12 Brilliant Retail Shopping Hacks to Fight Inflation

Updated April 30, 2024 by Kyle James
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Every time I go to a big-box store, or the grocery store, I need someone to help me lift my chin off the ground after I look a the prices. Is there no end to this? The news say inflation is slowing down, but the truth of the matter is that these prices are the new norm, we’ll never go back to pre-pandemic prices. So instead of complaining about it, I’m fighting back and these 12 retail hacks are a nice start. I hope you find them as helpful as I have.

12 Brilliant Retail Shopping Hacks to Fight Inflation

1. Know Target’s Markdown Schedule

Target does department specific markdowns throughout the week.

For example, shop on a Monday for fresh deals on electronics and kid‘s clothing.

Tuesdays are great for women’s clothing and pet products.

Thursday is the day for deals on housewares, shoes, and toys.

Use this insider info to your advantage and save money on stuff you’d be buying anyways.

2. Amazon Package Arrive Late? Score a FREE $10

If Amazon Prime does NOT hold up their end of the bargain of 2-day shipping, hit up Amazon live chat and let them know.

Chat reps are handing out a $10 credit or 1-month of free Prime for the inconvenience.

Late delivery happens to me all the time and it basically pays my annual fee for Prime.


Many Amazon Business account have been getting deliveries in 2-days since day one. If you’ve ever considered a free business account, this may be the time to give it a try and potentially get much faster delivery.

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3. Save Big On Meats at Walmart

When shopping for meats at Walmart, look for packaged meat that has a Sell By Date of today or tomorrow’s date and politely ask an employee if they can mark it down for you.

99% of the time they‘ll print out a yellow Clearance price tag to put on the meat, which will save you a whopping 40% off the original price.

If you have the freezer space, this is a great time to stock up and save BIG.

4. Become an Expert Price Negotiator at Lowe’s

I recently saved $110 at Lowe‘s by negotiating the price on a washer/dryer.

They WANT you to do it.

The KEYS are to look for imperfections, bundle Items when possible, and to look for returned special orders.

Managers want all 3 out of the store ASAP making them great chances to save.

5. Save By Knowing the Best Values at Trader Joe’s

I talked to over a dozen TJ employees and was told in NO uncertain terms that the best buys include their specialty cheeses, frozen meals, dried pasta, 5 seeds almond bars, private label beer, wine, bananas, and coffee.

Check out the full list here.

6. Shop on Tuesday Mornings at Costco

I interviewed several Costco employees and was told TUESDAY mornings is the best time to shop.

You avoid the Monday business owners, the Wednesday coupon users, and of course the busy rush that comes with shopping on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

7. Learn TJ Maxx Price Tag Secrets

Learn how to read price tags at TJ Maxx to determine what kind of a deal you’re getting.

For example, if you see an item with a red price tag sticker, it means the item has been marked down at least once, sometimes 2 or 3 times.

If you see an item with a yellow price tag, it means the item has been reduced to FINAL markdown and is the lowest the price will go.

8.Get Creative and Save BIG at Starbucks

A 24 oz. Venti Frappuccino at Starbucks is about the size of a gas can.

When indulging with a friend, order a Venti with 2 Tall cups (12 oz each) and split it yourself.

Politely ask for two cups and they’ll happily oblige.

You’ll pay $6.25 for the Venti instead of a ridiculous $10.90 for two Talls.

ALWAYS opt for the Venti and split it and save money.

If you don’t have anyone to split it with then save half in the fridge.

9. Vets and Active Military Get 10% Discount at Home Depot

The best part about this little-known 10% Home Depot military discount is that it‘s good for spouses as well.

It’s all done through the Home Depot app and requires you to show a QR code via your phone when checking out.

10. Amazon’s Hidden Coupon Page

Did you know Amazon has a page full of coupons?

They keep it hidden for a reason as they’d rather NOT have every shopper know about it.

The coupons will save you up to 40% off baby and child care products, home and kitchen stuff, and even name brands electronics.

Always start your shopping on this page and save every time you shop.

11. Negotiate a Lower Price at Best Buy As Well

The stuff at Best Buy you can always ask for a lower price on includes open-box products, damaged packaging, clearance items, and bundled items.

Bundled items include things like buying a TV and soundbar together and asking for a 15% discount.


Also try to negotiate at Best Buy towards the end of the month when managers are trying to meet sales goals. So you know I’m not blowing smoke, I personally talked to a manager who gave me this tip.

12. Over 55? Shop at Ross on a Tuesday

Every Ross store offers seniors a 10% discount on Tuesdays and the discount can even be used on clearance merchandise.

If you‘re not 55, be sure to shop on a Monday.

I had an employee tell me that Monday is the day they do their markdowns so you‘ll get FIRST DIBS on the new clearance deals.

Ask the Reader: Give me your favorite little unknown “hack” at any of these spots or maybe a different retailer or restaurant. Would love to look into it and potentially add it to my article.

By Kyle James


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