Lands' End Coupons, Deals, and Promo Codes

Lands End usually has at least one coupon to get you free shipping, but on occasion they give us an offer for 25% off your entire order + free shipping. If you can wait for one of these great Lands End coupons you can save quite a bit. If you would like to be notified when we add a 25% off coupon, just register for Lands' End coupon alerts at the top of this page. By registering, you will automatically receive any new coupons (via email) on the day they are added to Lands' sells high quality clothing, outerwear, and shoes for men, women, and kids. Their most popular shopping departments include pants, dress shirts, overstocks, swimwear, shoes, and outerwear. They also have a terrific online 'Overstocks' department with savings up to 50% off the original price.

Lands' End Coupon Connection

After you have registered for our coupon alerts at the top of this page, another great way to save money at Lands' End is to follow them on Facebook as they update their wall with upcoming sales and Facebook exclusive coupons on a daily basis.

We also recommend you follow Lands' End on Twitter as a great way to stay informed of new apparel arrivals, sales, and online coupon offerings. They also use their Twitter feed to post job offerings, introduce new fashion lines, and create a sense of community through their charitable contributions.

Lastly, if you are a loyal Lands' End shopper, we recommend signing up for the Lands' End Shop Your Way Rewards program. For every dollar you spend, you'll get 10 reward points. You can then redeem points to save money on your next purchase. Completely free to sign up.

Savings Tips for Lands' End

Lands' End has been a family favorite for many Americans for years. Their prices are reasonable and their clothing holds up really well, even when worn by the toughest of customers, our kids. I have had Lands' End listed on for about 9 years and over those years I have discovered some secrets to maximizing your savings when shopping with them. So I thought I would put fingers to keys and document them all right here. Here they are in no particular order...

1. Wait for a Friends & Family Coupon

At least once a month, sometimes more, they provide us with an online coupon they call "Friends & Family" which typically gets you 30% off your entire order with free shipping. If you are not in a particular hurry to get your items, or are shopping way ahead of upcoming birthdays or Christmas, it is well worth your effort to only shop when they have a F&F coupon available. To be kept in-the-know, sign up for our free coupon alerts (Register Here) and select Lands' End as one of your stores to get alerts for and we'll email you new coupons as they become available. That way you don't have to constantly check back with us.

2. Shop the "On The Counter" Deals

If you don't check out the daily Lands' End "On The Counter" deals when shopping at Lands' End you're flat out crazy. They update the page daily with some pretty incredible closeout bargains. For example, today they have a girls' tankini top for only $3 (reg. $12.97), a boys' mesh polo for $2 (reg. $9.97), and a cute girls' 1-piece swimsuit for only $3.50 (reg. $14.97). Some items only come in one available size but many have multiple sizes available. Always worth a look.

3. Combine Coupon with Site-Wide Sale

Your key to really big savings at Lands' End is through the power of combining a great coupon with a site-wide sale. I'd also throw in "On The Counter" deals but most of those cannot be combined with a coupon as they'd be practically giving the product away which they are not going to do. But you can combine a coupon with things like their Summer Sale or Winter's End Sale and by doing so you can exponentially increase your savings up to a whopping 60% to 70% off the original retail price. Always look to combine a coupon with an already reduced purchase price. I can't stress that enough.

4. Use Local Sears for Returns
Lands End at Sears

One of the biggest disadvantages of shopping online, especially for clothing and apparel, is that you can't try it on first. This could easily result in you ordering the wrong size and being stuck with a return shipping bill. But if you shop at Lands', and accidentally order the wrong size, did you know that you can take the merchandise into your local Sears store and return or exchange the merchandise free of charge? This is an excellent way to avoid the $6.95 flat return fee that Lands' End currently charges.

5. Use Live Chat to Score a Coupon
Lands End Live Chat

A few months ago I wrote about using live chat on retailer's websites to get a deal or exclusive coupon. This works great at Lands' End in particular. If you're having trouble finding a Lands' End coupon just open a chat session on their website with a live chat operator and politely ask them if they have any deals or coupons you can take advantage of. I think you'll be very surprised with what they'll share with you. Free shipping for sure, and maybe even a deal for up to 20% off your purchase.

In order to get your savings you need to enter your coupon code at Lands before you finalize your order. When checking out, you will enter your coupon code on the ‘Shopping Bag’ page by clicking on ’Enter Promotion Code’, then you will be asked to enter your code and PIN (don't forget to enter your PIN). Then click 'Apply' and make sure the discount is reflected in your order total before you finish your purchase.

Here is an image of what the 'Promotion' box looks like:

Lands End coupons

Lands' End Coupon Guarantee

I'm Here To Help! Didn't find the Lands' End coupon you were looking for? Please Contact Me and I promise to try and find you a coupon and get back to you within 24 hours. That is my coupon guarantee! -Kyle (Owner and coupon nerd)

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