May Buying Guide: 10 Things To Buy Now

Updated June 30, 2020 by Kyle James
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Often the key to finding great bargains is timing. As they say “timing is everything”, or is that “location is everything”? In either case, there are some great bargains to be had in the month of May and here are 10 of the best.


New mattresses typically arrive in stores in May. It is no surprise this is when you’ll find a good deal on the previous year’s models.

Let’s be honest, there are not a lot of amazing technological break-through in mattresses from one year to the next, so why pay more for the newest model when last years will do just fine.
Key stores to check:, Mattress Discounters, and

Party & Picnic Supplies

The best time to stock up for summer get-togethers and 4th of July parties is right now.

Don’t wait until the week before as you will end up paying significantly more.

Also, if you have a birthday party to plan this summer check out party supplies now and store them for later. We have some great coupons for party supplies right now on


New fridge models start rolling out during the summer months making right now a great time to buy. Also look for excellent financing options on appliances at stores like Lowe’s.

They often offer 18 months, 0% financing if you open a store credit card. This is a great way to keep your money earning interest instead of forking it all over for a new refrigerator.


This one is fairly obvious, big box stores do not want to store their snow blowers until next year so they will slash prices to get rid of the ones they still have.

Buy now and store in your garage until next winter. Your wallet will thank you. If you have never seen a snow flake in your neck of the woods, then move on to the next product. 🙂

Sneakers (Running Shoes)

As spring fun runs and charity runs are bountiful this month, shoe manufacturers start slashing prices to target the less serious runner.

The month of May is a great time to stock-up for the upcoming months as well as many stores are promoting their BOGO events. (Buy 1, get 1 free or 50% off)


Cruise lines are busy moving ships around the world getting ready for their prime season and consequently they are more than willing to book some pretty sweet deals for short-notice travelers. If you have schedule flexibility this is a great time to book your next cruise.


Not exactly sure why, but the number of coupons and deals we get on laptops in May is better than any other month of the year.

This would be an excellent time to buy for next school year, especially if you are going away to college. The deals online are really amazing right now.

Car Accessories & Parts

Most cars project take on a life of their own during the summer months making it a prime time to buy car parts.

Get in early this year as many car part sellers are getting rid of last years parts and accessories right now at discounted prices.

Office Furniture

New office furniture models start to come out during the late summer months thus giving retailers a great chance in May to get rid of old inventory.

Their loss is your gain if you shop right now for new office furniture and accessories. Again, if you are heading away to college in the Fall, check out the current deals on desks and bookcases.


May is the start of wedding season and stores start offering deals to consumers.

It doesn’t matter if you are registered or not, you can score some great deals on dishes, cups, and glassware. This will continue through the end of June.

By Kyle James


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