Free Slurpee Day at 7/11: EVERYTHING You Need to Know to Get a FREE Brain Freeze

Updated January 12, 2024 by Kyle James
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One of the most popular items sold at 7-Eleven is their famous Slurpee. If you’ve never had a brain freeze from one of these frozen concoctions, you can score a FREE Slurpee once a year at 7-Eleven and give it a try. 7/11 has been running free Slurpee Day for over 20 years and started the tradition back in 2002 to celebrate 7-Eleven’s 75th anniversary. Read on to learn more about 7-Eleven’s free Slurpee Day so you can get your very own this year.

Free Slurpee Day at 7/11: EVERYTHING You Need to Know to Get a Brain Freeze

When Exactly is Free Slurpee Day?

July 11th of EVERY year.

7-Eleven has its free Slurpee Day every year on July 11.

On July 11, you can snag your free Slurpee from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at any participating 7-Eleven store.

How Do I Get My Free Slurpee?

Unfortunately, you CAN’T just walk into your local 7/11 and snag a free frozen concoction.

These days you need to be a new or current 7Rewards member or a Speedy Rewards member.

While you don’t need to download their free rewards app, it will make it much easier.

Once you’re a member, you’ll automatically get a coupon added to your account that you’ll be able use to get your free Slurpee.

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Why Did 7/11 Choose July 11th?

7/11 = July 11th…Get it?

Turns out that July 11th is also 7-Eleven’s anniversary, so what better day to give away free Slurpees.

Not to mention, it’s easy to remember as the name 7/11 gives away when the convenience store has its free Slurpee Day on 7-11.

What Time of the Day Can I Get My Free Brain Freeze?

From 11 a.m. through 7 p.m..

Specifically, you can get your free Slurpee at 7-Eleven only on July 11th from 11 am-7 pm.

What Size Slurpee Can I Get for Free?

12-ounce Slurpee.

Because after all, you are getting a FREE Slurpee, don’t expect this to mean you can get unlimited Slurpees at any size.

You can only get one free Slurpee in the small/ standard 12-ounce Slurpee cup size.

Any Slurpee Flavors Excluded from This?


You can select from any of the available 7-Eleven Slurpee flavor choices.

Therefore, the ability to choose your own flavor gives a chance for everyone to surely find a flavor that they’ll enjoy.

Can I Also Score a Free Slurpee at Speedway and Stripes?


Turns out 7/11 also owns Speedway and Stripes gas and convenience stores and you CAN absolutely get your free Slurpee at both places.

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What Slurpee Flavors are the Most Popular?

Favorite Slurpee flavors

Coca-Cola and Wild Cherry.

The two most popular Slurpee flavors in the U.S. are Coca-Cola and Wild Cherry.

However, if you don’t love those flavors, fear not, there are plenty of other flavors to choose from!

Plus, again you can choose any flavor of Slurpee on 7-Eleven’s Slurpee Day, so you’re not limited to what you can and cannot have.

Any Yummy “Secret” Slurpee Flavors that Can Be Mixed?

The ability to pick and choose from all sorts of Slurpee flavors means you can create all kinds of “Secret” Slurpee concoctions.

Some of the most common include mixing Lemonade with Blue Raspberry for a delicious flavor.

Or, you can get crazy and try mixing Coca-Cola with Wild Cherry.

Since you can technically mix and match any of the flavors, you can also try adding all the available flavors into one Slurpee to create the ultimate Slurpee mix.

What Do Slurpees Costs Not on the Free Slurpee Day?

Sadly, 7-Eleven’s free Slurpee Day only comes once a year in honor of the store’s anniversary.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a Slurpee all year-round, just obviously it won’t be free.

If you want to treat yourself to a 7-Eleven Slurpee on any other day (besides July 11th), here are the current prices:

– Small: $1

– Large: $1.50

– Super: $2.50

– Mega: $4.50

Slurpee prices are fairly reasonable considering the quantity you get.

Are There Any States That Don’t Participate?

Yes, Hawaii.

7/11 locations in Hawaii don’t participate for some reason.

But if you’re in Hawaii, stop instead at a tropical smoothie stand and get something exactly 837% better than a Slurpee.

Ask the Reader: Do you grab a free Slurpee every year? Did I miss anything about this very “cool” promotion? Let me know in the comments.

By Kyle James

Photo credit to slgckgc.


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