Nordstrom Rack Return Policy: We Break It Down and Answer ALL Your Q’s

Updated March 27, 2024 by Kyle James
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I was always confused why Nordstrom Rack had a worse return policy than the amazing “Unlimited Days” return policy that you’ll find at Nordstrom. After researching this article, and talking to some Rack employees, I was blown away with how much they’ve had to crack down on “return abuse” the last couple years. So it brought up a lot of questions about their return policy that I know you’re going to want to know so let’s break it all down.

Nordstrom Rack Return Policy: We Break It Down and Answer ALL Your Q's

How Many Return Days Does Nordstrom Rack Give Me?

30 days for in-store purchases.

40 days for online purchases.

Nordstrom is one of the only stores that has a different return window for in-store purchases compared to online.

What Happens After 30 Days?

You’re NOT completely out of luck.

Nordstrom Rack will give you a gift card for the amount of the purchase for any late return received up to 60 days after the original purchase date.

After 60 days you’re up Schitt’s Creek without a paddle.

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Do They Offer an Extended Holiday Return Period?


The Rack is one of many stores that gives you more time to make a return around Christmas.

Specifically, for purchases made between 10/16/23 and 12/24/23 you have until 1/15/24 to make the return.

Can Items Be Worn or Laundered?


Unlike Nordstrom, the Rack seems pretty strict about this one.

Stuff must still have the tag on it and not show any wear or be washed.

Did Their Policy Get Worse in Recent Years?


In recent years, the Nordstrom Rack return policy has definitely gotten stricter, especially in terms of the days allowed for a return.

It wasn’t long ago that they offered 120 days, then it was cut to 60 days, now it’s down to 30 days.

It’s WAY worse that the Nordstrom return policy which offers UNLIMITED return days.

For whatever reason, the Rack was getting a lot of shoppers abusing their liberal return policy and were forced to crack down.

Is There Anything I Can’t Return?


You CANNOT return any of the following to Nordstrom Rack:

– Beauty Items – Doesn’t matter if they’re opened or not, you CANNOT return them.

– Final Sale Items – Anything with a Final Sale tag cannot be returned under any circumstance.

– Non-Returnable Items – The same as Final Sale items.

– Fine Jewelry – This one is a little different and only applies to jewelry bought at or Nordstrom….these items CANNOT be returned to a Rack store.

– “Designer” Items – The same policy that applies to fine jewelry (see above) also applies to designer items.

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Can I Return Stuff to a Regular Nordstrom Store?


This one surprised me as I thought the Rack and a regular Nordstrom store carried different merchandise.

But alas, after a quick conversation with a Rack associate, I was told you absolutely CAN return your Rack purchase to ANY Nordstrom location.

What If I Lost My Receipt…Can the Rack “Look Up” My Order?


If you have a free Nordy Club account they can look up the details of your purchase history and essentially use that info as your receipt.

It’s free to join so it’s kind of a no-brainer as it alleviates the need to hold on to your Rack and Nordstrom receipts.

Can I Return Stuff to Any Rack Location?


As long as you’re within the return time window, you can return items to any Rack location across the country.

How Long Will It Take to Get My Money Back?

Depending on your credit card, you can expect it to take 3-5 business days to get your money back.

For online returns, it can take 10-14 business days to process your return and get your money returned to you.

How Do Online Returns Work?

To start your online return via the mail, you’ll want to VISIT THIS PAGE on the Rack website and start the process.

Note: You’ll need your order number to start the return.

You’ll find your order number on either your email confirmation or your packing slip.

Who Pays the Return Shipping Fees?

You do.

When you start an online return the Rack is gonna take $9.95 out of the return amount when they generate the label.

To avoid the shipping fee, take your return back to a Nordstrom Rack store for immediate service if at all possible.

It’s worth noting that I was told by a Nordstrom Rack chat representative that they’ll make “an exception to the fee” if the reason for the return is the fault of Nordstrom Rack.

Note: If for some reason you need to return an in-store purchase via the mail, it’s worth noting that the purchase is ineligible for a return UNLESS the purchase is available in your Nordy Club account via your Purchase History.

Can I Take My Online Return Back to a Rack Location?


As noted above, this is the preferred method as you’ll avoid the $9.95 return shipping fee by doing so.

Can I Make an Exchange Rather Than a Return?


Instead of making an even exchange, you’ll have to return the item and rebuy it in the correct size or color (for example).

Will Some Rack Cashiers Be Lenient on the 30 Days?


I’ve read several accounts of Nordstrom Rack allowing the return if you’re just a few days over the 30 days.

Be polite and friendly and your success rate will rise even more.

Also, I’ve heard from some diehard Nordy shoppers who recommend taking your Rack return back to a Nordstrom location as most cashiers won’t care how long it’s been and make the return happen regardless.

Ask the Reader: Am I missing any important details when it comes to the Nordstrom Rack return policy? Let me know in the comments.

By Kyle James

Photo Courtesy of Nordstrom Rack.


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