Lululemon First Responder Discount: The Easiest 15% Discount Ever

Updated April 19, 2024 by Kyle James
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Let’s cut to the chase, Lululemon’s products are REALLY expensive. And, to make matters worse, Lululemon rarely runs any discounts. The good news is they offer a range of discount programs, including the Lululemon nurse and first responder discount. This discount is only for qualifying nurses and first responders who apply to the discount program must first meet the program’s requirements. So, if you’re a nurse or first responder looking to learn exactly how this Lululemon discount works, keep reading.

Lululemon Nurse and First Responder Discount: The Easiest 15% Discount Ever

What’s the Lululemon Nurse/First Responder Discount?

The discount is 15% off all qualifying items.

First responders including firefighters, law enforcement, search and rescue, EMTs, and nurses and doctors are all eligible for the Lululemon first responder discount.

Who’s Eligible For the Discount?

Several people may be eligible for the Lululemon military and first responders discount.

This includes the following qualifying members:

– Firefighters

– Law enforcement

– Search and rescue

– EMTs

– Nurses

– Doctors

– Military members and veterans (Details)

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How Does Lululemon Verify My Status?

Lululemon has partnered with SheerID to verify nurse and first responder status.

To get verified, follow the steps listed below.

1. Click here to go to the Military and First Responders discount web page and then scroll down and click the “Get Verified” button.

2. Sign in to your account or create a new Lululemon account.

3. Enter all the information about your first responder status.

4. Once you’ve successfully submitted all info, you should receive a confirmation email verifying your status.

After receiving the above confirmation email, you’ll be able to use your 15% discount both in-store and online.

Can I Use the Discount Online AND In-Store?

Yes, you can use the Lululemon nurse/first responder discount both in-store and online.

To use the 15% discount ONLINE, be sure to follow the simple steps below:

1. Sign in to your Lululemon account either via the Lululemon app or Lululemon’s website.

2. Sign in using the same account you use to verify your first responder status.

3. Check the 15% off discount toggle at checkout.

4. Your 15% discount will be applied automatically.

To use the 15% discount IN-STORE, follow the below steps:

1. First, be sure to verify your first responder status online.

2. Ask a Lululemon employee to apply the discount at checkout.

3. Don’t forget your proof of ID.

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Can Spouses and Other Family Members Use It?

Unfortunately, no.

Friends and family members of the nurse or first responder who qualify for the 15% discount CANNOT use the 15% discount for themselves.

Only the qualifying nurse or first responder can use the discount.

Can Spouses and Dependents Verify Separately?


Unfortunately, spouses and dependents cannot use the Lululemon nurse/ first responder discount.

You also cannot use your 15% discount (if you are a qualifying nurse or first responder) to buy other gifts for friends and family members.

If you do use your discount to buy items for friends and family members, you run the risk of getting your discount taken away.

Although I’m not sure how they would verify this or really care…does anyone have any experience with this? Let me know in the comments, thanks.

Are Any Products Ineligible for the 15% Discount?

Yes, some products are ineligible for the 15% discount.

Ineligible products include items on the Lululemon Like New website, gift cards, e-gift cards, and you also cannot combine the 15% discount with other promotions/discounts.

So…What Products are Eligible For the 15% Discount?

You can use the 15% off discount on most products at Lulu.

Here’s a list of eligible products you can buy with the Lululemon discount:

– Regular-priced items

– We Made Too Much

– Lululemon Lab

– Selfcare Products

Ask the Reader: Have you applied for the Lulu first responder discount? Was it an easy process or did you run into issues?

By Kyle James


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