The Legitimate Reasons Why Some Shoppers Hate Costco

Updated August 10, 2020 by Kyle


Most folks love to shop at Costco as it offers some great ways to save money if you know what you’re doing. (See: Costco Shopping Tips That’ll Save You Time and Money) But as with any store, some shoppers don’t like certain aspects of shopping in the warehouse.

So when I stumbled upon a MarketWatch article talking about the reasons some folks hate shopping at Costco, it piqued my curiosity. Here are a few of the reasons why some shoppers hate Costco that I found the most interesting.

Oh…the Lines

According to Consumer Reports, the slow checkout process at Costco irks many shoppers. I actually think this one has gotten better in recent years as many smart Costco shoppers avoid the weekend if at all possible. Unless of course, they shop late in the afternoon on a Sunday during the NFL season when the warehouse is practically empty.

Only One Credit Card Option

Yeah, I kinda get this one. For a long time Costco had an exclusive deal with American Express. But as of June 20th, 2016, they switched over to Visa which has made a lot of shoppers happy, especially those who use their Visa card to collect airline miles.

You can use the following forms of payment at Costco: Cash, personal check, debit/ATM cards, Costco cash cards, Costco Credit cards, EBT, and your Visa credit card.

Little Shopping Advice

Some shoppers that hate the warehouse dislike the lack of employees on the floor who can help them decide which bottle of wine to buy or which HDTV has the most bang for your buck.

The good news is you can use your smartphone to find reviews on Amazon. CNET, or just do a generic Google search for the product name followed by the word “review” and you’re bound to find some useful info to help you with your buying decision.

Once It’s Gone, It’s Gone

If I had to pick the one thing about Costco that I dislike the most, this would probably be it. Not because I missed out on the sold-out Sam Adams Summer Brew, but because it creates a false sense of urgency in shoppers. Don’t buy something because it “may” be gone soon, but rather because you have an actual need for the item.

Otherwise you’ll end up with 4 huge bottles of Jose Cuervo Grapefruit/Tangerine Margaritas that’ll you never drink. My wife fell in love with this drink a few summers ago and we stocked up BIG-TIME. Then she decided they gave her a sour stomach and now they sit lonely in our pantry.

No Shopping Bags

I’m cool with this one, especially since the boxes they use are actually easier for carrying heavy items. At my house, shopping bags just up in the recycle bin anyways.

Ask the Reader:  Would any of these reasons be enough to keep you from paying $55 for a Costco membership?

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7 Reasons Some Shoppers Hate Costco  |  Market Watch

By Kyle James

Photo by Mike Mozart.


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Ja N

I for one have always hated Costco. The biggest reason is you have to pay for all of that aggravation in the form of a membership. Unless you are buying some big ticket items (which you can just borrow a friend’s card) are you really saving money? The long lines, no 10 items or less line, one payment option, so crowded you can never find a parking spot – and forget about even going there on the weekends, the long lines at the gas pumps, no bags for your items only boxes, and the cheap ass people that block you from shopping for some half-assed finger food.

Bill E Goat

I have no other Costco to compare ours to, but the one in Coralville has fast checkout lanes. They almost always have two people per lane and the wait time isn’t that long , even on the weekends. Think they’re slow? Just try Walmart on a weekend… We also have indoor parking as the entire building is a converted giant warehouse

Alec Heesacker

They Double The Prices Of The Merchandise That You Buy From Their Stores, Which Did Not Look Right! The Hillsboro Location Complaint.
They Had Doubled $11 To $22 For Just One Box Of Twix! I Am Crying, Because Of This Price!

The Patriot

Costco The Lack of Customer Serice


i cant stand paying money to do business with a place. i cant stand the sales push at the register to buy the presidential package or getting frisked on the way out to make sure you didnt steal from the place you paid money to shop at, the place needs stop lights in the aisles, anyone that stops to actually look at what is being purchased can be ran over at anytime. the liquor is simply vodka, bourbon, etc, no variety– i laugh at the people waiting in line for gas to save .03 a gallon.

oh and i cant go there and get everything i need in one place like a real grocery store.


1. They don’t accept manufacturers coupons or rebates.
2. They don’t offer ‘loss leader’ items like other grocery chains do.
3. Their prices aren’t that great anymore.
4. Memberships are pricey.
5. Rotisserie chickens are undercooked and tasteless. Polish hotdogs were discontinued.
6. Limited product selection of every day items, as an example…no Iceberg lettuce or melons.
7. Receipt checks before you can exit the store.
8. Constantly rearranging the store making it harder to locate items.
9. Isles aren’t marked with any descriptions .
10. No curbside service or deliveries.

Bonus tip: make a list of what you need and STICK TO IT. Costco derives 90% of their profits from ‘impulse buyers’.