Old Navy Return Policy: Here’s Exactly How It Works

Updated December 1, 2023 by Kyle James

The Old Navy return policy seems fairly straight forward at first glance. But when you start to delve into the details you quickly realize it has some nuances to it. Let’s take a deep-dive into their return policy and get all your burning Old Navy questions answered.

Old Navy Return Policy

How Many Return Days at Old Navy?

You have exactly 30 days from date of purchase to return stuff to Old Navy.

The same goes for Gap and Banana Republic.

What Happens After 30 Days?

If you try to return something to Old Navy (with your receipt) after your 30-day return window, you’ll be stuck with store credit.

BUT…this is completely at the manager’s discretion, meaning you could potentially be out-of-luck.

Hopefully Old Navy still has the item in-stock as you’ll stand a greater chance of success that way.

The current selling price is what you’ll typically get in merchandise credit.

Can Clothing Be Worn?

Clothing has to be in UNWORN and UNWASHED condition to be returned.

They will not take back any items that have been worn or washed UNLESS they are defective.

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Do I Need My Receipt?

Typically YES….but there are some cases where you don’t need your receipt.

This is especially true if you’re exchanging an item for a different size or color. No receipt is required if the item is still in new condition.

If you lost your receipt and want a refund, Old Navy can usually look up your order via your credit or debit card.

If they find NO evidence of your purchase, you’ll be stuck with store credit at the current selling price of the item.

If you try to return an item without a receipt, and they don’t currently sell the item, they’ll tell ya to pound sand.

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Are Clearance and “Final Sale” Items Returnable?

Clearance items are returnable but final sale items are NOT returnable.

Can I Return Stuff Bought Online to a Store?

Yes, absolutely.

As a matter of fact this is the best way to avoid having to pay return shipping fees.

Just the bring the item(s) back to any Old Navy with your packing slip.

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Does Old Navy Track My Returns?


When you make a return without a receipt they will ask for a photo ID.

They use your information to track your returns to make sure you aren’t taking advantage of their policy.

To many “No Receipt” returns at Old Navy and they can ban you from future returns.

Can I Return Gifts for Cash?

No, you cannot get cash for gift returns.

You’ll have to settle for store credit. This applies to returns with and without a gift receipt.

Be prepared to show a valid photo ID for them to process your gift return.

How Do I Return Items Online?

When your online order gets delivered take notice of the invoice slip.

This invoice has a section for returns that you’ll need to fill out and follow the instructions.

BUT…an even easier way is to check out their Online Portal for returns that will quickly guide you through the process and help you print out your return shipping label.

Be aware that you’ll be stuck paying the return shipping charges so it’s always smart to return items in-store when you can.

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Can I Return Old Navy Items to Gap or Banana Republic?


You must return items back to the brand where they were originally purchased.

What About Holiday Returns?

Old Navy has a nifty little holiday return policy that you should be aware of.

All items bought between November 1st – December 24th can be returned up until January 15th or 45 days of purchase, whichever is later.

How Long Does It Take For Refund To Show in My Account?

Refunds typically take 3-5 business days for credit card refunds and 1-3 days for debit cards.

Ask the Reader: What’s been your experience with the Old Navy return policy? Any tidbits that I may have missed?

By Kyle James


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D LaBine

How long does it take for a refund to show up in your account if you bought online and returned in store?

Nancy L Bennett

I will NEVER order online again!!!! I returned items to the store and STILL waiting for funds to be returned to my checking account!!!!!!!!! Angry!

Ron Morrow

Its been almost a week and I still haven’t gotten my return yet


I think it’s been 2 now for me…still waiting. And the way you can’t exchange, but can only order the item again and trust them to refund the money for the item…not good.

In my case, they sent “short” jeans first time (I take regular) and “tall” second, and both times I’m having to wait for refund rather than straight across exchange, so it’s frustrating. (This second time, I just want my money back.)


Hi! A bit late but a question for you…did you ever receive your refund? I’m dealing with the same thing now, ordered items online and return them to the store and am still waiting on my credit card return. It’s been a week.


I bought items on 11/8 that I have not yet received and on my confirmation email it says I can return til 12/23. What’s up with the holiday policy?

T. Imwald

Yes!! My brother bought my teenage kids over $1000.00 in old navy clothing while visiting. He flew back to N.C. 2 days later and forgot to leave the receipts to that shopping g trip. So on the 4th day after purchasing the items.. there ended up being 3 items to be returned.. (for a store credit of course) .. so I go to return these 3 items with tags still .. and the computer spits out a paper saying .. the company denys returning my items!!! Boy am I hot!! Never heard of such a thing!!!

Monica Young

I just got the exact same little paper denying my return? I had bought several pairs of jeans for my son to try. We kept 2 and went to return the other 3. I had a receipt. I’ve also been a card holder for 20 years! They were purchased 33 days ago.
She said sorry it’s over 30 days. Then says she could do it without a receipt. Scans everything, asks for my Id and the paper says sorry your return has been denied
For the record I do buy alot from old navy and do not return much. What in the world? I am so angry I am stuck with $112 worth of jeans my son can not wear


How long does it take for the refund to show on my debit card

Barbara Hall

I did not revive a reciept with my order. I pair of jeans. Can you help me to return them?
Barbara Hall


I had the same thing. But they used my card I bought clothes w and they found the order. Also online order let them scan bag it came in.

Theresa Liscum

I just tried to return some clothes with TAGS still on and in bag that was sent in mail. I was told it was past 45 days and I can’t return! The sales lady was VERY rude and started shoving my returns back in the bag and trying to get rid of me! I asked can’t I even get store credit.? Her response was no our computer won’t let us do that! WTF EVERY store gives store credit if no receipt or to late. I was furious because she talked to me like I was stupid! She said that they had a policy on returns after 45 days and said it right on the website! Well bitch you just lost a customer! I will never shop at old navy again. I used to spend 4 or 5 hundred if not more there!


This is really frustrating. I am shopping early for Christmas because I’ve been told by all media to do so because if you wait too long no items will be in stock or because of low workforce or long shipping times you won’t get it in time. But I want to be able to return items if they don’t fit my daughters. They should extend the return or at least offer you store credit – they can always sell most of these items on their clearance rack. Very frustrating – I guess I just have to hope it all fits!!

Brian Lederer

I made an even exchange and it shows that my debit card is expecting the pending charge. The only thing is, is that I ordered through the mail and the sales clerk said he would fo an even exchange for the identical item. But I haven’t seen this on my bank statement yet.

Brian Lederer

I ordered some clothing through the mail. Two shirts were to small. I went to the store to do a simple exchange. The salesman said he would take back the smaller clothes but I would have to purchase the other two items that would fit right. Fine I guess. He said I would see return of the money spent on the wrong sized clothes on my bank statement and my debit card within one day. That was Saturday and now it is Tuesday. WTF!!! Anyone else have an experience similar to this?

Thank you


I’m in a similar situation. Did you ever receive your refund?


Same here! Really anxiously waiting for the refund. It’s been over 72 hours.

Renae Hanson

Yes! It’s so frustrating! Have you ever noticed how when you buy an item, the money is taken out of your account or taken from your credit or debit card IMMEDIATELY, but when you return an item, it takes FOREVER to post/get credited to your account? What’s up with that?


Heh. I can see that I’ll be waiting awhile for BOTH my refunds….


Can I get cash on a return with my receipt if I paid by debit card


If i ordered online, is the 45 day return policy from the day i placed the order or from when it was delivered?

Tina Cole

My Aunt bought some items from old navy for my son; But she got stuff my son would not wear. So I brought the items to Old Navy they had all the tags and stickers still on them; I was given an instore credit but two of the 3 items I brought I was given a credit of $2.49 item was 39.99 and still on shelves. The other was a coat also still being sold and was given a credit for $4.99 its tag was $69.99 . How I was given those amounts is shocking there isn’t one thing here at old navy for $2.49 . I want to know why?


To be clear, after 45 days you will be offered store credit equaling whatever they consider to be the current value of the items. I just attempted to exchange 3 items that were about $75 all total, and they offered me $4 credit.


I ordered a bunch of jeans to try on (no plus in my local store) on May 1 and didn’t know about the return policy change, so when I went in 34 days later, I was told I was SOL. No issues with any of the employees, of course, just the policy. I chatted w more people later, they couldn’t do anything but offered to send me to the next team to speak on the phone. I was too upset to deal w that, so now I’m stuck with hundreds of dollars of new jeans I’ll never wear. If I had ordered just 12 hrs earlier, I wouldn’t have this issue- so frustrating. I feel the least they could’ve done was throw a big banner in the shoppers’ faces before checking out (hey, guys….our return policy has changed). that’s all they had to do. Instead? tiny writing.

Bridget bean

I agree. Let the customer know the return policy!