December Buying Guide: 10 Things To Buy Now and Save

Updated January 24, 2024 by Kyle James
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As we head into December and you wrap up your Christmas shopping (literally), it is worth noting some of the better products that offer the best savings this time of year. If you have gift recipients on your list and are still unsure what to get them, perhaps this will help you maximize your savings this December.

December Buying Guide: 10 Things To Buy Now and Save

1. Automobiles

Next years models are already on the lot and year-end quotas are trying to be met, all of which makes December an excellent time to purchase a new car.

Dealers are trying to get rid of last years models and the deals right now are amazing. Zero % financing is available with many manufacturers and salesmen are eager to close deals before the end of the year.

The key is to do your research with online sites and figure out what the invoice is on the model and make that you want and offer $500 to $1000 over invoice.

Then bargain, bargain, bargain. Don’t be afraid to walk away if the deal doesn’t feel right.

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2. Tools/Hardware

Christmas is a HUGE time of year for tool and hardware sellers.

Tools and power equipment are at the top of many guys (and gals) Christmas wish-lists.

To spur on sales, your Home Depot’s and Lowe’s of the world are offering some fantastic deals this month to encourage additional consumer spending.

3. Laptop Computers

We have noticed that computer deals, especially on laptops, continues to be very strong since the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. Why you ask?

Well, as consumers gobble up the VERY popular tablet products like the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy, the price point on less-popular laptops are better than ever.

Simple supply and demand makes you a BIG winner when shopping for a new laptop this Christmas.

4. Small Appliances

Small appliances also top many Christmas lists and seasonal sales are available everywhere right now.

We have seen coffee makers at 75% off the original price and brand name waffle makers for less than $5 at Walmart.

They all make great gift ideas on the cheap.

5. Airline Tickets

Thinking of planning a trip for next Spring?

If so, December is your best time to book airline tickets and price compare hotel rooms and rental cars.

If you wait until January, you will definitely pay more.

6. Bicycles

With the exception of bikes for kids, bicycles for adults are really great deals right now.

Nobody is buying them and bike shops and sporting goods stores are slashing prices to try and entice purchases.

Buy your bicycle now and store it for a couple months in your garage in preparation for those great Spring bike rides.

You will be glad you did and so will your pocketbook.

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7. Home Theater Systems

New models are unveiled every Spring, so consumer electronic retailers and trying to clear out last year’s models.

Then throw in the Christmas hoopla over electronics and some really good deals are to be found.

Expect deals on home theaters systems and HDTV’s to get even cheaper in January as retailers try to get rid of old inventory to make room for new models.

8. Christmas Decorations

Wait a little while on this one! Starting December 26th, you will get Christmas decorations and ornaments for practically nothing. 70% to 80% off is very common.

This is also a great way to buy wrapping paper for pretty much, um……FREE

9. Plants (Perennials)

If you can buy plants now and store them in a warm spot, you will save a ton of money compared to buying them next spring.

10. NFL Tickets

If you live in or near an NFL city and your local team sucks out loud, you can score a great deal on NFL tickets right now.

Stadiums all across the U.S. are struggling to fill the seats, especially teams that are NOT playoff bound.

You can often find tickets for below sticker value at the websites listed below.

Key stores to check:, Tickets, and

By Kyle James

Photo credit to Sharon Mollerus.


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