Amazon Baby Registry: Things Worth Knowing Ahead of Time

Updated March 21, 2024 by Kyle James
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I sure wish the Amazon Baby Registry was around back when my wife and I were popping kids out like Pez candy. Not only would it have saved us money when getting ready to have a baby, but also some precious time. Here’s how the baby registry works at Amazon along with 7 tricks to get the absolute most out of it.

Amazon Baby Registry: Things Worth Knowing Ahead of Time

Here are the 7 “No-Brainer” reasons expecting parents should absolutely consider using the Amazon Baby Registry.

Add Items From ANY Site (Not Just Amazon)

One of the coolest thing about the Amazon Baby Registry is that it lets you add items from ANY website.

Amazon calls it their “Universal Registry” and it works by using their browser add-on they call Amazon Assistant.

From their website, Amazon Assistant allows you to “Save products from any website to your Registries or Lists with Assistant’s ‘Your Lists’ tab”.

This is a HUGE time saver as it allows you to quickly add all your favorite products into a single registry.

Wait for Your Amazon Baby Registry Completion Discount

If you don’t get everything on your baby registry that you need, DON’T worry about it. Instead, use the “completion discount” that Amazon will send you and save some money.

For non-Prime members, you’ll get a 1-time use 10% coupon to be used on any of your remaining items.

The discount for Prime members is a slick 15%.

This discount will be available to redeem starting 60 days from your child’s due date.

You can only use the discount in these departments on Baby, Beauty, Grocery, Drugstore, and Toys.

Also, it’s worth noting that the largest order you can place and still receive your completion discount is $5,000.

Unless you’re Kim Kardashian this shouldn’t be an issue.

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Get 20% Off All Diapers & Baby Food FOREVER

20% Off Diapers and Baby Food

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, be sure to take advantage of Amazon Family and get 20% off diapers and baby food.

Products will be mailed out to you on a rotating schedule that you have complete control over.

Free shipping as well since you’re a Prime member.

While not an Amazon baby registry “perk” per-say, you’d be crazy to not take advantage of Amazon Family as the prices makes their diapers cheaper than Walmart or Costco.

Take Advantage of 90-Day Baby Registry Returns

Most items on Amazon come with a 30-day return window, but not gifts purchased from your baby registry.

They come with a very liberal 90-day return window.

To make a return, simply visit this page and follow the instructions.

Also, if the item is purchased from Amazon directly, and not a 3rd party seller, you won’t have to pay return shipping costs.

I confirmed this with Amazon personally, and they even told me they would reimburse on return shipping charges if the item was sold by a 3rd party.

Guessing this will only work for long-time Prime members but it’s always worth a shot to ask.

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Exclusive Limited-Time Deals

Did you know that Amazon offers a bunch of exclusive limited-time deals via their baby registry for those with a Prime membership? Yeah, me neither.

But it’s absolutely true.

They have discounts, via Amazon Family, up to 30% off essential items like diapers and wipes, as well as strollers, toys, portable cribs, and car seats.

The Amazon “Welcome Box” is COOL

Amazon Welcome Gift

The Baby Registry Welcome Box is a registry benefit made available exclusively to Prime members and it’s chalked full of COOL baby items.

The box comes with $35 worth of samples, full size items, and coupons.

The requirement to claim the Welcome Box are to complete the Registry checklist by adding an item from each category and subcategory or manually marking the categories as completed.

You must also have a minimum of $10 worth of items purchased and shipped from the registry to verify it’s an active registry.

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Be Sure To Use the Amazon App

This one seems pretty obvious but it’s often forgotten about.

Not only does the free Amazon app let you scan the barcode of items and add them directly to your registry, but it also serves as a great way to manage your baby registry.

Within seconds the app will show you what items on your registry have been purchased and what you still need to get.

Ask the Reader: Have you used the Amazon Baby Registry in the past? How did you like it, and more importantly, how much money did it save you?

By Kyle James


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