sounds?

How Many Return Days Do They Allow?

365 days, also known as 1 year.

This is quite a big increase from Target’s normal 90-day return policy.

As long as you have your receipt, you can return any Cat & Jack product to ANY Target store for up to a year after purchase.

Pretty awesome policy.

It’s obvious that Cat & Jack prides itself in providing quality products that last a long time, otherwise they couldn’t afford to do this.

Can I Still Get Store Credit After 1 Year Has Passed?


Cat & Jack offers a “guaranteed for 1 year” (with receipt) where you can receive a refund or store credit.

Therefore, you cannot receive a refund or store credit AFTER that 1-year mark deadline.

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Do I Need A Receipt To Return My Cat & Jack Items?

Yes… for the most part.

It’s essential you have your receipt when returning Cat & Jack items to Target.

This will ensure you receive a full refund for the amount you paid.

Otherwise, if you don’t have a receipt, inevitably, the ability to return an item without proof of purchase becomes nonexistent.

However, read on to find out when/how you can receive store credit, even if you don’t have a receipt.

What Should I Do If I Lost My Receipt?

If you don’t have a receipt– don’t worry– there are a TWO ways to possibly provide proof of purchase.

1. For online purchases, check your Target account or email to see if you still have your order confirmation or online receipt that you can print out.

2. Ask a cashier to look up your transaction history made on your Target RedCard if you used one, or even your regular credit card.

Update (1/23/24): I recently talked to a Target employee at my local store and was told that her manager has instructed them to stop taking C&J returns WITHOUT a receipt.

She said it just became too big of a hassle with people bringing in bags of worn clothing, with no receipt, expecting a full refund.

So it’s save to assume that your mileage will vary when trying to make these types of returns.

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Can I Still Return An Item, Even If It’s Been Worn?


As long as it’s within the one-year guarantee time frame you can return it.

So, if your kid has worn the item and even ripped, torn, grown out of, or lost interest in the item altogether, you can still return the item for a complete refund.

Update (7/10/23): FYI, a Target employee in the comments has stated that Target will be cracking down on people simply returning outgrown clothing.

Not sure what that means exactly but I thought it was worth sharing. Much more on this at the bottom of this article.

Does the Return Policy “Start Over” on an Exchanged Item?

This question comes from reader Adri in the comments section, and I think it’s a good one worth discussing.

Adri’s question in particular is “If you buy a Cat and Jack item, then return it 364 days later for store credit, then purchase a new Cat and Jack item – does the return policy still apply to the new item?”

The short answer is YES.

Since you’re making a separate purchase, and using store credit to make that purchase, you start over with a new 365 day return policy.

The same thing goes if you’re making a straight exchange as the new item will be considered a new purchase on your receipt.

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Who Pays For Return Shipping Costs?

Target does.

That’s right, you don’t have to worry about overpriced shipping costs when returning your Cat & Jack items.

Target completely covers the shipping fees when returning via UPS.

However, DON’T expect a refund on the original shipping fees you paid if you bought your Cat & Jack items online.

Unless there was a clear mistake on Target’s end, you won’t receive the original shipping fees you paid to get the item shipped to you.

How Do Online Returns Work?

You can return your Cat & Jack clothing by using Target’s online return center and following these simple steps.

1. Login to your account or on your Target app.

2. Locate your order and select the item you want to return.

3. Select “Return an Item” then “Return by Mail”.

4. Provide a return reason.

5. Click “Replace Item” or “Refund Item” based on your preference.

6. Select “Shipping Address” and print the shipping label.

7. Pack the item up, put your shipping label on the package, and drop it off at a UPS store.

What If I Got the Item As a Gift And I Don’t Have a Gift Receipt?

If you received your Cat & Jack item as a gift and don’t have a gift receipt, don’t worry.

You can still receive a refund via a merchandise return card.

This is essentially in-store credit you can use on future Target purchases.

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Can I Return Cat & Jack Items That I Found At a Salvage Store?

As I’ve discussed before, there are more and more Target “salvage stores” popping up across the country.

These stores sell Target items that were either returned, or simply liquidated, and they’re typically bought by the pallet and then sold individually to savvy shoppers looking for a deal.

I recently saw a few pairs of Cat & Jack shoes ay my local salvage store and it made me wonder if someone could scam the system and try to return them to Target for store credit.

I do NOT think this is possible for a couple reasons, first of all, with very few exceptions Target requires a receipt.

Secondly, the shoes that I saw had a black Sharpie line through the tag signifying that they were liquidated merchandise and not to be returned to Target. 

Will This Generous Return Policy Go Away Any Time Soon?

Apparently, word has been getting around “Mommy Groups” on Facebook about this policy, some even encouraging parents to abuse it.

If we continue abusing the policy, and bringing back clothes and shoes that kids have simply out grown, YES this policy will go away.

Keep in mind, Target recently closed stores in cities that were getting hit constantly by shoplifters and violence.

They are a for-profit business, with stockholders, and obviously have ZERO problems eliminating things that cause them to lose money.

So don’t abuse it folks, use it how it was intended, which is only if the item didn’t hold up and has quality issues.

Ask the Reader: What am I missing when it comes to the Cat & Jack return policy? Is it really as good as it sounds?

By Kyle James


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If you buy a Cat and Jack item, then return it 364 days later for store credit, then purchase a new Cat and Jack item – does the return policy still apply to the new item? Do you still have a whole year to wear and return it?


Yes, that’s my understanding. You have another year based on your new receipt.


Tried to return long sleeve shirt in summer and they refused to give me anything. They said I needed to exchange with same merchandise…

M b

Call customer service and get a reference number. The stores haven’t been very nice, so I called and got online support involved and it was simple.


Was it the cat & jack brand?

Lisa Turman

The policy is not for kids simply “outgrowing” or not liking the clothing anymore. Please stop returning nasty and stained clothing just because they outgrew it. Kids grow….. It’s suppose to cover quality issues (not being the right size a year later is not a quality issue).

With that being said…will they still return it? Yup…but it goes right in the trash. Why would they want to deal with soiled, dirty clothes? Please just think about that before you take a full box load of old kids clothes to guest service and ruin a poor worker’s day.

Tiffany Sanders

If you don’t have anything nice to say then keep your mouth shut👍🏾


A worker I know caught hand mouth and foot disease (a very nasty case) from doing someone a favor and returning nasty clothing to a very entitled woman. Wash the clothing. We are doing you a favor when we return for out growing it.


The policy is absolutely NOT for outgrow! It’s people like the author of the original post who make life difficult for honest people! Cat & Jack guarantees their clothing for 1 year for defects, such as buttons popping off, zippers, seams coming apart. Not because your child grows. Many Targets are enforcing the return policy and stopping people from virtually getting free clothes. If y’all don’t want to pay for new clothes for your children when they grow, then stop having kids!


I just spoke to a target employee who said they’d happily return my cat n Jack BECAUSE my child outgrew them. So, I guess some worker want to be salty. At the end of the day, employees get a pay check NO MATTER WHAT. You don’t get paid less to accept a return.


You seriously sound bitter? Like who pissed in your cheerios?


Wow, stop having kids. lol that’s a bit radical! Plus it’s not the PEOPLES fault for finding a loophole in targets return policy it’s TARGETS fault!!!!


It does say it could be returned if outgrown though!


This is absolutely for if they outgrow them; It states it in their commercials. Also quality clothes means the stains will come out when washed or sunned. If these do not work then the quality is not as great as they claim!!!!!


during the pandemic while target was empty i had a long conversation with a target employee and she said the exact opposite of the above statement. she explained it did not matter the condition, just return it.

the point of a return policy is not for the benefit of the store, ever. it is for the benefit of the customer, and with a content customer comes bigger purchases in the future. the above statement sounds like a store employee that has taken a vested interest in this – as if benefits are given to employees based upon the quality of the return received.


Unfortunately target realized what was happening and stopped this. It’s still all over the internet but they will kindly direct you to their actual website where the policy is clear. You cannot return clothes stained or worn or simply bc they’re too small. “We didn’t understand our own return policy unfortunately and now we do.” Was an actual quote from the manager. Oh well. Will donate instead!

Last edited 11 months ago by Kalia

Where is the updated policy? It says if you are unsatisfied with the clothing you can return it within a year with receipt. I cannot find otherwise where it does not state what condition the clothing needs to be in.

Target tm

i work at a target and our security team told me yesterday they are gonna be cracking down on cat and jack returns. She said it’s ONLY for quality issues not for just simply outgrowing them!

Stephanie Vogt

I literally just read the policy before finding this article. It doesn’t say anywhere that there are conditions about the state of the items. It just says if you are unsatisfied with the product you can return or exchange it.


I can’t find the policy anywhere, can you post the link or how you found it? I got turned away today saying it was just for defective items not just unsatisfactory or outgrown


I had an issue today where I was returning shoes and clothes. This is the second time in 2 years that I’ve used the return option. In the above comments people do discuss the quality where they wear easily and stains are hard to remove. The target employee via chat clarified that they can be returned in “any condition”

While I understand people are abusing it. I was simply using it as the shoes I purchased are well under a year and I have my receipt. The employee told me I couldn’t return them even though I stated the policy says “in any condition”. While she didn’t say I was wrong she still denied the return because of the worn condition of the shoes.

Via the chat the customer service representative suggested I go to a different location. I am by no means taking advantage of the system. But I don’t think people should be shamed for quite literally adhering to the policy. They should change the policy if they are unable to enforce it


I got denied a return for outgrown clothing as well & they are only 4 months old. I guess you have to have your kid roll in the grass & rip a hole in it to satisfy the employees on what they want to see. Target needs to chose their battles wisely.


I just did a cat & jack return @ my target. But they said we can only do up to $100/year per ID


I got a pair of CJ sandals from a secondhand kids store a couple months ago, but they were NWT at only a couple bucks off full price. They got left in the sun for a couple days and shrunk/warped! 🙁 I was already sad that the Velcro was getting less grabby but now they won’t go on my sons foot. I remembered this policy and was hoping I could exchange them for a new pair of sandals. Any idea if that would work?


You literally bought CJ from a SECOND HAND store, for a discounted price. Decided to be negligent with them and really think Target will exchange them for you? Also, did you not read the article? You need a receipt. You are part of the problem and why this return policy is being cracked down on. Disgustingly greedy smh.


Wtf? Decided to be negligent? She left them outside. Here in Hawaii, all of our shoes come off before entering a home. You guys sound so bitter. Holy shit.

Anonymous Target TM

Absolutely not. You did not buy them from Target and you do not have a receipt from Target. This is one of the reasons they are enforcing this more strongly as people are abusing it by buying cheap used c&j clothes at rummage sales or second hand stores and then trying to return them for full price to Target. This is fraud. So the return policy states a receipt and proof of purchase from Target within the required time period is required to return Target owned brand items such as Cat & Jack.

Also as far as the other comments about returning outgrown clothing, the very generous Cat & Jack return policy is meant to be more of a warranty that the clothes are well made (which they are) and will hold up well and will not have quality defects; your child outgrowing the item or staining them up is not a valid reason for return. If your kid wore the item for a year you must have been satisfied with it. If you expect the clothes to grow along with your kid, that is unrealistic and not a reason to be unsatisfied with the clothes. Do people really expect that they should get free clothes every year for their kid just because they bought them once? How would a company even stay in business? Be reasonable people. And for the people who get mad and yell at the employees and say then they will just cut holes in the clothes and lie and said they were defective, you are then being dishonest and committing fraud and driving up the prices of the clothes for all the honest people who buy them.


Well said!


Also, not to mention Return fraud.. People try to return CJ items they bought at a Liquidation Store.

People are very entitled (not everyone but many) and think employees HAVE to return items at stores. Employees do not HAVE to return. Items can be denied for various reasons.

People forget this part on the return policy:
Items that are opened or damaged or do not have a receipt may be denied a refund or exchange.

Just because an employee denies a return doesn’t make them a jerk. It’s your actions and remarks you make back when they are simply doing their job.


I was very upset last time I went to return Cat and Jack items, they didn’t let me return because they said that the items are in good condition. So then I said then let me return them just as a regular return and they said no, the tag has to be attached. I know it can’t be right, but I couldn’t fight them, these were managers.


Target cashiers cannot look up anyone’s transaction history on the Target card or other credit card. Only the card holder can access their transaction history.


As a target employee, this policy is to help struggling parents. Please wash the clothes before returning it. Many parents who I have seen use this policy return clothes they destroyed and or have bodily fluids on them. Our managers usually make us process these returns.
Only return the clothing if you’re desperate, please, we don’t like touching your kids bodily fluids or heavily worn clothing.
They don’t provide us with gloves at some stores so be considerate.
We can say no, returning an item after you wore it for a year clearly shows you were satisfied with the item.


They’re definitely cracking down on the return policy. Just went to Target to return items within the year limit and they said they can’t accept them because they’re still in good condition and the 1 year policy applies to quality defects. Which is fine, but don’t act like it’s always been this way when I’ve been able to do this with items several times. And in case anyone needs to be critical I typically would return on a store card to make sure my money went right back to Target.


I had bought a Cat and Jack swimsuit for my toddler and it ended up giving her like a burn all down her front which lasted for like 6 weeks. Any ideas who i write to? Have photos….