5 Ridiculously Awesome Ways to Save Money

Updated January 12, 2024 by Kyle James

Couponing, budgeting, winterizing your home, all pretty common ways to save a few bucks. But what about some of the more “non-mainstream” ways to save some cash. Some might consider them weird or even completely asinine. But wherever you fall on the spectrum you have to applaud the effort. Here are five that I had heard about but were too lazy to actually research, until now that is…

Save Money

1. Potty Train your Cat

300 bucks a year, minimum. That’s what it costs to have your cat crap in a plastic tub.

Tired of cleaning your cat’s litter box and buying and hauling 25 pound bags of kitty litter? Consider training your feline to squat on your commode and save a bunch of money over the course of the cat’s lifetime.

According to CatHabits.com, you can buy a training system for around $150 and within a few weeks the costs associated with the litter box will be a thing of the past and you’ll be officially sharing your crapper with your cat.

The website recommends the “Litter Quitter” system and says success is greatly increased in younger cats.

Also, the more sociable your cat is, the better chance for success.

Side-note: I’m not sure I could share a toilet with a cat. Unless, of course, I could also train it to flip the fan on when it left.

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2. Permanent Make-up

According to the UK Daily Mail, the average woman spends $14,000 on makeup in her lifetime.

Some women have been saying goodbye to the never-ending costs associated with lipstick, eye shadow, and mascara and opting for permanent cosmetics.

Three of the most popular procedures include eyebrow tattoos, permanent eyeliner, and permanent lipstick.

The costs varies depending on the skill of your technician, but according to former fashion model, turned permanent makeup artist, Stephanie Drumright, expect to pay $400 for eyebrows, $600 for full lips, and $400 for a shadow liner to cover wrinkles.

Always research your technician and make sure they are educated, certified, and operating in a licensed facility.

3. Paint Your Roof

Consider painting your roof white and watch your energy costs go down, up to 20%.

Bill Clinton actually wrote an article for Newsweek a couple years ago detailing the benefits, “Every flat tar-surface roof anywhere (should be painted)…you could recover the cost of the paint and the labor in a week. It’s the quickest, cheapest thing you can do.”

The color white has long been known to reflect heat, while black, the color of most roofs, absorbs heat from the sun.

The options go beyond a flat tar roof as well.

This doesn’t only apply to flat-tar roofs, you can also paint a metal roof and tile roof white and notice a savings in your summer cooling bill.

Side-note: I wonder if you’d lose any savings in the winter when you don’t have a black roof absorbing and holding in heat.

4. Host a Fashion Swap

Another money saving trend gaining traction these days are fashion swaps.

While this one is not ridiculous it definitely is awesome.

Organize and host a group of 10-15 swappers and send out an invite a few weeks in advance so they have plenty of time to clean out their closets.

Have guest presort their clothing so when they arrive you don’t end up with an unorganized mess.

The idea is to not bring anything that you wouldn’t give to a good friend.

Once the fashion swap starts, guests are free to peruse the offerings, try them on, and start trading outfits.

To host a swap all you need a large room, garage, or backyard. Donate all items that don’t get swapped to a local charity.

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5. Reuse Pet Hair

The next time you give your poodle a trim or comb your cat, don’t throw the fur away, instead turn it into something usable.

Many Americans, well at least 2 or 3, are teaching others how to knit with dog hair.

Just visit YouTube and perform a search for “knitting with dog hair” and you’ll be inundated with tutorials from the pros. Essentially they turn the hair into usable yarn that can produce socks and sweaters.

Also, if you have a garden, spread cat fur and dog hair around to deter skunks, rabbits, and deer.

The hair is also completely organic and is a good additive to your compost heap as it provides an excellent source of calcium and protein for your fruits and veggies.

Ask the Reader: So what say you? Could you share your toilet with a cat? Or how about wear a dog sweater?

By Kyle James


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DC @ Young Adult Money

I’m cringing along with all the other dog/cat allergy sufferers at that last suggestion! Please don’t do this, for our sake! I can just see my throat close up as I wrap my neck with a scarf made of dog hair 0_o

Demaish @ Borrowed Cents

Haha…Nice tips but for me sharing the potty with the dog or cat is a no no.


I have never heard of training your cat to use the towlet. I thought they would be too scared of the water under them. I don’t think I would be comfortable sharing my bathroom with a cat though.. I just let him outside. That saves money too!


Ha this is a pretty interesting list. It seems like more and more people are training their cats to use the toilet. Weird, but I’d probably do the same because cat litter grosses me out.

C. the Romanian

Some really strange ways to save money. Knitting my dog’s hair sounds a bit extreme, but at least I save a lot on make-up since I don’t use any. Hah. On a bright side, the fashion swap does sound interesting!

Money Beagle

These ideas seem a little out there. My cat is 13 and he’s not going to learn to use the litter box at this stage in life. Actually, I had a second cat that was 17 and had kidney issues. Since she passed on, our litter consumption has gone down by 80% as she was definitely trying to compensate for the bad kidneys with lots and lots of liquids.

Budget and the Beach

Have you ever watched youtube videos of cats using the toilet? It’s just funny as hell. I’m not sure I could use the same toilet if I walked in and there were surprises already in the toilet. It would be funny to watch my cat do it though. I have been part of clothing swaps. They are awesome and fun! I’ve never hosted one though.

Stefanie @ The Broke and Beautiful Life

I’ve heard of people potty training their babies…from birth! With the amount of money people spend on diapers and all that other crap it seems like a pretty sweet money saver- as long as it isn’t psychologically damaging or anything.

You know you had me with the photo of the cat on the crapper. I’d love to stop changing the litter box, but I’m not sure I’d want to stumble into the bathroom to find that someone had “missed” and I sat in it…just saying.

Lyle @ The Joy of Simple

Hey Kyle and thanks for some interesting, non-mainstream ways of saving some hard earned cash!

Personally, I won’t be trying any of those out since the majority of them do not apply to my living situation. The cat crapper however is a cool idea but not sure if I would have the desire to re-train my kitty…nor would she let me 🙂 I would probably have constant thoughts of her falling in when I wasn’t around which would be distracting!

Thanks again and take care. All the best.