Does Costco Take MasterCard? Plus a Clever Workaround to Make It Happen

Updated November 15, 2023 by Kyle James

costCostco is known for playing by their “rules”, especially when it come to payment options. This is especially true in terms of credit card options as they used to only take American Express and this changed a few years ago and now they don’t accept AmEx at all. So it begs the question does Costco take MasterCard? I went out and found all the answers to your payment questions along with some clever workarounds if MasterCard is the credit card you’d prefer to use.

Does Costco Accept MasterCard? Plus a Clever Workaround to Make It Happen

Can I Use My MasterCard at Costco Stores?


Back in 2017, Costco signed an exclusive agreement with Visa, making them the preferred payment method in their warehouses.

Can I Use a MasterCard on Costco Gas?


The only credit card you can use to buy gas at Costco is a Visa card.

Besides a Visa, the only ways you can pay for gas is with your debit card or a Costco Shop card.

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Can I Shop at with a MasterCard?


You definitely can use your MasterCard when shopping online at

While you won’t have the same selection on the Costco website (compared to their physical store) this is a clever workaround especially if you have a MasterCard with great reward perks that you’d like to take advantage of.

Can I Use a MasterCard on Costco Travel?


Costco absolutely lets you use your MasterCard when buying Costco Travel packages.

This is good to know as many MasterCard accounts come with excellent travel insurance like trip delay insurance and luggage delay reimbursement.

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Can I Use My Debit Card With a MasterCard Logo?


You can use your debit card at Costco, and this includes a debit card with a MasterCard logo on it.

You can also use a debit card with a Visa and American Express logo on it.

So What Payment Methods Does Costco Accept?

While many Costco regulars are under the impression that they have very few payment methods, they actually have more than you think.

These are all of their current payment methods.

– All Visa Cards

– The Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi

– Most PIN-based Debit/ATM Cards

– Costco Shop Cards

– Cold Hard Cash

– Personal checks (must be a Costco Member)

– Business checks (must be Costco Business Member)

– Traveler’s Checks

EBT Cards

– Mobile Payment (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay)

HACK ALERT: Workaround to Use MasterCard on In-Store Purchases

If you’re determined to use your MasterCard at your local Costco this hack is for you.

Simply buy a Costco Cash Card (up to $2,000 per card) on their website, using your MasterCard, then once you have the card in-hand walk into Costco and use it.

You’re essentially using your MasterCard via the Cash Card and collecting the perks that MasterCard gives you. Win-win.

Do The Same Rules Apply to Canada Costco Locations?


In Canada the rules are exactly the opposite compared to the United States.

You have to use a MasterCard at Costco in Canada, they won’t accept a Visa credit card.

Ask the Reader: Do you have any other clever ways to use your MasterCard at Costco? Let me know in the comments.

By Kyle James


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Beth LaVigne

Is there a fee to buy and use a Costco cash card?


We just got back from a road trip to the USA and were able to pay at the pump with our Costco CIBC Mastercard. Didn’t try instore.


I read a lot of the comments on the Costco website about the Costco cash card. As best I could tell, it’s a physical card that can be purchased online using a Mastercard. But sometimes the wait to receive the card in the mail can be up to a couple of weeks, and then the only way to reload the card is in-store. That means you can’t use a Mastercard to reload and will have to buy a new one and again go through the hokey-pokey of waiting for the card to arrive in the mail.

I have an airline Mastercard and I’m trying to gather enough frequent flyer miles for a trip next year, and I just figured out another work-around. Costco accepts ANY VISA card in-store. So I stopped at Walgreens on the way to Costco and bought a “Vanilla” prepaid VISA gift card. Using my airline Mastercard, I funded the card to its limit ($500) and paid a $5.95 service charge. And then I went shopping at Costco. The new gift card worked perfectly in the store. It will also work at Costco gas stations.

This card is NOT reloadable, so once I’ve spent the $500 I put on it, I’ll have to go buy another one, again with the service charge. I figure a few service charges are a small price to pay when we’re talking about plane tickets that would cost several hundred dollars if they weren’t purchased with frequent flyer miles.


There is also a digital/email option for the Costco Shop Cards so you can get them immediately