Smart Ways to Save Money at American Eagle Outfitters

Updated May 2, 2024 by Kyle James

I’ll never forget walking up to the register with my teenage son at American Eagle and seeing his amazement when they told him the jeans he wanted were $6o. I whispered to him “there’s a better way” and he immediately put them back on the shelf. We went home and went online to their clearance section and he got pretty much the same pair of jeans for only $20. That’s just one of my savings hacks for AE, and by far the most obvious. I hope these savings tips keep you from EVER paying full-price at American Eagle Outfitters in the future.

Slick Ways to Save Money at American Eagle Outfitters

AEO Real Rewards is a NO Brainer

Most retailer’s “rewards” programs flat-out suck.

The AEO Real Rewards program is a BIG exception to the rule.

Once you join for free, you’ll get a $5 reward to use on your next purchase along with member-only coupons and deals.

Plus you’ll earn points on all your purchases in the future.

In particular, for every $150 spent you’ll get a free $5 reward.

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Hit the Clearance Section Hard (Especially Online)

AE Clearance Deals

While their in-store clearance section is decent, their online clearance section is DA BOMB.

Not only is the selection WAY better, but the savings is almost always at least 50% off the original price.


On the AEO website, use the online filter tool and pick your size and ONLY get results that will actually fit you…and let the savings start rolling in.

Don’t Forget their 14-Day Price Match Policy

Were you aware that American Eagle offers a 14-day price match policy?

I wasn’t until researching this article.

So if you buy something and notice within the next 14 days that the price drops, just bring in your receipt and they’ll quickly refund you the difference.

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The AEO App Will Actually Help You Save

Being a total coupon nerd, I’ve noticed that American Eagle will often have coupons for app users ONLY.

We’re talking like 25% off if you shop via their app.

Download it today and keep an eye out for these “app coupons” that seem to be released on a monthly basis.

You can even link your rewards account with the app and get credit for all your purchases.

Be Sure They Know Your Birthday and Save 15%

When signing up for the AEO Real Rewards program make sure you tell them when your birthday is.

DON’T leave that part blank thinking they don’t need to know when you were born.

They’ll send you a 15% off coupon to use the week of your birthday.

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Recycle Old Jeans and Score $10 Off a New Pair

$10 Off AE Jeans

Do you have a closet full of old jeans you don’t wear anymore?

Consider recycling a pair and get score a $1o AE credit on a new pair.

The best part? They can be ANY brand of jeans and the condition does NOT matter.

Just bring them into your local AE store and they’ll be happy to help you out.

Get a Job at American Eagle

The employee discount at American Eagle is pretty stellar.

I was told by a former employee that she got an unlimited 40% discount and was given a 60% item discount 8x per month.

Great way to earn money and build your wardrobe on-the-cheap.

Refer a Friend and Score 20% Off

AE Refer a Friend Coupon

The refer a friend program at AE is pretty slick as well.

All you gotta do is fill out the form with your name and email then you’ll be asked to fill-in your friend’s info.

The pay off? You and your buddy both get a coupon for 20% OFF your next order.

Always Buy Discounted AE Gift Cards

The idea of buying AE gift cards at full face value is so 2013.

Be sure to check out sites like and GiftCardGranny to buy AE gift cards for less than they are actually worth.

For example, right now on Raise you can buy a $165 card for only $139.

Also, if you want a smaller denomination card you can buy a $25 card for just $22.

This is a total no-brainer way to save money that many shoppers overlook.

Savings on Larger (or Tall) Sizes

I’m a big fan of the AE shirt size Large/Tall.

I’m tall but the XL is often too big, but I need the length in the arms.

Large/Tall is really hard to find in-store but it’s very plentiful on their website, so that’s where I tend to shop.


If you’re an unusual size as well, you MUST shop online, especially in the American Eagle clearance section as you can get deals in the 50%-70% off range. Since there isn’t a lot of demand for these sizes, you’ll really find success online…and the savings to boot.

Stock Up in March and August

The ABSOLUTE best time to save at American Eagle is in March and August.

These 2 months are when AE switches out the most styles to get ready for Spring and Fall respectively.

This means the clearance racks will be overflowing with many different styles and sizes…all at a BIG discount.

STOCK UP for the next year or two and your wallet will THANK YOU…I promise.

Student? Score 20% Off

Register with UNiDAYS for free and score a 20% off student discount coupon for either online or in-store shopping at AE.

You must be 16 or older and you must attend a college or university and be given a .edu email address.

They will also accept a “credit card style” student ID from your school as proof of enrollment as well.

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Combine Purchases and Score Free Shipping

American Eagle makes you spend $50 or more to qualify for free shipping.

So be sure to wait until you actually need $50 worth of stuff before you make a purchase.

Otherwise you’ll be on the hook for $8-$15 worth of shipping charges. No bueno.

Consider the AEO Credit Card

While I’m typically not a fan of store credit cards, the AEO credit card is worth considering if you shop their frequently.

Not only do you get 10% off every purchase, but you also score a cool 20% off your first purchase with the card.

You also get free shipping (no minimum) and free returns on all your purchases.

Check out eBay

Buy AE clothing on eBay

I’m not to proud to say I’ve bought used AE clothing from eBay.

The savings is ridiculously good and I’ve always figured the more you wash their clothing the more comfortable it gets.

Want to really get jiggy with it? Try doing a search for an AE “lot” which is a bunch of their clothing in one auction or purchase.

My favorite eBay search? Without a doubt it’s “AE lot shirt men L”…half my closet has come from this search. Boom, I said it.

Ask the Reader: How do you save money at American Eagle? Or are you content dropping $60 on a pair of their jeans?

By Kyle James


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American Eagle

My absolute favorite company to buy swimsuits from. Their inclusive ad campaigns and focus on body positivity should be copied by all brands! Excellent quality of clothing as well – always the coziest materials. Highly recommend!