BeFrugal Review: How to Maximize Your Cashback and Rule the World

Updated January 13, 2024 by Kyle James

As I’ve talked about in the past, I clearly have my favorite cashback sites and I love to play one against the other in order to always maximize the cash I get back when shopping online. One of my favs is the up-and-comer as they have some cool stuff going on that’s gonna help you save a stack a cash.

So I figured it was time to give them their due credit and write a stand-alone article on how BeFrugal works, along with some cool hacks to maximize your cashback even further. Review: How to Maximize Your Cashback

BeFrugal Review:

When you sign-up for free with BeFrugal not only will you score a free $10 bonus, but you’ll also enter the world of cashback shopping.

This means you’ll get paid whenever you start your online shopping via the BeFrugal website, browser extension, or their mobile app.

It works by BeFrugal getting paid a commission whenever they drive shoppers to a store’s website. But instead of keeping the commission for themselves, they actually give 102% of it (on average) to their users (YOU!).

Here are some detailed specs to help you figure out

  • Number of Merchants that Offer Cashback: 5,000+
  • Top Cashback Merchants: Amazon (up to 10% cashback), Walmart (4% back), Sam’s Club (3% back), Rite-Aid (4% back), Dell (6% back), Shutterfly (7% back), Eddie Bauer (4% back), Under Armour (8% back), American Eagle (5% back), Macy’s (6% back), and (6% back).
  • Payout Methods: Check, Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, Direct Deposit, or Amazon gift card.
  • Mobile App: They have both an iOS and Android app.
  • Browser Extension: Yes, they call it the “Couponomatic” and it automatically adds coupon codes to your purchase when shopping online. No more cutting and pasting codes and looking for coupons that may or may not work.
  • Sign-Up Bonus: $10 Bonus just for signing-up. $10 bonus is payable when you confirm your BeFrugal account and earn $10 or more in cashback.
  • Do They Offer Coupons? Yes, it’s hard to “be frugal” without using a coupon on your purchase. This is a great way to “Double Dip” your savings.

Click Here to Try BeFrugal and Score a $10 Bonus

Why BeFrugal Rocks:

There are a few highly legitimate reasons why they rock plus some hacks to save even more…

  1. Find a Coupon That Doesn’t Work? Score $5 – If you find an online coupon on BeFrugal that doesn’t work, tell them about it (within 24 hours) and get $5 added to your account.
  2. Get Paid via Amazon Gift Card – Redeem your earnings via an Amazon gift card and score an additional 3% cashback. Might as well.
  3. Security Concerns – When using their app, turn on text verification via your mobile phone for additional mobile security. BeFrugal offers unique text verification as an additional method to secure your account against unauthorized use.
  4. 125% Cashback Guarantee – Not only does BeFrugal give back 100% of their commissions to their users, they stand behind it with a sweet guarantee. If you find another cashback site that gives more back at any specific retailer, let BeFrugal know about it and they’ll match it, PLUS 25%. To make it happen you need to do the following:
    • Login to your BeFrugal account.
    • Make the purchase like you normally would.
    • Next, submit your receipt and store name, the higher rate offered, and a link to that rate (All done via your BeFrugal account).
    • Once verified, they will automatically award you 125% of the higher cashback rate.

Ask the Reader: Do you use a different cashback site that you use? If so, which one and why?

Happy savings.

By Kyle James

Disclaimer: While BeFrugal didn’t pay my a penny to write this, and all opinions are my own, BeFrugal is giving me a referral fee for anyone who signs up and gives them a try.


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My experience with BeFrugal has been really bad. They have no recourse, and almost no follow-thru with the merchant. If you search for BeFrugal reviews, you’ll see others saying the same.

Alicia @ BeFrugal

Hi J M,

We hate to hear this. We’d like to find out more about your experience with BeFrugal – have you contacted someone on our Live Chat? I hope we can help.


Yes, of course I have, and I have support tickets in as well. It has been several months, and the money stays in Pending Investigation. I have not experienced this kind of service with any other cashback site, so I don’t use BeFrugal anymore.


Doesn’t work they will tell you the same thing over and over again I still haven’t got my cash back money yet its weeks past due they also takes months to even think about giving you your money I ordered in July now it’s September 20 still no money back yet!!! Ebates gives you money back within weeks I’m going back to Ebates


I’ve had mixed success with this site. I recently booked a hotel room with the promise of 7% cash back. I waited the requisite amount of time for posting… nothing. I contacted customer support where their so-called response was to send me the hotel chain’s terms and conditions that say AFTER making the reservation a $0.00 credit should show and then be updated after the stay is paid for, and if this $0.00 credit doesn’t show then it didn’t register as clicked-through BeFrugal and there is no disputing this. (Yup, it really says that). I replied to customer support that this was not acceptable given the order of the steps and that it sounded a little suspect to me. Their reply was that Holiday Inn does normally track through their site and repeated that while most companies allow dispute resolution IHG group hotels do not… but I can’t let them know if I have any further questions. Totally not helpful.

I have gotten small amounts of cash back, but they take a very long time to verify.


I recently discovered Be Frugal so I wanted to do more reasearch before I actully decided to make purchases through them. I saw on their site some of the comments complained about not getting their cashback and poor customer service. While I appreciate this article and tips on how to save with them, honestly the comments still have me hesitant.

I have used Ebates for maybe 2 years and have never had an issue with their service. The only times I didn’t receive cashback was when I made user errors like purchasing from a caterogry that did NOT give cashback, or using Ebates on a previously filled shopping cart (who doesn’t save their cart and go back sometimes?). When I first used Ebates I got nervous maybe my session didn’t take and emailed customer service. They were very kind and assured me it would post and it did in the time they gave.

I like that BeFrugal gives a higer percent cashback and Paypal cashout on any balance. But I will be sticking with Ebates unitll they get better customer reviews. I mostly shop on Amazon, Walmart, and Ebay and on their double cashback days Ebates currently gives 6% cashback in many Amazon categories that BeFrugal regualrly gives 7% in so only 1% difference.