Walmart Black Friday 2021: Everything You Need to Know to Save (Plus Some Insider Hacks)

Updated November 27, 2021 by Kyle
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Black Friday at Walmart has always been a big event and this year is no different, it’s just gonna be WAY different. Black Friday deals at Walmart will actually start on November 3rd with what they are calling Event #1. Followed a week later by event #2, then event #3… you get the idea. It’s essentially an event where a bunch of electronics and toys go on sale…online only. Here’s everything you need to know to navigate these “events” plus a few insider hacks to save even more.

Walmart Black Friday 2021: Everything You Need to Know (Plus Some Hacks Too)

When Does Walmart Open on Black Friday?

Expect the doors at Walmart to open at 5:00 a.m. on Friday November, 26th.

Is Walmart Open on Thanksgiving This Year?

No, for a 2nd year in a row Walmart will NOT be open on Thanksgiving in 2021.

But you can shop on all day long on Thanksgiving.

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Walmart Black Friday Event #3 for 11/3

Here are some of the EARLY LEAKED DEALS for Event #3.

The best part? You can buy these deals starting ONLINE on November 22nd starting at 7pm ET.

Here are a few of Best Early Deals….

  1. 70″ 4K onn. Smart TV – only $398
  2. Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 – only $499
  3. Apple Watch Series 3 – $109 (regularly $199)
  4. Xbox Series S Console – only $299

In-store Black Friday deals start on November 26th at 5 a.m. local time.

I’d set an alarm as these early Black Friday deals will go quickly.

Official Dates of These Events

  • Event 1 Online: Starts at 7PM Eastern Wednesday, Nov. 3, at
  • Event 1 In-Store: Starts at 5AM local time Saturday, Nov. 5
  • Event 2 Online: Kicks off at 7PM Eastern Wednesday, Nov. 10 at
  • Event 2 In-Store: Starting at 5AM local time Saturday, Nov. 13
  • Event 3 Online: Starts at 7PM local time Monday, Nov. 22 at
  • Event 3 In-Store: Starting at 5AM local time Friday, Nov. 26

I will keep this page updated as new deals become available.

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Tips and Hacks to Save at Walmart on Black Friday:

1- Plan Ahead: Scour the Black Friday ad and figure out which products you want to buy. If you show up at Walmart without knowing what you want you’ll probably end up paying full-price.

2- Develop a Strategy: Know where in the store the products you want are located so you don’t waste any time wandering around.

3- Know What’s Available Online: A few years ago, stores realized they should make most of their Black Friday deals available on their website. Walmart is no exception. As a rule of thumb, only the deals on the front and back cover of the Walmart Black Friday ad will require you to visit the store to buy. Almost everything else will be available online.

4- Can’t Price Match on Black Friday: Don’t waste your time trying to get a price match at Walmart as they don’t allow any between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. This includes price-matching the Walmart website.

5- Arm Your Phone with the Amazon App: Amazon beats many Walmart prices on Black Friday. Because of this, always use the Amazon app when standing in the aisle at Walmart to make sure you can’t get it cheaper from the online retail giant.

I’ll add new hacks as I discover them. Let me know in the comments section if you have any tips you want to share.

Ask the Reader: What Walmart Black Friday deals are you hoping for this year?

By Kyle James

Photo credit to Mike Mozart.


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