25 Hobby Lobby Savings Tips and Tricks (Never Pay Full Price)

Updated May 8, 2024 by Kyle James
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Hobby Lobby is a haven for craft enthusiasts, offering a wide range of supplies for everything from scrapbooking and painting to home decor and seasonal decorations. However, frequent trips to this wonderland can quickly add up, so savvy shoppers need to know the best ways to save. In this article, we’ll explore a variety of tips and tricks to help you maximize your savings at Hobby Lobby.

Hobby Lobby Savings Tips and Tricks (Never Pay Full Price)

1. The Famous 40% Off Coupon is Gone…BUT

Hobby Lobby was well-known for its perpetual 40% off coupon, which they offered until 2021.

Although this specific coupon is no longer available, the store frequently releases similar high-value coupons.

Always check their website Weekly Ad or the top of your store receipt before shopping to see if any such coupons are available.

These can be applied to the highest-priced item in your cart, providing significant savings.

2. Familiarize Yourself with the Sales Cycle

Hobby Lobby’s sales cycle is predictable, which can be a MAJOR advantage if you know how to use it.

Most categories go on sale once every three to four weeks.

Home decor items might be 50% off one week, and the next week, crafting supplies or fabric might be on sale.

By understanding this cycle, you can plan your purchases around when your needed items are likely to be discounted.


Don’t be afraid to talk to employees, I’ve found they are very open with sale cycle information. Some locations do things differently so it’s totally worth your time to strike up a conversation and get some insider info on when stuff tends to go on sale.

3. Shop Seasonal Clearance Sales

One of the best times to save at Hobby Lobby is during seasonal clearance sales.

After major holidays, leftover seasonal items are typically marked down 50% off the day after the holiday, with discounts increasing to 75% or even 90% off over the following weeks.

This is an excellent opportunity to stock up on supplies for the next year.

4. Price Matching Policy

Hobby Lobby will price match items from a competitor’s printed ad, provided the exact same item is in stock at their store.

This means if you find a lower price at another store, bring in the advertisement to claim the same price at Hobby Lobby.

Note that they do not honor competitors’ percent-off ads or coupons.

Also, keep in mind that they exclude the following from a price match: Holiday door buster ads, Cricut, Silhouette, Sizzix, Cuttlebug, Simplicity & McCall’s patterns, clearance, and closeout items.


Hobby Lobby will only do a price match in-store and NOT online. When it comes to competing stores, your best bets will be using Joann Fabrics and Michaels pricing to try and save some money.

5. Take Advantage of Online Sales

Shopping online at Hobby Lobby can also lead to significant savings, especially if you live far from a store.

Online sales are often different from in-store sales, so you might find better deals or unique items not available at your local Hobby Lobby.

Also, online orders sometimes offer free shipping promotions, adding to your savings.

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6. Follow Social Media and Email Newsletters

For the most dedicated deal-seekers, following Hobby Lobby on social media and subscribing to their Weekly Ad newsletter can provide early notifications about special promotions and coupons.

These platforms sometimes offer exclusive deals that are not advertised through other channels.

The best platforms to follow them are Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

7. Utilize Discount Gift Cards

Purchasing Hobby Lobby gift cards at a discount is another clever way to save.

Websites like Gift Inventory or Card Cash sell gift cards for less than face value.

Buying these discounted gift cards ahead of your shopping trips can save you an additional 5% to 10%.

8. DIY with Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby not only sells craft supplies but also provides countless free DIY project ideas and tutorials on their website and YouTube channel.

Utilizing these resources can inspire you to create something truly unique while also being cost-effective.

Sometimes, making something yourself with simple materials can be significantly cheaper than buying the finished item.

9. Watch for Daily Specials and Limited-Time Offers

In addition to the regular sales cycle, Hobby Lobby occasionally offers special daily discounts or limited-time promotions that aren’t widely advertised.

These can include deep discounts on specific product categories or flash sales available only for a day or two.

Checking their website or signing up for push notifications through the Hobby Lobby app can keep you informed about these timely offers.

10. Benefit from Holiday Hours and Special Sales

Hobby Lobby often extends its hours during the holiday season and may offer special shopping events and additional discounts.

These extended hours provide more opportunities to shop after normal business hours, which can be helpful during the busy holiday season.

Plan your shopping trips during these times to make the most of the additional hours and potential extra discounts.

11. Explore the Clearance Aisles

In many Hobby Lobby stores, there are dedicated aisles for clearance items where products are deeply discounted to make room for new stock.

These aisles often contain a wide variety of items, from home decor to crafting supplies, at significantly reduced prices.

Regular visits to these aisles can lead to finding some hidden gems at a fraction of their original price.

12. Consider the “Less Than Perfect” Section

Some Hobby Lobby locations feature a “Less Than Perfect” section where items with minor imperfections are sold at a reduced price.

These items may have slight defects or damages that do not affect their overall functionality.

Shopping from this section can save money, especially on items where appearance is not your primary concern, such as materials for practice or experimentation.

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13. Participate in Store Events and Competitions

Hobby Lobby occasionally hosts events and competitions that can involve discounts or prizes.

These might include crafting contests, seasonal promotions, or DIY workshops where participants may receive discounts on their purchases during the event.

These are not only fun ways to engage with the crafting community but also great opportunities to save.

14. Educator and Non-Profit Discounts

If you are an educator or purchasing for a non-profit organization, inquire about any available discounts.

Hobby Lobby offers a discount for teachers and non-profit organizations, which can be used for buying supplies in bulk for classrooms or various projects.

This requires providing appropriate identification or documentation, so be prepared with the necessary paperwork.

15. Plan Projects Around What’s on Sale

For regular crafters, planning projects based on what materials are currently on sale can lead to significant savings.

If you have a flexible timeline for your projects, wait to purchase materials until they fall into the sales cycle.

This proactive approach ensures you’re buying materials at their lowest prices.

16. Check Out Competitor Coupons

While Hobby Lobby no longer accepts competitor coupons, being aware of competitors’ sales can still be beneficial.

You can use this information to anticipate potential price matches or to decide when it might be better to shop at a competitor based on their promotions, especially for items that rarely go on sale at Hobby Lobby.

17. Make the Most of Returns and Exchanges

Understanding Hobby Lobby’s return policy can save you money if you ever need to return an item.

Keep your receipts and be aware of the return window to ensure you can return products that are not suitable.

This helps manage your budget more effectively by preventing money from being tied up in unused items.

18. Leverage After-Christmas Sales for Crafting Supplies

Post-Christmas sales are not just for holiday items.

Hobby Lobby often includes a range of crafting supplies in their after-Christmas clearance sales.

This is an excellent time to stock up on ribbons, fabrics, and decorative items that can be repurposed for projects throughout the year.

These items can often be found at discounts of 70% or more.

19. Revisit the Basics Section

For basic crafting supplies like paper, glues, and tools that you use frequently, keep an eye on the basics section.

Hobby Lobby periodically offers discounts on these essential items, and stocking up during these times can save you money in the long run.

These sales are ideal for buying in bulk, ensuring you never run out of your most used supplies.

20. Check End Caps for Deals

End caps—the displays at the end of aisles—often feature discounted items and special buys.

These are placed prominently to catch shoppers’ attention and can sometimes offer the best deals in the store.

Products on end caps might be overstock items, last season’s products, or new items promoted at an introductory price.

21. Use the Hobby Lobby App

The Hobby Lobby app is a convenient tool for accessing coupons, checking the weekly ad, and tracking the sales cycle.

Additionally, the app can simplify the shopping experience with features like barcode scanning to check prices and availability, making it easier to plan your shopping trips and ensure you are getting the best deals.

22. Shop Off-Season

Purchasing seasonal items off-season can result in significant savings.

For instance, buying summer crafting materials in the fall or winter holiday items in January.

Hobby Lobby reduces the prices on these seasonal goods to clear out inventory, which means you can get them at a fraction of the cost if you’re willing to store them until the next year.

23. Join Crafting Classes

Hobby Lobby hosts classes and workshops that sometimes include discounts on supplies purchased for the class.

These sessions can offer not only new skills and a fun experience but also savings on materials used during the class.

Keep an eye on the store’s events calendar to join a class that interests you.

24. Optimize Your Fabric Purchases

When buying fabric, always check for remnants. Ask an employee if you can’t find them.

These are pieces of fabric left over after cutting and are usually sold at a lower price.

If you need smaller amounts of fabric for projects like quilting or crafts, remnants can provide high-quality material at a reduced cost.

25. Be Strategic with Custom Framing

Custom framing can be expensive, but Hobby Lobby frequently offers sales of 50% off custom framing or free upgrades like UV glass or matting.

If you need items framed, wait for these promotions to make the most of your investment.

By using these tips—ranging from leveraging coupons and understanding the sales cycle to shopping clearance sales and using a rewards card—you can significantly cut costs. Always stay alert for new promotions, be strategic about your shopping times, and enjoy the process of creating and decorating with all the supplies you can get at a fraction of the cost.

Ask the Reader: What’s your favorite way to save money at Hobby Lobby? Let me know.

By Kyle James


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