Ways to Score Way Cool Walmart Free Samples

Updated March 27, 2024 by Kyle James

We all know how popular free samples are at Costco, but did you know that Walmart free samples are actually better? This is the case both in terms of the value of the item, as well as the usefulness of them. After all, Costco free samples are mainly impulse food purchases like 4-cheese raviolis BUT Walmart freebies are for things you actually need. Let’s break it all down so you can score free stuff from Walmart too…

Walmart Free Samples: Ways to Score Freebies from Wally World

Score Free Samples “Inside” Walmart

This is the most obvious way to score free samples from Walmart.

While not as prevalent as Costco, the aisles at Walmart often have folks handing out freebies.

It happens most often on weekends and during peak shopping hours.

If you see a few people standing around a small table, you’ll want to head over and see what’s going on.

You’ll most often find product representatives handing out samples in the food aisles as those items are easy to hand out and often create impulse purchases.

You’ll also often find samples being handed out for items like shampoo, soap, lotion, and shaving cream.

Also, look for coupons or offers on these products as companies are trying hard to make a new loyal customer out of you.

I also recommend doing a Google search for “Walmart in-store events” and you’ll find details of upcoming free sample days and times.

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Get Free Samples Mailed to You

I never considered getting samples from Walmart mailed to me.

But hallelujah, it’s indeed possible and it’s actually kinda awesome.

A couple years ago you could simply visit Walmart.com and type “free samples” into the search bar and be inundated with freebies.

Unfortunately, this is no longer the case.

But not all hope is lost as Walmart now offers 2 free sample boxes.

They are called the Baby Box and the Beauty Box. Here’s how it works…

The Walmart Baby Box

Walmart Baby Box

The Walmart Baby Box is crammed full of cool free samples for babies and expectant mothers.

The only catch? You have to pay a $5 shipping fee but the samples inside easily make up for the cost.

Walmart has three baby boxes: 1 for the expecting mother, 1 for a newborn/infant, and 1 for a toddler.

When you sign-up (for free) you enter your child’s due date and Walmart sends out the boxes on a schedule so you get products when you and your child actually need them.

You’re only charged the $5 when the box is processed for delivery and ready to be mailed.

Brands that are involved include Huggies, Dove, All, Pampers, Neutrogena, and Nuk.

The Walmart Beauty Box

Walmart Beauty Box

Walmart has beauty product samples too.

Similar to the Baby Box, the Beauty Box from Walmart is a great way to score a bunch of free samples for practically no cost.

You only have to pay the $5 shipping fee and you’ll get free samples mailed to you from name-brands like Cetaphil, Aveeno, Nivea, Biore, Kleenex, Garnier, and Neutrogena.

After all, why pay for an entire bottle if you’re not sure you’ll even like it?

Be aware that many of the samples you’ll receive are for new product releases.

Walmart will mail you a new box once per season (4 times per year) and not charge you the 5 bucks until the box is ready to be mailed.

It’s a pretty cool gift idea as well.

Any Other Walmart “Free Sample” Secrets?

Yes, I have one more important tip.

Be sure to follow Walmart on their social media outlets as they often post free sample opportunities.

Here are the specific ones to follow:

Over the years I’ve seen many free sample notices on the Walmart Facebook and Twitter pages. Both for in-store freebies as well as the online variety.

I haven’t personally seen any on their Pinterest or Instagram page, but I’ve been told they do indeed exist.

Ask the Reader: How have you received free samples from Walmart? Or are you still looking for your first?

By Kyle James

Photo credit to Mike Mozart.


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Walmart Lover

I’m still pretty upset they got rid of the free sample section of their site. I mean the freeosk they have at their stores ans sams club is ok.. but they used to get mailed to your house with free shipping which was nice.

Barbara Charles

I am putting together small bags for homeless women,consisting of hygiene products and women need products, is it possible to get free samples of these?