10 Starbucks Menu Prices That Actually Make Their Coffee Affordable

Updated March 27, 2024 by Kyle James

Let’s face reality, Starbucks menu prices seem to go up every 6 months. How some people feed their caffeine addiction five mornings a week at Starbucks blows my mind. This is especially true when you start doing the math on what that costs annually. But I’m happy to say not all hope is lost as there are certain drinks at Starbucks that are actually kinda cheap. Here are 10 Starbucks menu prices that actually make their coffee somewhat affordable.

The Starbucks Menu Prices That Actually Make Their Coffee Affordable

1. Venti Drip Coffee (Price $3.25)

Coming in at a sizable 20 ounces, a Venti cup of plain ol’ hot coffee is one of the better deals on the Starbucks menu.

It’s actually big enough that I often turn half of it into an iced coffee later in the day when I need a caffeine pick-me-up.

For the Starbucks price of $3.25, you essentially get two drinks out of it.

2. 8-Cup French Press (Price $6.95)

If you’re enjoying a cup of coffee with friends, consider ordering the 64 ounce French press and save a bunch of money.

With a Starbucks price of $6.95, you’ll get eight 8-ounce cups which comes out to $0.87 each.

Sweet deal for sure.

(Note: The size and price of the French Press can vary by Starbucks location.)

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3. Free Coffee Refill (Price $0)

When you join the free Starbucks Rewards program you’ll score the best type of coffee…the free kind.

To make it happen you simply “use your registered Starbucks Card to purchase a beverage and then present that same Starbucks Card for a free refill.”

You also must get your free refill on the same store visit as the original purchase.

Most people don’t know that it works on both hot or iced brewed coffee (and tea).

4. “Short” Brewed Coffee (Price $2.55)

Did you even know Starbucks offered an 8 ounce Short cup?

If you did, you knew you could also order it and get a free refill before you stepped outside via your Rewards card.

This essentially gets your cost down to about $1.27 per cup.

Perhaps the cheapest Starbucks price available ANYWHERE.

5. Trenta Shaken Iced Tea (Price $3.95)

Another Starbucks menu price that’s a good value is the Trenta (31 oz) Shaken Iced Tea.

It’s the only “Trenta” sized drink on the Starbucks menu priced under $4.

It’s also a great drink to split as you’ll save money, and get more iced tea, when compared to ordering two 12oz Talls for $2.95 each.

6. Venti Iced Coffee w/ Light Ice (Price $4.55)

Many of those who want the most bang for their buck at Starbucks routinely order a Venti iced coffee with “light ice”.

You’ll get 24 ounces of iced coffee with very little frozen water taking up space in your cup.

Also, if you’re splitting the Venti with someone, you’ll save almost 3 bucks in lieu of ordering 2 Talls at $3.75 each.

7. 16 oz. Grande Americano (Price $3.75)

If a quick and cheap caffeine pick-me-up is what you need, the Grande Americano (225 mg of caffeine) fits the bill perfectly.

For a fairly affordable $3.75, you’ll get 3 shots of their Signature Espresso Roast with a hot water pour.

According to the Starbucks site, the result is “this wonderfully rich cup with depth and nuance with a light layer of crema on top.”

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8. Free Birthday Drink (Price $0)

Again, a Starbucks membership has it’s rewards and this is never more evident than on your birthday.

Just present your Rewards card up to 2 days prior to your b-day, or up to 1 day after, and you’ll get a free drink or food item.

Keep in mind that your birthday drink includes any sized drink, so order the 31 ounce Trenta (cold only).

9. Order a Grande in a Venti Cup (Price: Depends)

Or order a Tall in a Grande cup. Or if you like a lot of the milk in your coffee order a Tall in a Venti cup.

By doing this, you can add milk or cream without having to dump out any coffee.

Never order a Grande in a Tall cup as you’ll end up with coffee all over yourself.

10. Filtered Ice Water (Price: Free)

Never buy a bottle of water from Starbucks when they’ll give you free ice water that’s been triple filtered for your enjoyment.

All you gotta do is ask for it.

Ask the Reader: What Starbucks menu prices do you find the most affordable and which do you stay away from?

By Kyle James


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Why then did I get charged $3.75 for Venti filtered coffee? I didn’t say anything considered was worth it just to use there Bowl.Man. I had to take a Gnarly one big & Beefy, Beefy & Big. made it a Double and a plus got two Yowaa’s in.


I asked for a tall gingerbread coffee with oat milk. I was charged $6.99. They gave me a “short” and used coconut milk but didn’t state that and the cup was 3/4 full. When I asked why I got a short when I asked for a tall, I was given a mumbled explanation and dismissed. This was at the Orlando Curry Ford (near 417) location. If this is Startucks way of treating customers, then I will be buying coffee elsewhere. Disappointed!