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I opened my latest AT&T bill and darn near fell out of my chair when I saw the total due. The reason it was so high was because we just added a second phone line for my home office and my introductory DSL promotion just expired. I knew it was time to get to work and get my bill lowered. Time to get ‘er done. Below is exactly what I did. You should do the same if you too are suffering from AT&T bill shock.

At&T Bill

How To Negotiate a Lower DSL Bill

The single best way to get your AT&T bill lowered is to call customer service and become a negotiating rock star. The truth of the matter is AT&T does NOT want to lose you as a loyal customer and is willing to bend over backwards to keep you on. This goes for your land-line, wireless plan, and Internet (DSL) plan. Here is how I lowered my DSL bill:

  • Just last week I was able to get my DSL service lowered from $49/month to $24.99/month for 12 months. This is for the fastest DSL “Elite” plan which makes it an even better deal. I simply called them up and was polite, yet direct, and asked for exactly what I needed in order to stay with AT&T.
  • I told them I was tired of paying $49 a month for DSL and was ready to head to greener pastures. My greener pasture was Dish Network where I could bundle my satellite TV and Internet and get $10 off my total bill.
  • The more options for Internet services you have the better as it gives you negotiating power. Since I live out in the countryside, standard cable TV was not an option.
  • My first call yielded bad results as the operator was in no mood to give me a deal. But I did NOT let that stop me. I called them a day later and flat out said I was ready to get rid of my DSL service and that is when I got great results as the guy I talked to immediately offered me the 50% off savings. Be persistent!

How To Lower Your AT&T Wireless Bill

  • Examine your monthly bill with a fine toothed comb. AT&T is notorious for adding in a bunch of extra monthly charges.
  • Look for things like AT&T Family Map, AT&T Navigator, smart limits, enhanced voice-mail, and a detailed billing extra charge. If you don’t use the feature CUT IT OUT immediately.
  • Go on a “Data Diet” and lower your data plan to something more reasonable and just plan to do the majority of your data usage when you’re on a WiFi connection.
  • If after trimming the fat your AT&T wireless bill is still to hot to handle, consider going contract free and really saving a bundle of money. I recently did this by dropping Verizon and couldn’t be happier.
  • Check for employer discounts. Many businesses, organizations, and educational institutions are enrolled in AT&T’s sponsorship programs which entitles employees monthly discounts on their wireless bill. Click Here to see if your employer is involved.

How To Lower Your AT&T Land-Line Bill

Because of my rural location, I may be the only person in my family that still has a land-line. If we got better cell reception at my house I’d drop my land-line like a bad habit. But for now I’m kinda stuck with it. Here are some ways to easily get it lowered:

  • Cut the fat. Closely exam your bill and make sure you aren’t paying for any features that you never (or rarely) use. Things like call forwarding, maintenance plans, call waiting, caller ID, voice-mail, etc. Only keep what you actually need.
  • You may be stuck paying all the state and federal taxes but make sure you aren’t paying for the crazy add-ons.
  • Also, be sure to call AT&T customer service and ask them politely what discounts or promotions they currently have available. I do this 2-3 times a year and always end up with a $5-$10 lower monthly bill.

Ask the Reader: Have you recently been successful lowering your AT&T bill? If so, congrats! Now let us all know how you made it happen in the comments below!

By Kyle James


Have you ever been shopping online at your favorite store, add items to your cart, then decide to not make the purchase for one reason or another. Maybe it was just to expensive. Maybe the shipping costs were a deal breaker. Whatever your reasoning for abandoning your online shopping cart, some popular online stores are now sending a follow-up email to try and entice you back with a coupon or discount to complete your purchase.

So why not use this information to your advantage and try to get a coupon to save save some money. For this “coupon trick” to work you need to have an account at the retailer’s site and be logged in when you abandon your cart. I have actually talked about this trick before in this post, Frugal Hack #5: Abandon Your Virtual Shopping Cart & Score a Deal.

So I decided to back up my older post and try and figure out which popular stores are actively doing this tactic. I should also add that many online retailers are sending out an email reminding you of your abandoned cart, but most are not handing out a coupon code to entice you back and help you save some money. But awesomely, here are 17 online stores that currently are.

Best Buy

~ So, which specializes in “cheap clothing” for men, kids, and women, their words not mine, will send out an email with a 10% off coupon code (I have heard they’ll also send out a 20% code as well on occasion) when you abandon your virtual shopping cart. Definitely worth a shot, especially if you can’t find a coupon elsewhere.

Babies R Us/Toys R

Babies R Us

~ If you’re buying something from Babies R or Toys R and you can’t find a coupon or free shipping offer it may be worth abandoning your cart and checking your email the following day. They are notorious for offering an incentive to get you to come back and finalize your purchase. My example above was fairly lack-luster but it’s always worth a shot.

Bass Pro

Bass Pro Shops

~ Now here is a great example of using this strategy to your advantage. The Bass Pro Shops coupons we are given are typically pretty bad. Maybe a decent free shipping coupon code on occasion but that’s about it. So when I was given a $20 off $100+ coupon via email when I abandoned my online cart, I was pleasantly surprised.

Bed Bath &

Bed Bath &

~ The next time you are shopping at the Bed Bath & Beyond website and don’t have access to a coupon, just abandon your cart and wait for this beautiful 20% off any single item coupon to show up in your email in-box. Couldn’t be easier.

Best Buy sells high-quality beauty and grooming products. Make sure you never pay full price when shopping on their website. A great way to make this happen is to register, add stuff to your virtual cart, proceed to the billing page, then say “Adios!” You stand an excellent chance of getting a 20% off $35+ coupon via email.


Best Buy

~ The next time you are shopping at and about to finalize your purchase, hold your horses for a second McFly. Abandon your purchase and close your browser window and wait for your 20% off coupon code to magically appear in your email inbox.


~ We often have a bunch of coupon codes here on but they are rarely as good as this 20% off coupon you’ll get when you abandon your online shopping basket. Get our next pair of Crocs sandals on the cheap.


~ In order to get a coupon via email you don’t even have to add items to your online cart. All you have to do is view some items and it’ll trigger an email with a link to get coupon codes. Of course you’ll need to be logged into your JCPenney account with a valid email address to get the correspondence.


~ I was able to score a $20 off $80+ coupon code from J.Jill just by logging into their site and clicking around for a bit. Cool dealio. In order to have a better chance of getting a coupon emailed to you I would go ahead and add stuff to your virtual cart. I have also seen coupons for free shipping on your entire order handed out similarly via email.



~ I think Kate Spade really has their “abandon-cart “strategy figured out. I found the above email, which included a 15% off coupon code, to be perfectly done (clear, short & sweet) and quite persuasive. If I were a chick I’d be shopping at Kate Spade as we speak.


Free Shipping coupons

~ Levi also does a nice job with their abandon cart emails. A 25% of coupon for Levi is pretty dang sweet and gives you savings that most (if not all) coupon websites just can’t provide. Love it. FYI, you just might have to wait close to 48 hours to get your email from them.



~ While I personally have not received an “abandoned cart” coupon from Macy’s, I have it on good authority that it’s just a matter of time. But…they’ll happily send you a 15% off coupon code to your inbox just for registering for the Macy’s email newsletter.


~ While the above email image from Office only shows a free shipping offer, which they always have available, they are known for frequently sending out abandoned-cart incentives. Worth a shot, especially on larger purchases.

~ The next time you’re shopping at and looking for that prefect bouquet for Mom or that special someone, abandon your dang virtual cart and get a quick 10% off your purchase. In the above email you’ll also get a free glass vase with your online purchase.


Purity sells popular nutritional supplements and vitamins. If you shop with them regularly, you definitely should try the abandon cart strategy as you’re almost guaranteed to get a coupon in your inbox to save money. The above example gave the recipient free shipping on top of the 30% off coupon.

~ Yeah, what the heck are you waiting for? The next time you can’t find a Shutterfly coupon just log-in, add stuff to your cart, then log-out. You stand a great chance of getting a 20% off promo code (or better) in your email inbox. I’m all over this one when I make our family Christmas photo cards this year.

~ Williams-Sonoma will happily send you a reminder email with a free shipping coupon code attached when you abandon your online purchase. Yeah, it has a $49 minimum attached but try and buy something from them under $49. Not an easy task.

Ask the Reader: Have you ever successfully used the “abandon-cart” strategy to score a coupon via email? If so, let me know what online retailer it was at and I’ll get it added to this article. Thanks!

By Kyle James


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