Cheap Haircuts Near Me: Spots to Get Your Haircut on the Cheap

Updated December 8, 2023 by Kyle James
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Looking for a cheap haircut that’s better quality than doing it yourself, without paying an arm and a leg? Unfortunately, inflation has raised prices on countless products and services, making it that much more expensive for your routine haircut. However, fear not, haircuts don’t have to be some major expense in your budget. If you are looking for a basic haircut to spruce up your look, several cheap haircut salons are available to give you a quality haircut at a fraction of the price. In this article, you’ll learn exactly where to get a cheap haircut to maintain your look without having to shell out the big bucks.

Cheap Haircuts Near Me: Spots to Get Your Haircut on the Cheap

Why Are Haircut Prices So High?

There are several reasons why haircut prices are so high these days.

Rampant inflation has unfortunately made hair salons have to adjust their prices due to the general increase in costs to stay in business, including rising rent costs, labor costs, hair product costs, and more.

In general, where you live and the level of expertise of the salon you go to will impact the price you pay to get your haircut.

It goes without saying a simple trim that takes 20-30 minutes is going to be way cheaper than sitting five plus hours getting your hair dyed.

Therefore, take into careful consideration before dying or bleaching your hair whether you can afford and maintain your look long term.

What’s Considered a Cheap Haircut These Days?

For a basic men’s haircut, a cheap haircut is anywhere between $10 – $20.

For a basic women’s haircut, a cheap haircut would be anything under $40.

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Where Can Men and Women Get a Cheap Haircut?

Inevitably, some specialty hair salons are going to be more expensive than your run-of-the-mill haircut shop.

Notoriously cheap haircut places include the following:

Sports Clips – Their cuts run about $19, but if you’re a dude who loves to watch a ball game while getting your haircut you’ll dig it.

Also, if you have a beard they’ll clean it up for only $5 and give you a free neck trim.

Supercuts – Based on the location, expect to pay between $15-$20 for a haircut.

Great Clips – This is my go-to spot for a great $15 haircut. I think they’re great AND typically a few bucks less than Supercuts.

Also, if you sign-up to receive Great Clip deals in your inbox, you’ll score and instant $2 off coupon.

Fantastic Sam’s Cut & Color – A little more pricey with cuts in the $25 range.

Hair Cuttery – Expect to pay $30 for a standard haircut, but get 10% off that when you register with their website.

Other less common alternatives for a cheap haircut include:

– Getting your hair done at a local cosmetology school.

– Searching “cheap barber shops near me”, especially if you live in a big city.

– Consider you, your friend, or your partner cutting your hair for you. Hit up a YouTube video for a quick tutorial.

While you certainly don’t want just anyone cutting your hair to save a quick buck.

At the end of the day, it is just hair, it will grow back.

So, if you don’t love the quality of the first cheap haircut place you try, consider trying a different salon or just going to a different hairstylist next time.

Do Any Of These Places Offer Coupons?


Some cheap haircut places do offer coupons or special discounts from time to time so be on the lookout and be sure you are on the salon’s email list and even following their social media platforms for limited-time deals.

Be sure to do a quick Google search for “haircut coupons” or “STORE NAME coupons” before you head to the barber or salon.

Are These Places Walk-In or Appointment-Only?

Most cheap haircut salons like Supercuts accept walk-ins, with no appointment required.

However, if you are getting your haircut at a salon that isn’t Supercuts, Great Clips, or the like, nearly all salons are appointment only and will sometimes take up to 2-3 weeks to schedule an appointment.

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Do I Tip On a Haircut, If So, How Much Is Standard?

While tipping on a haircut isn’t required, it is recommended, especially if you dig the haircut you just got.

Standard tipping rates can be anywhere from 15% to 20% if you enjoyed the stylist and their service.

Can I Request the Same Barber/Stylist on My Next Visit?


When you walk in and are signing in for your next visit at Supercuts or another cheap haircut place, oftentimes you can just request the stylist you’d like to get your haircut done if they are there.

Remember to ask for the stylist’s name during your first appointment so you remember, or you can always point them out as soon as you walk in.

Ask the Reader: Do you know of any other spots to score a “cheapish” haircut? Let me know in the comments.

By Kyle James


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