7 Random Things About Kyle from Rather-Be-Shopping

Updated January 17, 2024 by Kyle James

Cool…I Got Tagged! I have been blogging for a couple months and finally got tagged. 

A blog I always enjoy reading, JuiceFairy, by a girl living on a budget, tagged me on ‘7 Random Things About Myself’.

7 Random Things About Myself

A little intimidating because I don’t want to scare off some readers with my quirks but I will give it a try and then tag 7 other blogs that I would like to know more about!

  • I don’t like potlucks. This is a weird one I know, and I take some gruff from my wife, but I like to know who is cooking the food I am eating. Not big on random food.
  • In college I would cut my own hair. Yep, give me a mirror, some scissors, and some trimmers and I was good to go. Amazing I ever had a date!
  • I am a HUGE fan of the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers, particularly the football team. My Dad went to school there and we still have a lot of family in Nebraska. Go BIG RED! And yes, I do have a Cornhead, thanks Brendan!
  • My clothes all hang the same direction. I am a neat freak, especially with my clothes. The hangers all hang the same way and my clothes all get folded a very particular way.
  • I love The Discovery Channel. Mike Rowe from ‘Dirty Jobs’ is pure entertainment for me. Same with Jaime and Adam from Mythbusters. Shark Week….fo’get about it. I could sit and watch for hours if I could sit and watch for hours, if you know what I mean. Parents out there no what I mean.
  • I really, really like Fruity Pebbles. I try not to buy them because an entire box will be gone after 2 mornings. I will even eat them at night for dessert. Barney and Fred…you are killing me with these things.
  • I was really involved in 4-H. I raised market lambs and took them to 3 different county fairs every year. I did this until I was a senior in high school! Nothing pulls the chicks like white jeans, a white dress shirt, and a green tie and hat.

O.K., that was only slightly humiliating.

By Kyle James


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Black Belt Mama

Who knew??? So I’ve figured out who one of my lurkers is. . . nice to know you! I fulfilled my end of the bargain so go and check it out.


I root for Nebraska too! I have a friend who is a hard core fan and he got me hooked on them. I gotta get me one of those hats!


I can relate to the OCD a bit with the clothes. For some reason I HAVE to have all my shirt hangers facing the same direction in the closet. If not, I just, well, can’t cope. Heh.

And I feel your Fruity Pebbles pain. As a kid our folks would never let us get sugary cereals at all. Until we were much older and once I hit college, look out! Fruity Pebbles (which are 90x better than their cocoa pebbles counterpart) were a regular breakfast mainstay.


But potlucks are the ultimate frugal buffet! I love them so much–I can make a delicious, appealing, low-cost dish to share, and then I can eat tons and tons of other food I didn’t have to cook.

Clever Dude

After watching a Dirty Jobs marathon on my in-laws cable, I wish I had that channel. But the extra $50 or so per month just to see someone shoveling poo just isn’t worth it!


What??? I can’t get a shout out for gifting you the the holiest of all headwear outside of the vatican– The Cornhead! Thanks Bro!


I can’t believe I haven’t stumbled your blog and site yet! The frugal blogosphere is a wide, wide ocean!

Thanks for your kind comments on my new blog and good luck at Ace! I’m looking forward to using their Rebate Program and actually shopping local rather than Big Box.

Tracie A Carrigan

This was one of my favorites! Your review is done!! 🙂 Thanks!!