How to Cancel Your Amazon Prime Membership and Get a Refund

Updated January 12, 2024 by Kyle James

Amazon does a nice job making it hard to cancel your Prime membership, they even got sued by the FTC for making it so difficult. After all, they don’t want to lose your business so they figure why not make the “Cancel Button” a little tricky to find. The good news is that after reading this article it’ll be an absolute piece of cake to end your Prime membership and possibly score a full refund. Here’s everything you need to know…

How to Cancel Your Amazon Prime Membership and Get a Refund

First, Navigate Through the Amazon Labyrinth

Account Page Cancel Link

To cancel your Prime membership (from the Amazon homepage) you’ll want to click on Account & Lists on the top right.

From there you’ll get a drop-down menu with a bunch of options, click on Your Prime Membership.

Don’t confuse this page with Memberships & Subscriptions as they are 2 separate sections.

Once you get to your Prime page, you’ll notice your payment and renewal details on the left side of the page.

Towards the bottom of the menu is a link that says End Membership and Benefits, click on it. (See screenshot above)

From the Amazon app, go to Your Account page, then tap Manage Prime Membership. Then scroll down to the bottom and tap End Membership and Benefits.

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Second, Click to End Prime Benefits

Cancel Amazon Link

Once you reach the actual cancellation page, you’ll be told of all the wonderful Prime benefits you’ll be missing out on.

Skip to the bottom and you’ll see the End My Benefits button.

Click on it and viola! your Prime membership has been officially cancelled.

Another Way to End Your Prime Membership

End Prime Membership

Perhaps an even easier way to end your Prime membership is to simply visit this Help Page on Amazon.

Once you’re logged into your account you’ll see the screenshot above.

Just click on End Membership, follow the prompts, and boom, you’re done.

This page may change as time goes on, but for now IT WORKS.

Can You Cancel a Prime Membership 30-Day Trial?

Yes, you can cancel your free 30-day Prime trial.

It would be smart to do it on day 29 so you take full advantage of all the benefits before your credit card gets charged a cent.

The steps to cancel are the same as detailed above.

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Will You Get Money Back When You Cancel Prime?

I actually called Amazon to see what their official policy was on issuing a refund if you cancel your annual Prime membership before it’s up for renewal.

What I was told was VERY interesting.

Amazon will actually choose the dollar amount to refund you AFTER analyzing how much you used your Prime benefits.

For example, if you used Prime 2-day shipping on FOUR or more orders, I was told you’ll only get a partial refund. They wouldn’t tell me the exact amount they’d refund.

However, if you only used Prime to place one online order, then a FULL refund is definitely possible.

Your best bet to get a refund on Prime is to call Amazon directly at 1-(888) 280-4331 and explain your specific situation.

Ask the Reader: Is Amazon Prime worth the money or are you cancelling because it’s just too expensive? Let me know in the comments, thanks.

By Kyle James


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I cancelled my Prime membership today because I’m tired of the politics. It’s one thing for Amazon to highlight certain political ideologies they agree with, but it’s a whole different thing for them to censor views they disagree with. I’m referring to the film America’s Forgotten (by Namrata Singh Gujral), which was originally approved to be streamed on Amazon. The director intended to create a pro-illegal immigration film but after 1 year of investigating illegal immigration and discovering the horrors of it, she ended up making an anti-illegal immigration film. Suddenly Amazon decided they can’t stream it because it’s too political, even though they had no problems streaming her previous film which was a very political pro-LGBTQ film. I’m not even a conservative, but big tech’s decision to filter content based on politics is a danger to free speech and I can no longer give them my money. I hope I get partial refund, at least, but either way, I’m done with Amazon.


Same here, but over the mess with Parler. I have Amazon as a service of convenience, since I’m not close to any shopping. But, I did NOT sign up to be influenced by their politics. My politics are none of their business and I sure don’t give a flip about Bezos’ ideology, either. Same goes for religious beliefs… I’m happy if you have them, but keep them to yourself. I just renewed in October, so am hoping for a partial refund, but if I don’t get one, oh well. I’ll live. I won’t live with my rights being taken away.

Get over yourself, Bezos! Stick to business.


So, does the membership end immediately or at the end of the paid membership. Is there a refund?
Cancelling for same reasons you are.


pro LGBTQ isnt political it’s basic common sense.


I canceled my account a few minutes ago because they are attempting to make Americans bow down to big tech. I’m going back to buying locally from local stores.


Thanks for this page. I cancelled my Prime membership because Amazon is joining the bandwagon of all the big tech companies in censoring free speech which is absolute nonsense. They also went ahead and took out a full year membership when I had assumed it was month by month. I did not enjoy seeing that unexpected $119 debit! Good riddance!


Their decision to join with other tech companies to harness conservative speech by shutting down the servers for Parler. Parler did not promote violence. I have seen much more violence allowed on fb and twitter, but only if it is a liberal/leftist ideology. I will support other business with my money.


Bye Bye 👋 


I’m cancelling because they censor free speech. I have five more months paid up, but I’m ordering elsewhere.

Jay Bird

Cancelling because I don’t care for a retailer or web host deciding who gets to speak and who doesn’t. I don’t care what your politics are, a web host should not decide to shut down their services for legal content. Period.


If they are wrong and evil they should ! WOOHOO go Bezos !


No more business for Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple and others it is time to vote by a dollar.


No more business to Hallmark, Coke, FedEx, UPS, amongst others. I will carefully vet out who I buy from and give business to in the future. I cancelled my Prime membership as well.


I don’t know why Amazon became so “woke,” i.e. bad. It wasn’t so many yrs ago that Amazon had a project to digitize all the books in the world including the oldest to bring the vast writings of history to us. Now they ban books among other things. After discussing it with my wife, I plan to cancel my Amazon Prime membership because of Parler & other censorship.

Amazon is no longer a believer in Free Speech, probably the most valuable freedom we should have.


Amazon CEO is friends with Clintons and big tech. Plus he wants China business venture. All corrupt and herd mentality behavior. Terrible how this comes to light. Part of my family experienced communism take over in their old country and said this is how it started. Bolshevik methods demonstrated by the left. No effort to have a dialogue, instead shutting down other political opinions and lying about it. Pre-fascism environment by censoring politicians who voted against the election vote results and blacklisting, this is what I learned in my history lessons about how the Nazis came to power. I am so mad I sold my entire Amazon stock, in process of changing to no Fang investments. I encourage everyone to do the same. I will let my Amazon prime run out and am not ordering again. I can’t forget this. Extremely disappointed and concerned about the future of this country.

Mike Ross

Cancelled because of Amazon silencing Parler, while at the same time selling “Kill All Republicans” t-shirts. Plus, I wasn’t happy they automatically billed me for another year when I had chosen the ‘notify me when it’s time to renew’ option.


Those are cool shirts !


Cancelling Amazon today after being a member for several years. Found the same items for the same price and free shipping on Walmart and other retailers. Sick of anti-white (anglophobia) big tech.


I joined Amazon within their first month of existence,
but now I want to bail out and get my money back.
They’ve become monsters.




I’m finally ending my Amazon prime membership once amazon added a $9.99 shipping cost to previously free shipping on orders over $35. After the pandemic, they started nickel and dimeing everything while also continuing to raise the cost of membership.


It really irritates me that after paying the membership fee, you have to pay a rental fee for half the movies. I will not be renewing next time…there are much better options out there.

Last edited 10 months ago by Judi

I’m cancelling because I bought an $800 item and they sent me an item that was not only used but was completely worn out. The item was clearly used for several years. I could’ve tolorated that but they refused to give me a refund when UPS had the item. Why should I have to wait 30 days when they sent me a pile of junk instead of a new item? I made 382 orders from them in the past year with only 2 small returns. If this is how they are treating customers then I have other options.