Online Jobs for Teens That Pay REAL Money

Updated March 22, 2024 by Kyle James
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If you’re a teen looking for an online job that pays real money, this article is for you. I researched a bunch of companies (and apps) that pay you to perform simple task, answer surveys, go shopping, or even sell your goods or services to the general public. The best part? You can do almost all of them from the comfort of your living room couch. Now young grasshopper, go forth and earn some cash.

22 Online Jobs for Teens That Pay REAL Money

1. BookScouter


BookScouter is a popular website among college student as it buys, sells, and rents textbooks at a big discount.

They also hire college students to be Campus Reps as well as BookScouter Apprentices.

The campus rep program basically pays you to refer friends and fellow students to their website, while the apprentice program is an actual job that requires a 10 hours per week minimum.

2. ClickWorker


ClickWorker is an online business that pays teens to do tasks like create or correct texts, participate in surveys, as well as analyze search engine results.

You’ll be an independent contractor and work form home using your personal laptop or desktop.

The cool thing about ClickWorker is it lets you set your own schedule and work only when you want to work.

From  my research, you can be under 18 but you’ll need to use a PayPal account which requires you to be 18. So have your parents help you set up a PayPal account if you’re under 18.

3. SameSpeak

Same Speak

If you’re at least 16, and English is your 1st language, you can get paid to teach English via SameSpeak.

Coaching sessions last about 30 minutes and you can expect to expect to earn $10 for each 1/2 hour session which comes out to $20/hour.

SameSpeak provides everything you need to become a “coach” and all you need is a computer with Skype installed on it.

4. Fiverr


If you’re at least 13 years old, with even the smallest skill set in terms of writing, graphic design, video editing, or social media marketing you gotta check out Fiverr.

Just sign-up for free, setup your “Gig” and it then becomes available to a global audience.

According to their website a gig is bought “every 4 seconds” so they have great online reach.

Then when someone wants you to work for them you’ll get notified and get paid immediately once you deliver the “goods”.

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5. is site that connects people who can provide care for kids, parents, pets, and home cleaning.

As it relates to teens, it’s a great spot to find babysitting and pet care jobs.

Just enroll here and get connected with good paying jobs in your area. is available to anyone 16 or older as long as they have parental permission.

6. UpWork


The folks at UpWork are looking for talented teens at least 18 years old who can work from home as a freelancer.

Jobs available include writing, creative design, customer service reps, software development, and even data analytics.

The cool part with UpWork is that many freelance jobs for teens often turn into long-term contracts and even high-paying permanent jobs.



Did you know that a teenager under the age of 18 can use their parents eBay account with their permission?

An entrepreneurial teen can easily make a couple thousand a month hitting up garage sells, thrift stores, and estate sells looking for things to sell on eBay.

Check out this article I wrote on the best items to look for that you can turn into a BIG profit on eBay.

Items include coffee mugs, old video games, vintage Pyrex, and even old Mason Jars.

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8. Slice the

Slice the Pie

Slice The Pie is an online business that will pay teens for their opinion on specific topics and products.

If you’re at least 13 you can sign-up for free and get paid cash for every review you leave.

Your opinion helps clothing brands, record labels, and even artists make decisions on how to market their products.

So yes, you might actually get paid to listen to music and give your opinion on what you hear.

Spend time on your reviews and make them high quality and you’ll earn a lot more money for doing so.

You’ll get paid via PayPal once your account reaches at least $10.

9. TeenEyes

Teen Eyes

Teen Eyes is the only survey site that I’m aware of that specifically surveys teens between the ages of 13 – 18.

Surveys will be on things like TV shows, movies, websites, music, clothing, and even snack foods. In other words, things that most teens are EXPERTS on.

Depending on the length of the survey, they’ll pay you anywhere from $2 to $20 each. Decent spending money for simply giving your opinion.

After you sign-up, you’ll get survey invitations via email and it will tell you exactly what the survey is worth so you can decide if you want to participate or not.

10. Humanitic


Have you ever been on the phone with customer service and you hear the recording “This call may be recorded for quality assurance”?

Well, that Humanatic at work.

They need people like you to listen to those recorded calls and review them so companies can make their customer service centers even better and more productive.

And guess what? They’ll pay you fairly well to do so.

Since they use PayPal to verify who you are, you’ll need to be at least 18 to sign up Humanatic as that’s the minimum age to have a PayPal account.

11. Etsy


Did you know you only need to be 13 years old to sell your handmade goods on Etsy?

My youngest daughter is quite handy on the sewing machine and awhile back she was making these really cool makeup pouches with zippers and we almost went into business on Etsy.

Maybe it’s time to revisit the idea as Etsy keeps growing in popularity and teens have a REAL opportunity to make money off their creative ideas.

Etsy does take 5% of every transaction but if you have a great product it’s the best way to get it in front of a national audience.

12. YouTube


If you’re a teenager who’s comfortable in front of the camera, and have great tips or advice to share, a YouTube career might be in your future.

There are MANY teens making a nice (some AMAZING) living via their YouTube channel.

Make yourself stand out from the crowd and offer something that people want or need, and your subscriber base will surely grow.

In many cases, it will grow to the point that you can make money from running ads before (or during) your videos.



I’m a huge fan of TutorPeers as it’s one of the only online tutoring agencies that happily hires college and high school students to be tutors.

They offer flexible hours, pay well, and will work around your schedule (even if you have a full load of classes).

They offer FOUR ways to earn money and they include answering homework questions, uploading tutorials, 1-on-1 online tutoring sessions, and in-person tutoring sessions.

You only have to be 13 years old to apply to be a tutor, but be sure to ask your parents for permission first.

14. JingIt


Jingit is an app that pays you to watch commercials, answer surveys, and even to walk into specific stores and “check-in”.

Sounds too good to be true but I did research on them and they’re definitely legit.

The cool thing about JingIt is that they’ll pay you for watching online ads that have their logo on it. So whenever you’re browsing online and you see their logo, click on it, and GET PAID.

For teens aged 13-17 you’ll need to get permission from your parents.

This is a pretty easy process and involves your parents getting an email which they click-on which grants you permission to use JingIt to earn some extra spending money.

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15. The Harris Poll

Harris Polls

Sign-up with the Harris Poll Online and start earning gift cards from Amazon, Starbucks, and iTunes just by providing your opinion on certain topics.

Their online polls are geared more toward younger adults and teenagers and make for a great way to get involved and be of service to companies and brand influencers.

Most polls only take a few minutes and the free gift cards are icing on the cake.

16. Ipsos i-Say

Ipsos i-Say

Ipsos i-Say is a leading survey site and is open to those 18 or older.

You get paid to take surveys with an invite coming through to your email address.

You earn points for taking their surveys and can redeem them for gift cards to various stores as well as a PayPal payout if you prefer.

As with many survey sites, the hard part seems to be qualifying for surveys which can be frustrating.

17. SwagBucks


I personally am a huge fan of Swagbucks and have used it for years to feed my coffee addiction with free Starbucks gift cards.

I earn my “bucks” by shopping online, watching videos, referring friends, and even playing online games.

If you’re at least 13 you should give Swagbucks a look (with your parents permission of course).

The cool things about Swagbucks is they pay you for doing many of the same things you’d be doing online anyways…so why not get paid for it?

18. Fetch

Fetch Rewards

Now we’re really getting into my wheelhouse. Fetch is my favorite shopping rewards app right now because it’s SO darn easy. (Full Review Here)

If you’re 18 or older, just snap a picture of your receipt with the app and start earning rewards…it’s really that easy.

If you decide to download the app and give it a try, be sure to use referral code RATHER when you sign-up and you’ll get 2,000 free bonus points.

Personally I’ve earned enough points over the years to do some major damage shopping on Amazon…for free.

19. Ibotta

Ibotta app

If you’re a college student, using the Ibotta app is a no-brainer way to make money from your grocery AND online purchases.

See: The College Student’s Guide to Ibotta (8 Ways the App Helps You Save Money)

If you’re at least 18 you can redeem any grocery rebate that doesn’t involve alcohol. Just look at the rebates available on the app before you head to the store, buy those products, then scan your receipt when you get home.

Even works on generic items like milk, fresh fruit and vegetables.

You can easily earn upwards of $50 a month depending on your spending habits.

Tip: Grab your friends receipts and scan them too! If they’re just going to throw them away, you might as well earn money on their purchases too.

20. Ebates (now Rakuten)

Ebates app

Ebates is now Rakuten, although it will always be Ebates in my mind.

Make money via “cashback” from all your online shopping by starting on the Rakuten website.

If you’re going to making the purchase anyways you might as well earn money from it.

You have to be at least 18 years old.

21. Poshmark


If you love creating your own personal fashions, consider selling them on Poshmark for a profit.

Their “seller stylists” not only sell their personal style, but also their “curated looks”. This could be you.

The best part? With your parents permission, you can start using Poshmark at 13 years old.

22. Uhaul


Uhaul is a surprising hot spot to find a job for a teenager as they set their minimum hiring age at 16. But they do require a high school diploma or equivalent.

Many of their jobs for teens allow you to work from home and answer calls in the reservation or customer service center.

Worth a look.

Ask the Reader: What online jobs for teenagers did I miss? Let me know in the comments, thanks.

By Kyle James

Photo credit to Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!.


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