How To Ask and Get an Amazon Price Adjustment (Even On 3rd Party Items)

Updated January 12, 2024 by Kyle James

It looks like this will only work on TV’s now, stay tuned to see if this new Amazon policy sticks. Because Amazon changes prices so frequently, I think they’ll get a lot of backlash for changing their policy. Bottom-line, be persistent as I have heard reports of some shoppers still getting Amazon price adjustments. YMMV.)

Amazon Price Adjustment

One of my favorite blog subjects is Amazon, more specifically, how to save money at Amazon in ways you’ve probably never considered.

One of the least advertised, yet most effective ways to save money at Amazon is to ask them for a price adjustment if the price of an item drops after you get it delivered to your home.

As a matter of fact, you can’t find anything “official” posted on the Amazon website detailing their price adjustment policy.

And furthermore, did you know that you can often get a price adjustment on items not sold directly by Amazon, but instead by a 3rd party seller?

Yup, it’s true. Here’s the skinny so you can make it happen…

How to Ask For an Amazon Price Adjustment:

1. You Have 7 Days From Delivery to Request Adjustment

There’s been some recent discussion over how long you have to request a price adjustment at Amazon.

To set the record straight, you have exactly 7 days from when the item gets delivered to your doorstep to request an Amazon price adjustment.

2. Keep an Eye Out For a Price Drop

Nobody has the time to check daily if the Amazon price drops on something you bought.

So use the free site and they’ll do all of the leg-work for you and email you when a price drops.

3. What to do When a Price Drops Within 7 Days

You can either call Amazon customer service at 1 (888) 280-4331 or start a live chat session to get the ball rolling on your price adjustment.

How to Start a Live Chat Session

Starting a live chat session on Amazon can be a bit confusing but I feel it’s by far the best way to get a price adjustment.

At the bottom of this customer service page, under Step 2, select “More order issues” from the first drop-down menu and “Other order question or issue” from the second drop-down menu.

You’re then given 3 ways to contact Amazon: E-mail, Phone, or Chat. Simply select “Chat” and follow the instructions.

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Does the Item Have to be Sold Directly by Amazon?

Officially, yes. But if you’re a loyal customer, the answer is surprisingly “No”.

I recently ordered a product from a 3rd party seller and the price dropped by $23 the day after I received it.

On a whim, I started a chat session and low-and-behold they gave me the $23 price adjustment anyways.

They explained it this way, “However since you are a loyal customer for one time exception I am refunding the difference to your gift card balance.”

I had the $23 in my account gift card balance within 2 hours.

Interestingly, this wasn’t a “one time exception” as they did the same thing for me back in December when I requested a price adjustment on a different item sold by a 3rd party.

Moral of the Story?

Always politely ask about a price adjustment, no matter if Amazon shipped it to your directly, or you bought it through a 3rd party, ALWAYS ASK.

Whether you’re a new or longtime Amazon customer, the worst they can say is “No”.

More often than not, with just a few minutes of work, you’ll end up with some extra money in your Amazon account for future purchases.

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Here’s how my Amazon chat session went down (BTW, in case you were wondering, my wife is Aimee and our account is under her name, haha):

Amazon Chat Session

Ask The Reader: Have you ever requested a price-match from Amazon? Was the item sold by Amazon or a 3rd party? How did it go?

Happy savings.

By Kyle James


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I did this today and the Chat person said they do not honor price adjustments.

joe Jankowiak

I also did this today and was told no post purchase adjustments. Shameful because they used to be great about it.


I chatted just now about a desk that went lower in price before delivery and they said no.


Just tried this right now. I was denied.

Windsor Wilhelmsen

This post is EXTREMELY out of date.


Seriously. They haven’t adjusted jack in ages. And some of the price drops have been insane! My $350 item dropped $50 the day after I bought it. “F**k off, peasant.”


i tried just now on an item that had dropped 20 euro. said to return it for the refund.

John john

Not only did I ask for an adjustment and was denied, but when I went back to check the item a few minutes later and the price went back UP!

John Jay Jameson

I received the generic “one-time exception” reply (as an Amazon gift card balance) but because the tax rate in my area is substantial, I opted to re-buy the item and return the old one (mattress price dropped by $70).


So, what you’re saying is; you knowingly made sure a perfectly good, NEW matress went into a land fill, wasted resources and contributed to increased costs in general for other customers, just so YOU could save a ONE-TIME $70?

Just think about that.


This article saved me some money, my response from Amazon was “I’ve requested a refund of 59.26 USD to your original payment method.” Saved almost 60 bucks and it took less than 5mins to do! Thank you


No price matching when MULTIPLE sites outside of Amazon have a lower price? And as Amazon is too lazy/incompetent to have feedback/email contacts, you have to spend LONG waits on their poorly staffed phone and/or chat systems. I expect this is intentional because they think people will give up rather than wait.

But absolutely there are better prices than Amazon if you bother to look. And even at the same price, if I can I shop someplace else first (especially if I can buy manufacturer direct).


Price dropped $42 on an item I had brought less than week from Amazon… Was told by multiple Amazon CS reps that Amazon doesn’t refund price reductions. I returned the item. Lesson learned and likely the last time I buy from Amazon.


After Amazon didn’t let me adjust/cancel once because it was already in shipment, I just return empty boxes to them (not expecting to get any refund), but to waste their time and money. I repeat this dozens of times so Amazon significantly loses money for shipping.


Didn’t work. Item delivered YESTERDAY was listed at $40 cheaper today. Figured it would be a quick fix but NOPE! . Amazon rep said my only option was to RETURN the first order and RE-PURCHASE at the discounted price. I pointed out how wasteful this was but they still didn’t offer to help. Absolutely insane


Holiday cards received 2 days ago are priced $5 a box lower today. Called and requested price difference refund. Rep refused, they don’t match, even themselves, blah, blah, blah.. After I was insistent, rep advice was too return the cards as “Not as described” for a full refund and reorder the cards today at the reduced price. Seems crazy that they’d rather pay postage 2 more times, plus any processing charges associated with shipping new boxes and accepting the return items, but that’s what’s happening.


I just finished with Amazon rep on chat… same answer about no more price adjustments. Pointed out that I could return and order again at lower price, which would cost Amazon a bunch of money, but they said that’s the only way.


I’ve just done the same right now but the price adjustment was honoured! Very Strange


They didn’t give a price adjustment exactly, but they did give a $40 credit to our acct. I was surprised. Thanks for the info!