29 Great Ways to Save Money at Dick’s Sporting Goods

Updated May 15, 2024 by Kyle James
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With three kids playing various sports over the years, I’ve become well acquainted with the aisles of my local Dick’s Sporting Goods. I’ve also discovered that just walking into Dick’s and buying the first thing you see can be VERY expensive….but it DOES NOT have to be. Here are a couple dozen smart strategies to help you maximize your savings.

The Ultimate Guide for Saving at Dick's Sporting Goods

1. Make a Return and Score a GREAT Coupon

When you make a return at Dick’s you’ll often get a $20 off $100 coupon attached to your return receipt.

The rub is that the coupon is only good for 3 hours and can’t be combined with any other offers or discounts.

Dick’s is basically saying, “Hey, sorry you didn’t like it, so here’s a nice coupon that you can USE RIGHT NOW on something you might like better.”


If you want to buy buying something with a price over $100, just buy and return anything and try to trigger this $20 coupon. Easy money.

2. Sign Up for the ScoreCard Loyalty Program

One of the best ways to save money at Dick’s Sporting Goods is by signing up for their ScoreCard loyalty program.

It’s free to join and as a member, you earn one point for every dollar spent.

Once you accumulate 300 points, you receive a $10 reward to spend in-store or online.

ScoreCard members also receive exclusive coupons and access to special sales events.

3. Check Out the Weekly Ads

Dick’s Sporting Goods releases weekly ads that highlight current sales and special promotions.

These ads often include significant discounts on a wide range of products, and many shoppers have NO idea they exist.

Checking these ads before you shop can help you plan your purchases around the best deals.

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4. Take Advantage of Price Matching

Dick’s Sporting Goods offers a best price guarantee.

If you find a lower price on an identical item at a qualifying retailer, Dick’s will match it.

This includes matching prices from select online retailers. Be sure to bring proof of the lower price when shopping in-store, or contact customer service if shopping online.

5. Shop During Clearance Events

Clearance events at Dick’s can offer deep discounts on merchandise that is being phased out.

These sales typically occur at the end of a season, as the store clears out old stock to make room for new arrivals.

This is an excellent time to pick up sporting goods and apparel at a fraction of the original price.

6. Abandon Cart to Trigger Coupon

Abandon Cart at Dick's to Get Coupon

Dick’s is one of the retailers that will email you a coupon to complete your online order if you leave items in your cart and don’t complete the purchase.

The screenshot above is a 10% coupon they sent me to try and entice me to come back and finalize my purchase.

While not worth it on small purchases, it’s a clever way to save some extra money on an expensive item.

7. Browse Online Exclusive Deals

The Dick’s Sporting Goods website often has online exclusive deals that are not available in stores.

These can include discounts on specific products, as well as broader promotions such as percentage discounts across many items.

Shopping online can also offer additional sizes and colors that might not be available in-store.

8. Use Coupons and Promo Codes

While this seems very obvious, I often forgot to look for a coupon back when my kids were playing little league and they needed a new glove or bat.

So before completing any purchase at Dick’s Sporting Goods, be sure to search for coupons.

You can often find these through the Dick’s Sporting Goods website, email newsletters, or coupon websites.


Unfortunately, the list of brand exclusions at Dick’s when it comes to using coupons continues to grow. Before long, the list of brands that you CAN use a coupon on will be shorter than their list of excluded brands.

9. Follow Social Media Accounts

Following Dick’s Sporting Goods on social media platforms like Facebook, X (Twitter) and Instagram can keep you informed about flash sales, special events, and exclusive coupons.

Social media platforms may also host contests or giveaways where you can win free merchandise.

10. Consider the Dick’s Sporting Goods Credit Card

If you shop frequently at Dick’s Sporting Goods, consider applying for their branded credit card.

You’ll score a $30 instant bonus reward, $10 reward for every $150 spent, earn 2x points on every purchase, special financing options, and no annual fee.


Be sure to consider the card’s terms and APR. If you can’t pay this bad boy off every month you’re probably better off using your regular credit card as the interest rate on this card hovers around 30%.

11. Buy Discounted Gift Cards

You can often find Dick’s Sporting Goods gift cards at a discount through various online marketplaces.

Purchasing these gift cards for less than their face value can save you money before you even walk into the store or shop online.

12. Join Mailing Lists for Exclusive Offers

Subscribing to the Dick’s Sporting Goods mailing list can provide you with exclusive offers sent directly to your inbox.

These may include unique promotional codes, early access to sales, and alerts on new product launches.

13. Shop During Back-to-School and Holiday Sales

Dick’s Sporting Goods typically offers significant discounts during back-to-school seasons and major holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Planning your purchases around late-November deals can lead to significant savings.

14. Explore the Last Chance Section

Dick’s Sporting Goods has a Last Chance clearance on their website where you can find heavily discounted items up to 75% off.

These are often last season’s models or overstock items that are priced to move quickly.

The outlet can offer some of the deepest discounts available, making it a great place to check first for deals.

15. Use the Mobile App for Exclusive Discounts

Downloading the Dick’s Sporting Goods mobile app can give you access to app-exclusive discounts and notifications about sales.

Sometimes, the app offers special “flash” discounts that are only available for a short period or while supplies last.

16. Attend Grand Opening Events

If a new Dick’s Sporting Goods store opens in your area, attending the grand opening can be beneficial.

These events often come with special promotions, giveaways, and one-time discounts as part of the celebration.

17. Trade-In Old Gear

Dick’s sometimes offers a trade-in program for used sports equipment like golf clubs and hiking gear.

This program allows you to bring in old gear and receive a discount on new purchases.

It’s a great way to save money and recycle equipment you no longer use.

18. Look for Rebates

Some items at Dick’s Sporting Goods come with manufacturer rebates.

These rebates can offer cash back or future discounts on products, adding another layer of savings.

Always check the product details for rebate offers and follow the instructions carefully to claim your rebate.

19. Buy During Off-Peak Seasons

Shopping for seasonal items during off-peak times can lead to significant savings.

For example, purchase ski equipment in the summer or baseball gear in the winter.

Retailers often discount seasonal items in the off-season to clear space for upcoming products.

20. Consider Lesser-Known Brands

While top brands often command higher prices, Dick’s Sporting Goods also stocks lesser-known brands that offer similar quality at a lower price point.

These brands can provide excellent value for your money, especially when just starting out in a new sport or activity.

21. Subscribe to SMS Alerts

In addition to email alerts, you can subscribe to receive SMS notifications from Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Text alerts often include instant notifications about sales and exclusive SMS-only offers.

22. Purchase Multipacks

For items you use regularly, such as golf balls, tennis balls, or socks, buying them in multipacks can be more economical than purchasing them individually.

Dick’s often offers bulk buying options that reduce the cost per item.

23. Monitor End-of-Year Sales

The end of the year can bring significant markdowns as stores prepare for new inventory.

This is an excellent time to scout for deals on high-ticket items like treadmills, outdoor gear, and team sports equipment.

24. Take Advantage of Free In-Store Services

Some locations of Dick’s Sporting Goods offer free services that can save you money.

For instance, they might offer free bike adjustments, lacrosse head stringing, or golf club fittings with a purchase.

These complimentary services add value to your purchase and can save you from having to pay for these services separately.

25. Ask for a Price Adjustment

If you purchase an item at Dick’s Sporting Goods and then find that it has gone on sale shortly afterward, you can ask for a price adjustment.

Dick’s usually honors price adjustments within a specific timeframe after your purchase, typically around 14 days.

Keep your receipt and monitor prices after you buy to take advantage of this policy.

26. Shop the “Best Price Guarantee” Items

Dick’s Sporting Goods often marks certain products with a “Best Price Guarantee” label.

For these items, Dick’s promises not only to match competitors’ prices but also to offer the best deal available.

Shopping items under this guarantee can provide peace of mind that you are getting the lowest price without needing to shop around extensively.

27. Plan Purchases Around Major Sporting Events

Dick’s Sporting Goods often runs promotions and sales tied to major sports events, like the Super Bowl, World Series, or the Olympics.

These events are a great opportunity to find special discounts on related sports gear and apparel.

Planning your purchases to coincide with these events can yield excellent savings.

28. Look for Bundle Deals

Sometimes, buying more can save more.

Look for bundle deals where you can buy a combination of items at a reduced price compared to purchasing them separately.

This is often seen with workout gear, outdoor equipment, or team sports items like soccer balls and cones.

29. Use the Store’s Layout to Your Advantage

One of the tricks that retailers use to take more of your money is to place more expensive items at eye-level or in high-traffic areas of the store.

Don’t forget to look at lower shelves or less prominent areas where better deals might be hidden.

This is especially true in large stores where premium products are prominently displayed to attract more attention.

Ask the Reader: How do you save money at Dick’s? Please leave a comment and let me know what savings tips I may have missed and I’ll add them to my article.

By Kyle James


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