How Amazon Business Can Actually Save Your Business Money

Updated March 21, 2024 by Kyle James

After signing-up for a free Amazon Business account and test driving it for a couple weeks, I can definitely say it’s legit. The savings it provides via quantity discounts and “business only” pricing can save your business or organization a bunch of money over the course of a year. Here’s a full breakdown of how it all works.

How Amazon Business Can Actually Save Your Business Money

Quantity Discounts

Amazon Quantity Discounts

From office supplies to warehouse items, quantity discounts via Amazon Business can save you significant money.

These quantity discounts aren’t available to regular Prime members and make for a great reason to sign your business up for free.

Quick Price Comparisons

Amazon Business also lets you perform quick price comparisons so you can shop smart.

Quickly scan offers from multiple sellers on a single page and determine the best values for your company.

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Business Only Pricing

Business Only Pricing

In addition to quantity discounts, you’ll also gain access to Business Only pricing.

Let’s look at an example of this in action.

In the image above, the utility wagon has an Amazon Business price of $89.99.

I pulled up the same wagon on my smartphone and logged into our non-Business account.

Much to my surprise the identical product was priced at $106.99. See screenshot below.

That’s a savings of $17 for using Amazon Business, not too shabby.

Amazon Pricing

You’ll find business only pricing in office supplies, electronics, computers, break-room supplies, and even industrial & scientific supplies.

So if you’re not buying in bulk, you’ll still get special pricing on millions of items across Amazon.

Convenient Delivery Options

Amazon Business let’s you pick how and when you want your order delivered.

Big order? No problem as Amazon will even deliver on a pallet to your receiving dock.

Speaking of convenient delivery, Amazon Business also offers Prime Business Shipping which has 4 categories:

1- Essentials: $179/year – Free 2-day shipping for up to 3 separate users.

2- Small: $499/year – Free 2-day shipping for up to 10 separate users.

3- Medium: $1,299/year – Free 2-day shipping for up to 100 separate users.

4- Enterprise: $10,099/year – Free 2-day shipping for 100+ users.

Are you a small business and can’t afford one of the options above? If so, ignore the paid options above and sign-up for Amazon Business and get free 3-5 day delivery on orders of $25 or more.

Easily Track Business Spending

Time is money and the analytics that Amazon provides is gonna save your company a bunch of both.

Specifically, you’ll have access to dynamic charts and graphs that clearly spells out all spending.


You can even create custom reports to fit your specific needs.

Ask the Reader: Have you test drove Amazon Business yet? If so, how is it going to save your business money and time? Let me know in the comments below, thanks.

By Kyle James

Photo credit to Mike Mozart.


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