Employee Shares Best Tip to Score a Walmart Clearance Deal

Updated August 4, 2022 by Kyle

I recently stumbled upon some great tips directly from a current Walmart employee talking about how to find Walmart clearance deals when shopping in-store. In particular, how to find the best clearance deals on consumer electronics. Hint: Stop looking in the clearance section. Here is what you need to know…

Walmart Clearance

The Best Walmart Clearance Deals are “Hidden”

In other words, stop looking for good clearance deals in the marked clearance section, it’s mostly “unwanted or crappy” items.

From Reddit user blong217, a current Walmart employee, “Most marked down, high end electronics are held in cabinets near or under their respective items.

Most reduced items are not displayed and rarely have price tags.

Ask to see their clearance specifically in cases.

At the change of major seasons many older model items will be switched out for newer ones.”

So, I walked into my local Walmart to see if this clearance tip held true.

I headed straight for the electronics section and was surprised to see that the “clearance” section was filled with little of value, both in terms of selection and savings. So then I turned my focus to the cabinet cases and the items “hidden” below the full-retail stuff.

To my amazement, there were many items which had no noticeable price tag.

I then asked the employee working the department, “What’s the deal with these items buried down low?” She told me they’re “excess inventory items”.

I then asked if any are clearance items, and she told me “Yes, many are.”

I asked if I could take a look and was blown away with the deals I found.

For example, I saw Samsung tablets, GPS units, high-end external hard drives, and Bluetooth speakers.

After some quick research on my smartphone, many of the prices were below those of Amazon and Best Buy.

Bottom line: Be sure to start checking the clearance items in the electronics cabinets at Walmart. Sure, you’ll have to ask for assistance, and the employee might have to do a price-check or two for you, but it’s totally worth the extra effort.

To see all of the Walmart tips, check out the article below.

Walmarts best deals are hidden or haggled  |  Reddit

By Kyle James

Photo by Random Retail.


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I work at Walmart and in the Electronics dept…that is silly. Sort of like winning the lottery…sure there may be a few items that have been marked down but not labeled but what are the odds of it being something you actually want.

timothy logsdon

Does it matter if you want it if you could sell it like on ebay


Sounds like you just don’t want to be bothered helping with customers looking for a bargain. Sad! 😞

Murph Murph

I sadly agree with you trouble…with pun intended… i would go somewhere else for less Trouble…( i still thought it was ‘ cute’


Do you now have to pay for the app to get the hidden deals in Canada now?