When Does Walmart Restock? Use This Info to Save Money

Updated June 20, 2024 by Kyle James
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I was recently at my local Walmart and noticed that an entire shelf of pasta was practically empty. I then turned the corner and noticed that their ground coffee selection was almost cleared out. It was on a Sunday afternoon and it made me wonder when Walmart does their restocking. So I started asking around and got all the answers to my restocking questions. Here’s everything you need to know plus some tips to how to use this information to save money on your next grocery bill.

When Does Walmart Restock? Use This Info to Save Money

How Often Does Walmart Restock?

Every weekday in the middle of the night.

Walmart restocks general merchandise like groceries, clothing, home items with night crews during the week.

They are typically done restocking shelves by 7 a.m.

I was told by a Walmart assistant manager that they get 1-2 trucks of goods per day and they try to send products “truck to shelf” with little inventory in the back of the store.

Is There a Day of the Week That is Best to Shop?

Monday – Friday when stores open.

To get first dibs on hot items I was told that it’s best to get to Walmart shortly after the doors open during the week.

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Is There a Worst Day to Shop?

Sunday afternoon.

By far the worst day to shop for non-perishables is Sunday afternoon as most shelves haven’t been restocked in over 48 hours and you’re gonna find some very picked over aisles.

This is a bummer for many families as Sunday is often the only day of the week when people have time to shop and meal plan for the following week.

If at all possible avoid Sundays and shop on the way home from work on Monday for more selection.

When it comes to perishables like produce, dairy, and even meats, most stores get a delivery truck EVERY DAY of the week so it shouldn’t matter what day you shop, just shop early if you can.

Do Different Departments Restock on Different Days?


While Walmart does not have the same restocking schedule as Target, they absolutely have department that need more frequent restocking.

I was told by an employee that the departments that get restocked the most often are

Are Perishable Items Stocked More Frequently?

Walmart meat discount


Meat and grocery items are stocked at night during the week, then again during the day as needed.


The key here is to shop early in the morning (by 8 a.m.) for meats for ONE simple reason…I was told by an employee that they discount their meats for a quick sale, and you can grab some great early morning deals, “often up to 75% off”.

How About Popular Electronics?

Wednesday morning.

I was told by a Walmart employee that the vast majority of electronics get restocked in the wee hours of the morning on Wednesday.

Not sure if every Walmart works the same, but it’s worth asking especially around Christmas when hot electronics tend to sell out quickly.

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Does Walmart Only Restock at Night?


If Walmart runs out of a product, but has more inventory in the store, they’ve been known to pull stock from the back, or from shelving, and restock during day shifts.

This is especially true if you ask them to check for more inventory and they locate some.

I’ve personally had Walmart employees pull down a BBQ that was out-of-stock on the floor, but was clearly visible in the shelving above.

A couple workers pulled out the forklift, closed off the aisle for safety, and got the BBQ down for me.

It was much appreciated and all I had to do was politely ask.

Is Restocking Different Around Black Friday or Christmas?


The store is going to be stocked very differently on Black Friday, with many endcaps and aisles bursting with doorbuster deals.

Expect the biggest differences in the electronics and small kitchen appliance departments, with new “made just for Black Friday” products everywhere.

They’ll often be restocked during the day on Black Friday and Saturday as stuff sells out.

Do All Walmart Stores Stock the Same Items?


While all Walmart locations carry the same staple and grocery items, they also carry items that are VERY specific to their geographical location.

For example, Walmart locations in Nebraska carry a ton of University of Nebraska football shirts, hats, and jerseys. You aren’t going to find those items in Iowa or California, unless you shop on the Walmart website.

Some locations even carry merchandise and clothing from local high schools which is super cool.

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Does Walmart Restock Their Website Differently?


The products stocked at Walmart warehouses are obviously not stocked in the same way as physical retail locations.

I was told by a Walmart warehouse representative that stock tends to roll in more randomly, and recently has been effected by supply chain backlogs.

Walmart also states that they sometimes run out of stock between the time you checkout from the website, to when they actually attempt to process your order. 

If this happens, they’ll send you an email to inform you that your order has been cancelled.

It will be up to you to check back to see when/if the item is available.

Can I Get a Rain Check on Something That is Out-Of-Stock?


Walmart does not offer rainchecks when shopping in-store or online.

But it’s worth noting that Walmart does have a quasi layaway program through a service called Affirm that might be worth checking out if you would like to buy now, but pay later.

Ask the Reader: Are you a Walmart employee and know more about their restocking schedule that I do? Let me know in the comments.

By Kyle James


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