Does Costco Do Oil Changes? Here’s the Full Scoop

Updated November 20, 2023 by Kyle James

I was recently showing my son how to change the oil in his car and the idea for this article was born. He was asking me how much money I think it saves us to do-it-yourself and I told him it depends on where you take your car to get the oil changed. He said “Costco was probably pretty cheap?” and I said, “I’m not sure if Costco does oil changes”. So I figured I’d go out and do the research to figure out what the deal is at Costco, and uncover all the ways to save money on oil changes by shopping at Costco.

Does Costco Do Oil Changes? Here's the Full Scoop

Does Costco Perform Oil Changes?


Costco will happily sell you new tires for your car, but as of this writing, they no longer perform oil changes at any location in the United States.

From the comments, it appears Canadian Costco locations still perform oil changes.

I called Costco corporate to verify this information and was told “Costco locations in the U.S. have stopped doing oil changes”.

I then hit up Costco Canada and was told that locations in some provinces STILL perform oil changes, namely Ontario and Nova Scotia.

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When Did Costco Stop Doing Oil Changes?

From my research, it looks like Costco stopped doing oil changes in the U.S. right around 2016 or 2017 depending on the location.

Does Costco Sell Motor Oil So I Can Do It Myself?


And it’s a pretty good deal if you’re handy enough to do your own oil changes at home.

You can buy 10 quarts of the Kirkland 5W-20 full synthetic for only $38.99.

If you want a name brand, you can buy 6 quarts of Mobil 10W-30 full synthetic for $41.99.

Pretty good deal.

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Jiffy Lube Gift Cards is the Best Solution

While Costco doesn’t offer oil changes anymore, they still have a GREAT way to save money on your next oil change.

The next time you walk into Costco, head to the gift cards section and look for Jiffy Lube gift cards.

They typically come in a 2-pack with each being valued at $50…but you ONLY pay $74.99 for both.

That turns into a very cool 25% savings on your next oil change for doing pretty much nothing.

Also, it’s worth noting that sometimes you can find these Jiffy Lube gift cards on with free shipping.

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What Big Box Stores Still Do Oil Changes?

The following couple stores still do oil changes and are affordable options.

– Walmart – Oil changes at Walmart start at an affordable $32.88.

– Sears – Yes, there are still some Sears stores open across the country. If you live near one, you can get your oil changed for about $45 for basic service.

Ask the Reader: Did you take advantage of oil changes at Costco back in the day? Where do you take your vehicle now to get the oil and filter changed?

By Kyle James


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Awesome and very helpful! Thank you!


Costco definitely still does oil changes and definitely did not stop in 2017. Source: have gotten a dozen oil changes at Costco since 2017 and got one a month ago


Costcos in Ontario Canada still do oil changes. $59.99 + tax (may have gone up to $69.99 CAD) for full synthetic oil change and filter. They use Castrol full synthetic oil and Purolator filter.


Costco in Nova Scotia do oil changes

Costco Oil Change

my costco oil change appointments details:

Wednesday, June 01, 2022 03:00 PM Service LocationThorncliffe Park
Phone: (647) 265-9377
 Vehicle Type2009

  • Seasonal Exchange 8 Wheels/8 Tires
  • Oil Change (Most Models)
Oil change lady

Costco Canada still offers oil changes as of May 1 2023… this article should be removed


Wow! Not the best research here as Costco never stopped doing oil changes in Ontario. Locations in the U.S. may have stopped, but I wouldn’t even trust that information — most of the sites reporting such misinformation also refer readers to Costco competitors, which clearly charge more, so the motives are easy to figure out.