Tractor Supply Return Policy: All Your Questions FINALLY Answered

Updated November 30, 2023 by Kyle James

As an owner of a horse, a pony, two pygmy goats, two dogs, and a tough ol’ hen named “Houdini”, I shop at Tractor Supply Company on practically a weekly basis. It wasn’t until I recently had to return something that I took notice of their return policy on my receipt. Unlike many retail stores, the receipt didn’t stipulate their return policy but rather directed me to their website. I thought this was odd and thus the idea for this article was born. Here is everything you need to know about the TSC return policy, much of which you won’t find anywhere on their website. Hope it helps.

Tractor Supply Return Policy: All Your Questions FINALLY Answered

How Many Return Days Does Tractor Supply Give Me?

30 days.

You have 30 days from date of purchase to bring items back for a full refund to your original form of payment.

Do I Need My Receipt?

Tractor Supply receipt

If you want a full refund, YES, hold on to your receipt.

If you DON’T have your receipt you can typically still get store credit for the current selling price of the item.

Be prepared to show a valid photo I.D. as they use the information to track your returns so you don’t abuse the policy.

If Tractor Supply suspects you of making too many “no receipt” returns they can deny all future returns.

Bonus Tip: Sign-Up for the TSC Neighbor’s Club

TSC Neighbor's Club

The Tractor Supply Neighbor’s Club is a rewards program that you’ll actually use….like a lot.

It’s completely free and you can join either in-store or online.

Once you join you’ll be asked for your phone number every time you make a purchase.

The COOL thing about this is that all your purchases are then saved in their computer system so you can ALWAYS make receipt free returns within 30 days.

They’ll just ask for your phone number and they can pull up your receipt immediately…very cool.

I even recently made a return that was past 30 days and they still pulled up my receipt and gave me a FULL REFUND.

After you join, they’ll also email you money-saving coupons and let you know about a bunch of cool giveaways, even a cool birthday surprise during your birthday month.

Can Items Be in Used Condition?

Yes, items can be returned in used condition to Tractor Supply within 30 days.

But they must be returned with the original packaging, and as a general rule, in “sell-able condition”.

Can I Return a Chainsaw That I Used?

I couldn’t find an answer to this question on the TSC website so I called them directly.

After being put on hold several times, I was finally told that YES I could return the chainsaw even if I used it a couple times, as long as I was still within the 30 days.

But…they asked me if the chainsaw was still in good shape.

So I’m guessing that if you “use and abuse” a chainsaw then try to bring it back on day 29 it might not go over so well.

In the end, it will be left to the manager’s discretion on whether or not they’ll take it back.

Can I Return a Generator After a Storm?

This question is similar to the chainsaw example above.

If the generator has something wrong with it, they’ll take it back no questions asked within 30 days.

But if you use it for days on end during a hurricane then decide to return it, your mileage will vary from store to store on whether they’ll take it back.

Bottom-line, don’t abuse the fairly generous Tractor Supply return policy or they’ll eventually be forced to make it stricter when it comes to big-ticket used items.

Are There Any Exceptions to the 30 Days?

Yes, there are a few.

– Gift Cards: You cannot return TSC gift cards for any reason.

– Original Shipping Fees: If you return an online purchase you won’t get back the cost of shipping the item(s) to you.

– “Free Promotion” Items: If you got something for free from Tractor Supply you cannot return it for cash.

Can I Return Baby Chicks…Dead or Alive?

Returning baby chicks is at the discretion of the manager at individual stores.

As a general rule, TSC will work with you if you take home a baby chick that gets sick or dies shortly thereafter.

Meaning most managers will refund your money or do an even “chick exchange” if a chick croaks.

Call the store as soon as you notice that a chick is not healthy in case others are having a similar problem.

Also, don’t bring the sick (or dead) chick back to the store as you run the risk of infecting other birds.

Can I Return Worn Apparel or Boots?

This is a great question so I call TSC and asked.

I told the rep that “I bought a pair of work boots last week, wore them a couple days and they gave me blisters…can I return them?”

I got an immediate, “Yep, as long as you still have the receipt and bought them within the past 30 days”.

I then asked about clothing and hats and was told the same thing.

Keep in mind that they’re tracking your returns so I wouldn’t overuse this generous policy.

Can I Return a Gift from TSC?

If you have the gift receipt…absolutely.

If you don’t have the gift receipt you can usually still return it and get store credit for the lowest price of the item in the past 60 days.

It’s definitely up to the manager’s discretion but worth a shot, otherwise your best bet is to sell it on eBay.

Ask the Reader: What has been your experience with the return policy at Tractor Supply? Let me know in the comments and thanks for coming by my blog.

By Kyle James


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Debbie Meyer

Can I return a puppy crate that is too small. I have receipt and never got to use it but I don’t have the box

Gary Pilbeam

I bought a new battery for my lawnmower and it doesn’t keep a charge. I tried to return it and they told me they couldn’t take it back because the acid was in it. How do you know if they battery works or not if you don’t put the acid in it? I am very angry about this as there was no where that it said you couldn’t return batteries. I will no long3r shop at Tractor Supply again.


can i return plants that die too soon, within one year, the way i an at Lowe’s an Home Depot? especially because they arrived 2 weeks late, and it was really too hot then to plant them?

Bethany Weekley

Can I exchange an item I bought off of Amazing at Tractor Supply, if the store sells that specific brand?


So what will happen if um past the 30 day mark and I want to return a idem?


If I bought a child’s toy for a Christmas gift on Black Friday can it be returned after Christmas with receipt over 30 days ? Found out child has toy but not until Christmas so already pass a month


What if it’s after 30 days we are building our first house an got some barn door runners and can’t use them I have bought a lot and I mean a lot when we started our business last year. And still do. I do like shopping there.


Can I return a dewalt compartment organizer for full refund if it’s been more than 30 days, with receipt. ??

Brian r

Have a Dewalt cordless weed wacker with 1 yewr replace plan can I bring it back


What does the store do with the returned items that did not work properly?

Eddie Bryant

How could I get a refund I ordered an item last month and still haven’t receive my package

Randy Davis

Just got back trying to return a Coleman go kart that the wheel fell off…they said no returns on coleman products…no mention on their website

Cindy Bergman

Can I return a kayak after I used it once?

Edith Turner

I bought 5 chicks 6 days ago and they all died any suggestions?

Ed doswell

The sale sign for caulking was left up since June 2021. The sign is still up in September 4 2021. I didn’t realize that till they charged full price $6.49 sale price $3.29. They said it was their mistake but charged full price. So I asked for my money back.

Margaret Raymer

Is there an extended return policy for Christmas gifts even if bought On-line?