AutoZone Return Policy: Important Questions Finally Answered

Updated March 21, 2024 by Kyle James
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AutoZone is one of the largest automotive parts and accessories retailers in the United States. From car parts, to custom accessories to add a personal touch to your vehicle, AutoZone has endless products for your automotive needs. However, sometimes shopping for car parts, especially if you aren’t a self-proclaimed “car person”, can be tricky. If you recently bought something from AutoZone and are looking to return it, read on to learn exactly what AutoZone’s return policy is so you can make the most of their refund policy.

AutoZone Return Policy: Important Questions Finally Answered

How Many Return Days Does Auto Zone Allow?

90 days.

AutoZone’s current return policy gives you the ability to return eligible products within 90 days of the purchase date.

You must also provide the product in its original packaging, with the receipt and your government-issued ID to receive a refund.

What’s the Return Policy with NO Receipt?

If you lost your receipt you still have some hope.

You just need to contact AutoZone’s Customer Support number (800-288-6966) and ask for the transaction information of the order you want to return.

You’ll need to somehow show proof of purchase and this is your best option.

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What if a Product is Opened?

Depending on the product, you can return an opened product that’s defective during the warranty period.

You can also return an opened product that has NOT been used as long as the item is still in new condition.

Be sure to have the original product packaging with you.

What if a Product is Opened AND Used?

If you are trying to return a product that’s been opened AND used, you’re less likely to receive a refund.

AutoZone reserves the right to deny requests for refunds if a product has been used or installed.

That being said, again, if you receive a defective product and return the item within the warranty time frame, you can receive a refund, even if the product has been used.

However, if you used the product and were responsible for the damage/ the product not working, you will not receive a refund.

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Any Product Exempt from Their Return Policy?

AutoZone doesn’t automatically accept all returns within their 90-day return window.

Some exceptions to AutoZone’s return policy include:

– Gift Cards: Gift cards are final sale.

– Final Sale Items: If you buy a product labeled “final sale”, this means AutoZone is giving customers the last opportunity to buy a product (likely at a discount), so you cannot receive a refund.

– Customized Products: You cannot return customized products so be sure all your details and spelling are accurate before ordering the item.

Is There a Return Policy on Car Batteries?


You can return unused car batteries within AutoZone’s 90-day return policy time window.

And, be sure to have the original product packaging as well as the receipt of the purchase.

If you have used the car battery, your return options are limited at AutoZone.

Unless you can prove that the used battery is defective and wasn’t your responsibility for why it’s not working, you can exchange the defective item for another replacement battery, free of charge.

Can I Return Stuff Bought Online to an AutoZone Store?


If you purchased a product online from, you can return it to any AutoZone store within the 90-day time frame.

Make sure you have the original product packaging and the receipt for proof of purchase.

Also, note that the same in-store return policies apply for online purchases returned in-store (i.e. no refund for used products unless defective upon delivery).

You will not receive a refund for the shipping costs of the online purchase unless there was a shipping error or the product was defective when received.

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How Does an Online Return Work?

If you want to return an AutoZone product online, follow these simple steps:

1. Drain all fluids from the product (if applicable).

2. Fill out the Return Form (Section B of the shipping invoice) and place this form with the product in its original packaging.

3. If AutoZone made a shipping error or if the product was defective upon delivery, call AutoZone’s customer support (800-288-6966) to receive a return shipping label.

4. Then, attach the shipping label and ship the item back to the AutoZone Fulfillment Center.

5. If your product wasn’t defective upon delivery, and no shipping error occurred, simply pick a carrier to return your item for a refund of the product.

Ask the Reader: Let me know in the comments if you’ve had any issues with the AutoZone return policy.

By Kyle James

Photo credit to Gene Bisbee.


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