Does Target Sell Cigarettes and Tobacco Products? Here’s the Scoop

Updated November 17, 2023 by Kyle James
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Since you clicked on my article you’re probably wondering if Target sells cigarettes and other tobacco related products. Here’s everything you need to know including a list of big box national retailers and grocery stores that still sell cigarettes.

Does Target Sell Cigarettes and Tobacco Products? Here's the 411

Does My Local Target Sell Cigarettes?


Target was actually one of the first major retailers to ban the sale of cigarettes way back in 1996.

They cited health issues and the internal cost of trying to keep cigarettes out of the hands of minors as contributing factors.

Target has done a good job creating a brand that is health conscious and out for the “greater good” of society.

What About Cigars?


Cigars were banned in all Target locations (as well as their website) at the same time as cigarettes.

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Does Target Sell Loose Tobacco?


Starting to sense a theme here?

Target does not sell loose tobacco or the rolling paper used to make your own cigarettes.

What About Vape Products?


Target recently made the business decision to NOT sell vape or e-cigarette products either.

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Does Target Sell Nicorette or Other “Stop Smoking” Aids?


Target sells the following stop smoking aids, all over-the-counter.

1. Nicorette Gum – Chew on it when the urge to light up a smoke hits ya.

2. NicoDerm Patch – The patch releases nicotine throughout the day to help greatly with the urge to smoke.

4. Nicotine Gum – This is made by “Up&Up” which is Target’s in-house brand and is cheaper than the Nicorette brand.

Do Any Big Box Stores Still Sell Cigarettes?

Yes, but not many.

Many stores like Walmart and Costco are jumping on the “no-cigs” bandwagon.

But as of this writing, the following national retail and grocery stores STILL sell cigarettes.

– Walgreens.

– Sam’s Club.

– Dollar General.

– Family Dollar.

– Rite-Aid.

– Kroger.

– Publix.

– Safeway.

– Winco.

Ask the Reader: Do you agree that stores like Target should stop selling cigarettes or do you think they should continue selling them in the name of personal responsibility and freedom?

By Kyle James


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