Find “Hidden” Walmart Clearance Deals on Electronics and More

Updated February 28, 2024 by Kyle James

Sure Walmart’s everyday price is fairly low, but why not try to save even more. In this vain, I found some great tips directly from a current Walmart employee talking about how to find Walmart clearance deals when shopping in-store. We are talking like next-level stuff here and tips that you can start using TODAY to save big at Walmart. Hint: Stop looking on the clearance shelves. Here is what you need to know…

Find Hidden Walmart Clearance Deals on Electronics and More

Find “Hidden” Walmart Clearance Deals

STOP looking for good clearance deals in the actual clearance section, it’s mostly “unwanted or crappy” items.

From Reddit user blong217, a current Walmart employee, “Most marked down, high end electronics are held in cabinets near or under their respective items”.

The employee went on to explain that most reduced items are not displayed and rarely have price tags.

They didn’t explain why, but it’s pretty obvious that Walmart does this for security reasons as marked-down, high-end electronics are highly targeted items for shoplifters.

So Off I Go To Walmart To Test This Out…

So I walked into my local Walmart to see if this clearance tip held true or if it was a bunch of baloney.

I head straight for the electronics section and was surprised to see that the “clearance” section was filled with little of value, both in terms of selection and savings.

So I then turned my focus to the cabinet cases and the items “hidden” below the full-retail stuff.

To my amazement, there were many items which had NO noticeable price tag.

I then asked the employee working the department, “What’s the deal with these items buried down low?”

She told me they’re “excess inventory items”.

I then asked if any are clearance items, and she told me “Yes, many are”.

I asked if I could take a look and was blown away with some of the deals I found.

For example, I saw Samsung tablets, Western Digital external hard drives, and even a JBL Bluetooth speaker.

After some quick research on my smartphone, many of the prices were 20-30% LESS than prices on Amazon and Best Buy.

Sure, you’ll have to ask for assistance for this tip to work, and the employee might have to do a price-check on an item, but it’s totally worth the extra effort.

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Bonus Tip #1 – Success Increases at End of Season

Every January, new electronics are released in coordination with CES show in Vegas.

This makes February and March a great time to look for “hidden” clearance deals as Walmart tries to move out older models.

Besides February and March, your best bet is to keep an eye out in May and October when Walmart tends to rotate stock for the Summer and Winter season.

Bonus Tip #2 – Wait if Inventory is High

The Walmart employee also gave the great tip of waiting if inventory levels are high in the clearance section.

Specifically, “If you see an item that’s a great price, but there are ten more, wait to buy”.

This means the item is NOT selling well and will typically keep getting marked down the following week.

Be patient and score a GREAT deal.

Ask the Reader: How do you find clearance deals at Walmart? Let me know your best tip in the comments.

By Kyle James


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I work at Walmart and in the Electronics dept…that is silly. Sort of like winning the lottery…sure there may be a few items that have been marked down but not labeled but what are the odds of it being something you actually want.